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You Must Read That Book!

DR.PASHA | December 27, 2010 | Section: Articles | 1666 reads

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You Must Read That Book!

Dr. Pasha

(Bringing Islam to the World One Concept at a Time!
Taking the Qur’an to Every Home and Heart that Needs It --
And which One Does Not?)


Regardless of Who You Are, or What You Do, 
You Must Still Read This Book!

I don’t know who you are. I don’t know what or where you are. And I have no idea what you do or don’t do. But regardless of all that, I would still like you to read that book – the most amazing and incomparable Al-Qur’an!

For, there is no other book quite like that book in the world! There never was, and there never will be. Not to belittle, disparage or put any other book down. But simply to tell you that this is a book you owe it to yourself to read.

This book – I mean that book – is quite unlike any other book you may have read.

I am repeatedly saying “that” book for one simple but powerful reason: that is how that book describes itself – right at the outset: starting out with the fourth letter of its second of 114 chapters. That is why I am alternating between the expressions “this” book and “that” book.

Are You a Christian, a Jew, a Muslim, a Hindu, a Buddhist?

I mean, are you a Christian? Are you a Hindu, a Jew, a Muslim or a Buddhist?

Are you an Atheist, an Agnostic, an Animist or a Deist? Or are you, maybe, something entirely different?

Are you male or female? Are you young or old? Are you rich or poor or something in the middle?

Are you white, black, brown, yellow, red or a happy or unhappy mixture of all of the above?

Are you a student, a university graduate, a holder of what people call a terminal degree, or a high-school dropout? Or are you a physician, engineer, lawyer, government servant, public official, business person or someone looking for a job?

And what are your political leanings? I mean are you a conservative, liberal, communist, capitalist or something a bit more exotic?

And are you from the East, from the West, from the North, from the South, or from somewhere else?

Boxes and Bins, Cells and Compartments that Divide Us

In which of these wonderful little bins and boxes have you chosen to lock yourself up and let them determine and guide your life and destiny. All the little cells and cabins human beings have devised to sort and separate themselves from one another! And then to use those very same bins and boxes, cells and compartments, as the basis and rationale for their mutual rivalries, quarrels, fights, jealousies, hatreds, depredations, dominations and exploitations!

What a way to live – the way we humans have chosen to define ourselves and live our life! But that is us humans. That is who we are and that is how we live.

These are all the familiar roles people embrace; all the delectable identities people impose upon themselves and others; and all the games people play – as individuals, groups, organizations, nations and societies – for all the various reasons they play them for!

But regardless of who or what you are, and regardless of what you do or don’t do – that is, regardless of your belief or behavior, and regardless of your race or religion, gender or age, nationality or language, education or occupation, habits or lifestyle, culture or ethnicity, views or ideologies, likes or dislikes, phobias or obsessions, anathemas or penchants and proclivities – you must still read this book.

I mean that book. This most amazing Al-Qur’an!

Love, Respect and a Little Bit of Pain

You must absolutely, positively read this book. For, there is no other book like it. There never was and there never will be.

Not to insult or attack any other book that you may hold in esteem, but purely to share with you the fact that this book may be quite unique and different from any and everything else that you may have read. And to tell you, with nothing but love and respect, and a little bit of pain, in my heart, that you owe it to yourself to get a first-hand acquaintance with such a book.

Love and respect because that is the least we owe one another as fellow-members of the human race. Pain because this knowledge should be the common and most inalienable right and heritage of every one of us, but it is not.

A Place to Turn to

Did you ever wander through the vistas of life looking for answers? Answers to all sorts of questions, from the most significant to the most trivial? Looking for ways to make sense of your surroundings, your environment and the entire universe – and your own place and role in it?

Did you ever wish there were some place you could go to, someone you could turn or talk to, something you could look up or read, where you would find the answers you were seeking; to relieve the pain you were feeling; and to alleviate the anxiety and confusion you were experiencing?

Where you would find the most authentic, true and reliable information – and advice, and help, and comment – on things that mattered most to you? Even beyond that, where you would see, hear and read God himself talk to you: directly and without an intermediary?

Where you will hear God’s own words directed at you personally, individually and often without equivocation and prevarication?

Too Good To Be True

If you thought all this was too good to be true, then all you need to do is read this book. This most amazing Al-Qur’an. For, this book is that book.

That book -- Dhaalikal Kitaab!

That is what the Qur’an says it is. That is exactly how the Qur’an puts it. I am quoting directly from the Qur’an – from that book.

I don’t mean someone or something purporting to speak for or in behalf of God. I don’t mean someone relating to you what God supposedly said to them, but God Almighty himself, addressing you directly, in his own words and voice, speaking to you in First Person and addressing you in Second Person?




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