Riding the Coattails [Quote – 390]

Those of us claiming to work for Allah, we cannot hope to get cheap publicity for our work by riding someone else’s coattails.

Publicity for our work must come through our own hard work and through the expenditure of our own energy and resources.

If we want the world to know what we are doing, we must then do everything in our power to reach that world by knocking at every door and at every heart individually and by approaching every passerby personally.

And by sending out repeated e-mail messages to all those whose e-mail addresses we may have.

And by pressing into service such Social Media portals as YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.

And by crying before Allah at late night and in the early hours of morning for help and support.

How will our prayers be accepted if Allah finds us cheating and defrauding and taking other people’s work from them without their permission?

As Prophet Muhammad, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam, says:

Fa-Annaa Yustajaabu Lahu?


“How do such people expect to have their prayers answered!”

The journey to Allah can be a long and arduous one. And it may require great sacrifices. Not the least our egos and pride.

(Dr. Pasha)

Refugee Islam [Quote – 389]

Sometimes, it is hard not to wonder poor Islam is a refugee from what all people.

For example, professional Mullahs whose main concern at times seems to be with guarding their own personal and professional interests than serving the true interests of Islam and Muslims.

And, for example, professional politicians, who seem to be more preoccupied with catering to their own professional ambition and personal greed than to advancing the cause of Islam and Muslims in society and in the world.

And, to mention a third example, new converts, some of whom refer to themselves as “reverts” and, having converted to Islam from their previous state of non-Islam, turn to professional preaching of Islam to gullible Muslims, rather than go out and preach to non-Muslims and invite them to come to Islam, just like they did.

And, to use yet another example, some Muslim rulers who use Islam as a means of distracting attention from their economic, social and political misdeeds and as a ruse to safeguard their own power, hereditary or otherwise.

(Dr. Pasha)

Cutting Corners Is Not For Us [Quote – 388]

For those of us who say they work for Allah, cutting corners is not for us. For others it may or may not be, but for those of us working for Allah, it is not.

Therefore, every job we undertake, whether it is small or big, we must do it to the best of our ability. And with as much attention to detail as possible.

And with meticulous conformity to rules, to the extent we can.

We must not only do things right, we must, as much as possible, also appear to do things right. Because that is what Allah expects from us. And that is what the world would want from us.

We cannot afford to let down either one of them.

That is what we signed up for — in Allah’s book — when we said we would work for Allah.

(Dr. Pasha)

Leadership in Islam [Quote – 387]

Leadership in Islam is part of prophethood.

As a result, leadership in Islam is somewhat different from leadership elsewhere.

In Islam, leadership is not sought or pursued. It is given or conferred freely by the People.

Key considerations are a person’s character, education, ability and skills, and not money, connections or power.

Qualified individuals are carefully sought out and then asked to accept the responsibility of leadership.

To make this work, Islam first builds an upright and honest society consisting of upright, honorable and intrepid citizens, who are driven more by a sense of duty and right and wrong and not by overarching personal ambition or greed.

Such sincere, honest and committed citizens then select the best individuals among them and offer them the role of leader. These selected individuals are then elected by the People in free, fair and transparent elections.

Once elected, these leaders are not beholden to party powerbrokers or to individuals and institutions with money and influence. They act freely, independently and fearlessly to do the right thing and to implement the will of the People in society and the world.

In this, they are heirs to God’s own chosen prophets, even though, unlike the prophets, they are chosen by the People in popular elections, and not directly appointed by God.

The four successors of Prophet Muhammad, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam, were among such leaders. So was Umar bin Abdul Aziz, three decades or so later.

Such leaders walk in the path of the prophets. They often suffer greatly and make enormous personal sacrifices to serve the People, society and the entire human race, and, above all, God Almighty.

Islam came into the world to show humanity the path to this kind of noble, honest, incorruptible and selfless leadership.

(Dr. Pasha)

Don’t Let Muslims Drive You Away from Islam! [Quote – 386]

It may sound strange to many people, what I am saying here: Don’t let Muslims drive you away from Islam!

But it is true.

What I am saying is: Don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater.

Muslims are basically people, like everyone else, whereas Islam is divine guidance for all.

As people, Muslims can often be flawed and imperfect. As a gift from God, Islam is perfect in every respect, as it must be.

Islam is what God gave the world to run the world by. It is, as it were, the world’s Operating System at all levels.

Muslims are human beings just like all other human beings in this world.

As humans, Muslims have pretty much the same mix of characteristics and qualities as all others: good, bad and indifferent.

As a gift from God, Islam is humanity’s common heritage. Everyone has equal claim to its bounties and blessings.

As people, Muslims are contenders for God’s affections and for all the goodies this world has to offer.

Many of the special things the Muslims were taught by Islam fell by the wayside, even though many remain intact. Fourteen hundred years is a long time for anyone to wade through.

Many of the things Islam taught Muslims were so amazing and revolutionary that at least some of those things the rest of the world can’t even imagine or dream about.

But many of the other things are gone. And many others have atrophied and become attenuated – weak – with the passage of time.

So, for anyone, to judge Islam by looking at the present state of Muslims may be highly problematic, even though, for most people, it may be a perfectly natural thing to do.

(Dr. Pasha)

God Does Not Forget, Nor Is God’s Decision Ever Late [Quote – 385]

God is God.

That means someone who is completely in command of every situation in creation. And that includes everything in everyone’s life.

So, those who use expressions such as “Finally,” when they are talking about something happening in this world, something that someone is doing, whether they themselves or someone else is doing it, what they are saying really is that God was late in doing things.

That God somehow forgot or missed his deadline.

God, however, is one who does not forget.

Nor does God ever delay anything.

Nor does God ever miss a deadline.

For, God is Time, and he is the maker and master of Time. God is not a creature of time like you and me and rest of the world.

So, next time you start saying glibly: “Finally,” just beware!

I am not saying it is a mortal sin you are committing. Ask someone else about sins and stuff. All I am saying is, don’t be surprised if the sky comes crashing down.

Be prepared for it, and if it happens then know who did it.  

(Dr. Pasha)

Remember Smile? Muslims Invented That Too! [Quote – 384]

Remember the fine art of smiling? Islam and Muslims invented that too!

And just like many other good things such as Democracy and Freedom that Islam and Muslims invented, that too has become more or less an American monopoly.

To paraphrase and extrapolate — extend — a Hadith: The least that should be expected of a Muslim is to smile when meeting a fellow-human being.

Wow, what an amazing system this Islam is. And, God Help Us, how far we Muslims have wandered off from it!

(Dr. Pasha)

Islam Is Doing Public Relations for Allah [Quote – 383]

Public Relations at its best is sharing with people — all people — the gift of truth, and nothing but the truth, so that they all can be the best that they can be and live the best and most wonderful life on earth that they can live.

Public Relations is telling the whole world how loving God is, and how wonderful God’s creation is, and how everyone everywhere must reciprocate God’s love and turn to him in obedience and humility and surrender.

And doing it all using the best and nicest possible means and methods. And the cleanest and purest possible motives and intentions.

That is what Public Relations is at its best.

In that sense, God sent some of the best people on earth to do Public Relations for him. And he called them his Anbiyaa’ and Rusul — prophets and messengers — Alaihim Assalam.

After the Prophets and Messengers stopped coming, it is now the role and duty of Muslims in every place and generation to do Public Relations for Allah, which, again, means going and telling everyone everywhere how loving Allah is, and how wonderful his creation is, and how it is now time for them to turn to him.

In every age and place, that is what it means to be a Muslim: Allah’s Public Relations Professionals on Earth.

(Dr. Pasha)

Islam & Public Relations [Quote – 382]

“It should be clear to those who understand Islam as well as, at the same time, the real world in which we live, that Islam is Public Relations at its most sublime and best and that Public Relations, done right and done the way it ought to be done, is often little more than an application of Islamic teachings and principles in practice — in real-life situations.

In more than one way, there is barely any daylight between the two.” (Dr. Pasha)

Allah Makes Sense [Quote – 381]

“This thing hit me like a ton of bricks. It always has. Except that I did not for some reason really pay any serious attention to it. Or connect with it.

If something — anything — is from Allah, the maker and master of the world, it has to make sense. At least to the extent our poor powers to comprehend can cope with it.

So, if it is from Allah, chances are it will make sense. Even with all the limitations that surround our life.

Is that why Allah uses the expression Bayyinah and plural Bayyinaat in relation to the things he presents and points to? Meaning Clear Signs and Plain Evidence?

Just ask yourself this: How can it be otherwise?

If it is from Allah, it has got to make sense. How different this is from the way much of the rest of the world understands these things!

That is why the conclusion is inescapable, Islam is from Allah, the maker and master of the world.” (Dr. Pasha)