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Quote-Unquote: Dr. Pasha on Islam,
Muslims and the World
(Bringing Islam to the World One Concept at a Time)

Quote-Unquote – Book VII (601-700)

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Sir! You Ain’t No Imam! [Quote – 700]

This morning, my Inbox delivered this mail. Sender’s name said “Imam …” 

Could not read the actual name. Just that word “Imam.

When clicked open, the mail revealed the name of a Muslim of some prominence, associated with the work of a Muslim organization of considerable history and repute. 

The mail was sent to me in official capacity of that Muslim organization and that individual.

The sender’s name said: “Imam XXXXXXXXXXX

{The actual name of sender is omitted}

The following was my response to that mail that I sent out to the sender:

Assalamu Alaikum,


The greatest kindness you can do to me -- and quite possibly to a lot of Muslims -- is to drop the prefix “Imam” from your name.

Just use your name: XXXXXXXXXXX.

{The actual mail I sent gave the name of the sender}

And let “Imam” adorn names like Imam Malik, Imam Bukhari, and such.

{Then I signed my name}

Muslims, should I give a Fatwa that this abuse and trivialization of the highly honored title of Imam may actually -- I am not saying it does, I am saying it “may,” but that should be scary enough for most people -- constitute a sin of some serious proportions and unknown consequences?


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Islam is about Respecting Authorship [Quote – 699]

My humble request to one and all is: If they are not my words, do not associate them with me and my work.

And always resist the temptation to change something I may have said or written and then put my name on it. No matter how foolish, or wrong, or stupid my words may sound to you.

The proper way -- the Islamic way; the Western way; the civilized way -- of doing things is to first cite accurately what I may have said or written and then to criticize or attack it or to agree with it.

This was the way of our Aslaaf.

What goes for me also goes for all others -- Muslim or non-Muslim.

It is to teach these things that Islam came into the world. And this is how the civilized world operates today.

Anything else is intellectual dishonesty. And it is not Islam.

And it is a product of flawed character. 

And, make no mistake, a cause for the downfall of Islam and Muslims.


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Our Training Manual [Quote – 698]

We are people wedded to a certain goal. And that goal is taking the Qur’an to every home and heart that needs it -- and which one does not.

And that requires our being thoroughly trained in several things:

1. Understanding full well what this job is.

2. Clarity on how to carry it out in practice.

3. Learning how to deal with issues and challenges that may arise along the way.

4. Keeping our motives and intentions as pure, as clean and as focused as possible.

5. Living a life overall that is in keeping with the enormity and complexity of the responsibility we have assumed for ourselves. 

And that means living a life of deep belief or Iman; persistent worshiping of God in heaven or Ibaadat; and unflagging service to humanity on earth -- Akhlaq, ‘Aadaat and Mu’aamalaat.

The question is how do we train ourselves in all this. And where do we find the training manuals?

And the answer is:

A. The Qur’an.

B. The Hadith and the Sunnah.

C. Our writings and audio on www.IslamicSolutions.Com.

D. Whatever good stuff humanity has been able to produce -- over the years, decades and centuries, and across all cultural boundaries.

When we turn our back on these, we do it at our own peril. And that means, in the game of life, we will continue to be square pegs trying to fit into round holes.

And we will continue to be more of a problem than a solution.

Like so many people -- both Muslim and non-Muslim -- seem to be doing.


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Islam Is about Staying Put [Quote – 697]

Islam is about constancy and consistency.

We keep reciting the same kalimah: La Ilaha Illallah, Muhammad Rasulullah!

We keep doing Wudu the same way.

And we perform our Salah the same way.

It makes sense that, within certain limits, our work also should be about constancy and consistency. 

With regard to the new ideas concerning World Day of Fast, I did not check anything. I do not know what is what. But I repeat what I have always said: Everything we do and say must be within the confines of www.IslamicSolutions.Com

To the extent this is technically feasible and achievable. 

And to the extent it is pragmatically considered the best. “Pragmatically” meaning from the point of view of results and outcomes.

It seems to me, there is neither any sense, nor any need, nor any utility, for stepping out of IslamicSolutions and for creating new identities.

On the other hand, the perils of splintering could be many.

So, you want to do something “new,” just add it to www.IslamicSolutions.Com -- to the extent it is feasible to do so.

Just plain change the dates on the call for World Day of Fast.

And for all other “Days” that we have on our list.

And that means someone -- all of us, some more than others -- monitoring those things and keeping abreast of them. That is what our job is.

And keep doing that for the next 100 years -- but do so in a timely fashion.

And without too much prompting from too many people.

And without placing on the leadership the burden for monitoring and executing even the most minute mechanical details of what gets posted on the website.

That energy and that time can and should be more productively focused in areas that really need the urgent attention of our leadership.

Otherwise, this is called distraction: taking our eyes off the ball. It is shifting our focus from the really important things to other less important and less urgent things. 

And distraction is one of Shaitan’s favorite tools and Shaitan is a master of it.


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What Islam Gave the World [Quote – 696]

Before Islam, 1400 years ago, the world was in bondage.

The people of the world were owned, controlled and dominated by kings, landlords, priests and all kinds of people of power and privilege.

Islam came, 1400 years ago, and liberated them.

Islam, 1400 years ago, broke the chains that bound humanity and set humanity free.

Can we all -- can the world today -- say a collective “Thank You, Islam!” to Islam?


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Now Is the Best Time to Be Muslim [Quote – 695]

If you want to be Muslim, any time is good time.

And without a doubt, Islam’s first three generations were the best of the best.

But looking around, it seems times were never better for anyone to be Muslim. 

Islam today is more fun than ever before. And Islam today is as challenging as it ever was.

And that is Islam!

Qulla Yawumin Huwa Fi Sha’an!

And Islam today is exactly what Islam was 14 centuries ago. Same focus; same teachings; same requirements; same commitment to God above and to God’s creation below.

Only the tools have changed. Today you ride a car instead of a camel. And you talk to people on the Internet more than you perhaps talk to them face to face.

But what is most miraculous about Islam is -- if you ask me, everything about Islam is a miracle -- the Qur’an.

What could be a greater miracle than the fact that what the world has in its hands today -- I did not say “What Muslims have in their hands today” -- is exactly the same Qur’an that came out of the blessed mouth of Prophet Muhammad, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam, and that he claimed was given to him by angel coming directly from God.

From God or not, you can fight all you want. Through an angel or not you can argue to your heart’s content. That is the kind of freedom that Islam gives you. That God himself gives you.

That Islam came into this world to bestow upon you.

Upon all the world, that is. Upon every single member of the human race, regardless of gender, class, status, “religion,” ethnicity or nationality.

But the fact that it is absolutely, positively the same Qur’an, you can neither doubt nor question in any serious way.

Now, if that is not a miracle, what is?


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Doing Islam Is Like Riding a Tiger [Quote – 694]

Doing Islam is a like riding a tiger. Either you do it well -- and stay on top. Or chances are you will end up inside the belly of the beast.

No, I am not calling Islam a “beast.” All I am saying is, for those of us who would play games with Islam, Islam will overcome us and crush us to dust.


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Leadership in Islam [Quote – 693]

1. In Islam, power comes through elections. Elections that are free, transparent, informed.

2. We elect the person we think to be the best for the job. Not our relatives; not our friends; not our party people; not those whose color, race, nationality or gender we share; not those who pay us to vote for them; but people we sincerely and objectively, and before God, think are absolutely the most suited people for the job.

3. Once elected, obedience to that leadership is no less important than obedience to God.

4. But when the leadership asks us to do things that are clearly Haram -- contrary to the clear directives of Islam itself -- we say no to that leadership and we disobey.

5. Pretty much the same goes for prioritizing the Law of the Land -- in the lands in which we may be living, regardless of whether those lands and countries and societies are Islamic or non-Islamic, and whether or not their populations are mostly Muslim or non-Muslim -- over the wishes and directives and commands of the leadership. That means, should our leadership ever ask us to do things that violate the Law of the Land, that are clearly illegal, we do not obey the leadership. We decisively say “No!” to the leadership.

6. Thus, when a directive issued by leadership is neither Haram, nor illegal, obeying that directive from the leadership is Fard or Wajib or compulsory, or whatever it is that Muslims call these things.

Meaning, you simply got to do it. For, your very Islam hangs in the balance with your attitude to that directive coming from your leadership.


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Teaching the Media about Ramadan [Quote – 692]

The most blessed and wonderful month of Ramadan is upon us.

Good people fast and pray during this blessed month. 

And they stay away -- more than ever -- from bad things, whether it is bad speech or bad behavior.

The Month of the Qur’an is what the Qur’an seems to call this most beautiful of months.

Shahru Ramadaanilladhee Unzila Feehil Qur’an!

“Ramadan is the month in which the Qur’an was sent down.”

Tell the media that. Tell them: Just don’t call Ramadan “The Holy Month.”

Certainly not: “The Muslim Holy Month.”

If the media use these expressions, it is because that is who and that is what the media are: They are media.

And that means they have to do things a certain way. But you and I cannot allow ourselves to fall into that trap.

As a rule, media are motivated by money and profit and ratings and readership.

And they are driven by political considerations in some cases.

And, almost unavoidably, the media are prisoners of the culture and language of their birth, and of their location, which they cannot easily transcend.

Especially when Muslims are only too willing and too eager to fall into their embrace, rather than teach them what is right and true in Islamic culture.

You will be surprised how fast and well the media learn once Muslims are ready, willing and able to teach them what the media need to know about Islam -- and Muslims.

Maybe, just maybe, this Ramadan is the month during which Muslims must set out to teach the media about Islam and Muslims -- including Ramadan.

Plain and simple: Shahru Ramadan.

The Month of Ramadan!

Just the way God Almighty characterizes it in the Qur’an.


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Shouldn’t Someone Tell Them — and Show Them — How to Do It Right? [Quote – 691]

The people of the world, generally speaking, have no idea what fasting is all about: the way Islam teaches us to do. 

Even though fasting has been part of everybody’s ancient cultural -- call it Islamic -- heritage and tradition, from God Almighty. 

Given to all in their own respective time periods, through their own divine messengers and leaders that came to them from God.

But the world simply forgot how to do it right. The world has no clue.

As a result, everybody fasts the way they want. 

For example: half-day fast; dawn-to-dusk fast; fast only from meat; fast but keep drinking water. 

And so on.

Isn’t it time for Muslims to inform and teach the rest of the world -- the entire world that is -- how fasting should be done according to the commands and teachings of God -- the way it was practiced and shown to the world by God’s Messenger, Muhammad, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam?

The way fasting is really supposed to be done?

Maybe this Ramadan is the time to do it, do you think?

Will Muslims of the world rise to this challenge and help their non-Muslim brothers and sisters everywhere to see how fasting should be done?


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This Ramadan, What Is Your Answer? [Quote – 690]

If Ramadan, as the Qur’an says, is the month in which the Qur’an was sent down, and it is, a question each and every one of us must ask is this:

This Ramadan, 1437-2016, how many homes and hearts are we ready, willing, able and prepared to take the Qur’an to?

While the Qur’an is not something anyone should dare to play games with, the question is still relevant and meaningful:

What is our game plan for the Qur’an for this month of Ramadan?

And that means giving straight and honest answers to some of the following questions:

This blessed month of Ramadan:

  1. How much Qur’an will we read?
  2. How much Qur’an will we try to understand?
  3. How much Qur’an will we try to teach?
  4. How many people -- men, women and children -- will we invite to the Qur’an?

So, ladies and gentlemen of Islam, what is your answer?


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Small and Big Things in Islam [Quote – 689]

I don’t know why I feel like saying this. I don’t even know if I have a proper basis for doing so. 

Or maybe on the other hand I do. 

But here is what I feel like saying:

Let us sweat the small things, Muslims!
Maybe, maybe, Allah will take care of the big things!

And by small things I mean things like removing from the path anything that will cause harm or injury, or inconvenience, to passersby.


Mind you, doesn’t say Muslim or non-Muslim, man or woman, believer or non-believer, does it?

Says Hadith Sharif:

Imaatatul Adhaa ‘Anit-Tareeqi Sadaqah.

What I am trying to say is this: 

“Try and connect with Allah for one second.
That may be better for you than a lifetime of pretension and posturing!”


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Got Anything Better than Salaam? [Quote – 688]

I don’t know why. But I keep thinking: Is there anything better in this world -- than “Assalamu Alaikum!

People, if I were you, which I am not, I will not throw away this very special and precious gift from God -- right from the pages of the Qur’an -- for any reason: time shortage; technology constraints; whatever.

Allah seems to say in the Qur’an, if you don’t find anyone to say “Assalamu Alaikum!” to, then at least do that to yourself. 

Say: “Assalamu Alaikum!” to yourself.

Fa-Sallimoo A’laa Anfusikum!

I don’t know, nor can I think of, anything that will beat that!

If Allah had given Muslims nothing more, and if Muslims had nothing in their possession but Salaam, that would still be the most prized possession that anyone ever had in their hands on the face of this earth.


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Our Policy and Approach! [Quote – 687]

We bring Islam to the world, one little thing, one simple point, at a time.

Nothing more; nothing less.

At a time when the world seems to have no idea what Islam is really all about, this, we believe, is just what the doctor may have ordered. 

Or, put differently, and more accurately, this is exactly what God Almighty has commanded all Muslims do: 

Wa Bi-Dhaalika Umirtu,
Wa Ana Awwalul Muslimeen!

And that Divine Mandate, first to Prophet Muhammad, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam, and then, through him, to all Muslims until Kingdom Come, is:

Balligh Maa Unzila Ilaika Min Rabbika!


Go tell everyone what God has given to you!

Another paraphrase:

Share with the world the message of Islam to which
you now have been made privy!


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Numbers and Words [Quote – 686]

Professor Kalamazad Mohammed

My university training is in Mathematics. And Mathematics is what I teach for a living as they say. 

Or, stating it more properly: Teaching Mathematics at the University is what Allah has chosen as a means of providing me my livelihood -- Rizq -- in this world.

Wa Lakum Fil Ardi Mustaqarrun wa Mataa-‘un Ilaa Heen!

But here is the point: 

Being a math teacher seems to give you a better understanding and deeper appreciation of words and their precise meaning. 

It is amazing how knowing the language of Mathematics (Numbers) makes you a better student of the language of English (Words): Her Majesty’s Language, as Dr. Pasha calls it.



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To Respect Authorship Is Islam!
It Is Also Western Culture! [Quote – 685]

Islam is from God. And it is for people. 

That means the world can only run on Islamic principles and teachings. If it really wants to run its affairs well.

That means if you want to have any semblance of justice, fairness and decency in this world, you can only achieve it under the shadow and umbrella of Islamic teachings, regardless of whether or not you use the name of Islam. 

And whether or not you give Islam credit.

One example is: sadly or happily, Islam does not allow you to cut corners in what you do.

An extension of this principle is: When someone writes something, that person alone has the right to decide what to do with it -- with that piece.

Not others.

Meaning, rights that accrue to authorship of any document or manuscript belong to the writer, not to bystanders, no matter how well-intentioned those bystanders may be.

So, whether or not to post on the Internet, including IslamicSolutions.Com, a piece carrying the name of someone as writer and author, that decision can be made only by the owner of that name and identity -- and not by others.

That is Islam 101.

And that is also Western Culture -- which in all kinds of strange and interesting ways -- ended up becoming the guardian of some of the core elements of Islamic Culture such as this one.

This, unbeknownst to Muslims, and the rest of the world, is one of the secrets behind the seeming worldly success of Western Culture: the ideas, practices and principles Western Culture borrowed from Islamic Culture.

Rejoice Muslims!

Relax everyone!

Islamic Culture flows like blood through the veins of Western Culture, even as the West, from time to time, comes up with all kinds of excuses to combat Islam and malign and defame Muslims.

How true the Qur’an is:

Enemies of God, want to extinguish God’s light with their breath.
But God insists on making his light shine in its fullest glory.


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True Forgiveness Comes from Having the Power NOT to Forgive [Quote – 684]

Muslims -- everyone everywhere -- must learn and teach their people the following:

Sabaq phir padh Sadaaqat ka, Adaalat ka…

Go re-learn the lesson of truthfulness!
And the lesson of how to be fair and just…”

For, those are the qualities needed for leadership in the world.

“Forgiveness” is a great thing. And the reward for it is tremendous.

God is a Most Forgiving God. He is Ghafoor and Ghaffaar.

And in the Qur’an God encourages people to practice forgiveness every opportunity they get.

Prophet Muhammad, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam, was a most forgiving man.

But true forgiveness means having the power NOT to forgive.

It is owning the power, ability, strength and resources to get even and to avenge, and THEN to forgive and walk away -- if you so choose.

And it is a good choice if you can afford to make it -- and do so without all kinds of pressures being mounted on you on behalf of the oppressor, who in many cases may be a privileged and well-connected source.

That is what true forgiveness is all about.

The name for it is Adl

Another name for it is Qist.

And Islam is about Adl.

And Islam is about Qist.

These are the lessons Muslims forgot. 

Lessons Muslims must re-learn.


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Islam vs. Non-Islam: Truth vs. Falsehood [Quote – 683]

Islam is from God. And Non-Islam is from the Devil.

The Devil -- Shaitan -- and his ilk fight Islam.

They are the followers of falsehood and worshipers of the Devil.

They are the breakers of the Biblical Commandments

Their life is a celebration of the Seven Deadly Sins that the Bible talks about.

They worship all kinds of gods besides God, which is a direct violation of the First Commandment in the Bible.

Their methodology is one of falsehood: It is a methodology of Lies and Deceit.

Whereas the methodology of Islam is Truth: Haq and Sidq.

The objective of Islam is Adl -- justice and fairness and equity for all people all over the world.

The objective of non-Islam is Zulm and Udwaan: oppression; aggression; and exploitation of others and inflicting of harm on them.

In a confused and confusing world, you can tell which is which, and who is who, by trying to find out who is telling the truth and who is not. And who is standing up for justice and fairness for all and who is not.

It is that simple.


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Hope Supported by Action: 
That Is What Islam Is All About! [Quote – 682]

Life does not, cannot, go on by hope alone. Even though hope is a great sustainer and energizer of human life.

Without hope, human life will sputter and die in short order.

What life needs, what we all need, what the whole world needs, in addition to hope -- and optimism -- is action: sustained, accountable, targeted action.

To be successful in life, we must find a way to marry eternal and undying hope to sustained, robust and accountable action.

You do that, and you have got a pretty firm handle on Islam.

For, Islam is all about hope married to goal-directed, accountable, action.


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Did Muslims Drop the Ball? [Quote – 681]

Shaitan -- the Devil -- seems to be having a field day. Good people, in all too many places, appear to be in retreat, on too many good and noble and important fronts. 

Islam -- and the world -- await those who will take the word of God door to door, home to home, heart to heart. Throughout the world.

People who are truly educated, thoroughly trained and fully committed.

People whose hearts are full of love for God and for humanity -- all at the same time.

People who will place their duty to God and humanity before their own personal needs, whims, fancies, priorities, predilections, interests.

Have Muslims, by and large, dropped the ball on this count?

Is that why the world of God in the terrible shape it is? Innal Insaana La-Fi Khusr, as the Qur’an says?

Who now among us will rise to the challenge of helping God and humanity?

Helping” God? Yes, that is directly from the Qur’an.


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Allah Blesses People How He Wants [Quote – 680]

God Almighty is everybody’s God. And he is a merciful, loving, doting God.

And he blesses his creation. 

Can you believe that? That is what Allah does: blesses all of us. 

Huwalladhee Yusallee ‘Aliakum.

And one sign of his blessings is that he guides those he wishes to bless to places, acts, choices and decisions he likes. He guides them -- and gets them -- to do what he likes: what will please him.

While others wait in the wings, the blessed ones are called to action. And the blessed ones act.

While the best of the best of them were still thinking of doing something wonderful and great -- for Allah and his Rasul, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam, and for Islam and for the Ummat of Muhammad, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam, Hazrat Abu Bakr, Radiyallahu Anhu, was already there: being there before everybody else and having finished doing what others were only thinking about doing.

Dhaalika Fadlullahi Yu’teehi Man Yashaa’.

But the rest of us should not lose heart. Because, for the rest of us, there is more where that came from -- plenty more. All we have to do is to turn to him And to run to him. And redouble our efforts.

Wallahu Dhul Fadlil ‘Azeem.


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The Man and the Hour [Quote – 679]

The hour finds the man. Or is it Allah who does the finding? But does Allah have to go looking for the man? 

And what about women? Does Allah find women too?

After all, didn’t Allah find Hazrat Maryam, Alaihas Salam?

And Hazrat Khadijah, Radiyallahu Anha?

And Hazrat Aayishah, Radiyallahu Anha?

And Hazrat Fatimah, Radiyallahu Anha?

And didn’t Allah find all our mothers too, may Allah bless those of them who live now as Muslims, or who died as Muslims and those of them who died believing in him?

And shouldn’t all of us be clamoring, and jumping up and down, to be recognized by Allah’s Scouts and to be “found” by Allah?

The fact is, Allah has already found everybody: men as well as women.

The fact is, Allah has created men and women with their fate and destiny stamped big and bright on their forehead. And their path in life clearly programmed into their genes.

And he did all that before he created them. And before he created time. In eternity.

And when these men and women are born, whenever and wherever they are, their DNA and their circumstances lead them to where Allah meant them to go from Day One.

Good ones go to good places -- and taste paradise right here on earth. They work to change the world for better. They toil to invite the world to Allah.

And those around them can feel the impact of their work. And they can feel the gentle breeze of paradise blowing on them and toward them -- and from them.

And bad ones go to damnation and perdition and descend to the pit of hell, and drag their world, and many of those around them, into that hell-pit, right here on earth. 

They become obstacles in the path of Allah. Or they become indifferent to their responsibility of inviting the world to Allah. 

Thus, they become irrelevant in the larger scheme of God’s creation -- and in God’s administration of his universe. They float through life like pieces of straw on water: irrelevant, immaterial, weightless and worthless.

The Hadith Sharif calls people like that Guthaa’ Ka Guthaa-is Sayil: foam in floodwater.

Everyone -- and the world -- around them can feel the flames coming from their direction.

The good ones are focused, targeted, driven, sustained, guided -- and results driven: good and wonderful and positive results for all.

The bad ones are slothful, slow, devious, lost and full of excuses and explanations why they are not doing what they should be doing. 

The whole world of Allah reads them like a book and laughs at them, except that they are not -- human beings in general are not -- able or equipped to hear it.

Life goes on. Death nears. Day of Judgement looms. Human fates are finally sealed and tossed away where they belong: an eternity of joy and bliss (Jannat) or a never-ending life of shame, guilt, remorse and pain (Jahannam).

But the point to learn in all this is that, while this worldly life lasts, we all have a chance to kick our bad habits and attitudes, and our slothfulness and our litany of excuses, and clamber on God’s Bandwagon that is hurtling along right before our eyes.

At least this time around. For, God’s Bandwagon has come many times before. And it will come again. 

Maybe. If life lasts.


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Islam Is a Movement [Quote – 678]

Yes, Islam is a movement.

And it is a lifelong commitment -- until death doth take us away from this world, while still chanting Allah’s name, and inviting all and sundry to Allah, and teaching the world everything good and nice we can. 

And holding the banner of Islam high.

That is Islam. And it is a movement. With all the mechanisms of organizing and choreographing and training sent down by Allah from Heaven. 

From Namaz (Salaah) to Roza (Siyaam) to Hajj to Zakat to Amr Bil Ma’roof to Nahy Anil Munkar!

And continuing, non-stop Da’wah: Go to people and call them, invite them, take the message to them.

They all came from Allah -- in the Qur’an.

All we need to do is translate these divine concepts and practices in human terms to make them all happen on earth.


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Just Do It! [Quote – 677]

Just Do It! 

Did Nike take it from us -- from the Qur’an and from Islam and from Muslims -- I do not know. But that is what Allah told people: a few hundred, thousand, eons, epochs before there was Nike. 

So who took what from whom, Allah only knows.

But people have a way of stealing from others. As do nations and societies and cultures.

And that is why the Bible came up with the edict: 

Thou Shalt Not Steal!

But, sadly, folks in the West, many of them have been conditioned -- Pavloved should I say? You know the experiments of the Russian scientist Pavlov to condition the dog to salivate, not when it smells or sees food, but when it hears the bell. It is called Conditioned Reflex or something like that, right? -- so, a lot of people in the Western World have been conditioned not to treat the rest of the world -- the non-Western world that is -- not quite as humans but as lesser human beings.

That philosophy, and that world view, more or less allows them, without feeling too much guilt or shame, to “borrow” -- or steal that is -- from other cultures, civilizations, traditions and heritages without acknowledging their sources and without giving them any credit.

In any case, Just Do It is from Allah, and it is in the Qur’an.

So, my advice to Muslims, in these somewhat challenging times: Just Do It! 

Just keep doing what you are supposed to do as a Muslim and as a believer in God and his Prophet, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam, and the Qur’an and the Deen of Islam -- and in the Ummat of Prophet, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam

Everything will fall in place.

Wa Quli’amaloo!

Just Do It!


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The Greatest Wealth We Can Have —
And the Stealth Weaponry We Own! [Quote – 676]

The greatest wealth a human being can have is the belief that there is no God but Allah. 

And that Allah is in control of his world -- and of our life on earth, every single one of us, all the time.

And to work to let that belief -- that faith -- rise to the level of certain knowledge is the greatest blessing one can hope to attain in this world.

It is the stage of: 

Fa’lam Annahu Laa Ilaaha Illallah!

Know, have the sure knowledge, that there is no God but God!”

It is the stage of certainty -- Yaqeen

It is a gift that is given to people when they are ready for it. And the path to it is non-stop, unflagging Work for Allah.

Fa’bud Rabbaka Hattaa Ya’tiyakal Yaqeen.

“Just keep doing Allah’s work till Yaqeen comes to you, 
till Yaqeen is conferred upon you.”

Allahu Akbar, what a Deen this Deen of Allah is!

And then we all have a stealth weapon in our possession. It is weaponry that we alone know about. 

And it is our Du’a.

And it is an entirely private affair between us and our Master -- God Almighty.

And it is launched from anywhere at any time in any language whether in public or private. But it is best deployed when we are alone with our Master -- in the dead of night, the last one-third of it: couple-of-three-hours before Sunrise. 

With tears flowing and hearts breaking and wails rising!

That is the Du’a of a believer. Begging Allah for things; talking to Allah; pleading with Allah. 

Especially when we are in need. And when are we not -- in need?

And when Allah makes a decision -- issues a decree that is: Qadaa it is called -- nothing can alter or erase that decree.

Except one thing. And that one thing is Du’a. That is the only thing that can make Allah alter and reissue his earlier decree.

And the Eternal Law of Du’a is: 

Du’a Never Fails.

The only question is when and where and in what form it will be answered.

What a stealth weapon we all have been given. 

One question to ask is: 

Do we all use the stealth weaponry of Du’a often enough? 

This most powerful instrument of altering our life -- and the world,
that Allah has placed in our possession?


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Encouragement! [Quote – 675]

We are all human beings. All of us share, to different degrees, the strengths and weaknesses that are endemic to the human race.

And our lives are modulated not only by our thoughts -- that is how most Jama’at Islami people in India, and good people they are, seem to think, to this day, almost, I believe -- but also by our emotions.

In all kinds of important ways, it is not only our head, but it is also our heart that makes us do what we do.

In fact, emotions are in the driver’s seat when it comes to living our life as humans. 

So, that means we all can use some words of kindness, compassion, support and encouragement from each other from time to time.

Qur’an says: 

“Just say something nice to people.”

Qul Linnaasi Husnaa!

Prophet Muhammad, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam, says -- in paraphrase:

“If you can’t say anything nice to people, at least greet them with a smile.”

So, do you think this Islam could have come from any source other than Allah?


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Has the Pope Embraced Islam?
Some Would Say He Has! [Quote – 674]

Has the Pope embraced Islam? Some would say he has. 

Otherwise, what is the point of the latest Papal Encyclical, if newsmedia reports are to be believed, asking Parish Priests to be more accepting of Divorce and Remarriage?

Islam has been saying this for over 1400 years. And it took Catholic Church all this time to catch up? 

My response? 

Hallelujah! Better late than never.

Celibacy -- the Church Ideal for good people -- is not a natural human state: not for male priests, not female nuns. It never was. It simply does not make any sense.

However, the Church imposed that unnatural state on its flock and the results are obvious for all to see.

Matrimony is a basic human need. The Church woke up to it late. But Islam has been knocking at the door for the longest time.

 The Prophet, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam, saying: 

An-Nikaah Min Sunnatee. 


Marriage is the way to go!”

But the best marriages sometimes don’t work. What are we supposed to do?

The Church said: What God has put together, let no one rend asunder. 

Meaning: Absolutely, positively, no divorce

That has been the position of the Catholic Church all these long and painful and traumatic centuries. Just ask the divorced Catholics what pain and trauma many of them have endured.

But Islam has again been knocking at the door, saying, hey, look, if there is no way to save your marriage, and if all good-faith efforts to save your marriage have failed, then, consider Divorce as a last-resort option. 

And now the Pope is saying in effect: hey, look, Divorce happens. So, let us all learn to live with it and let us all treat each other with the compassion and understanding that we all need.

Has the Pope then embraced Islam? The Pope knows.

And Allah does.


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Hope amidst All This Pain and Hurt?
But That Is the Way to Go — If You Are a Muslim! [Quote – 673]

When we look at the world around us, it gives us a lot of pain. But that is a sign of a heart that is not dead. Not fully anyway. Dead hearts don’t feel anything. They just are dead.

Things are what they are in the world. Problems of every kind and description abound. 

The point is first to do our best to understand them. And then to set about systematically to address them -- and looking for solutions for them.

Search for solutions is neither easy nor short-lived. It sometimes extends over years and decades. And sometimes even generations.

The important thing is never to give up. But to continue looking and searching. 

It is Allah’s promise in the Qur’an that you look hard enough, and Allah will guide you to the answers:

Walladheena Jaahadoo Feenaa,
La-Nahdiyannahum Subulanaa!

Allah’s world is sweet and wonderful -- such as it is. And there is a lot of room for hope and optimism. 

And where there is none, hope must be generated. Optimism must be created. 

It is a candle that must be lit in every heart.

That is what Islam came into this world to do. 

And that is the job of the Muslims today: to light that fire of hope in every heart.

To tell everybody what the Qur’an says:

A-laa Inna Nasrallahi Qareeb!

Meaning: Good days are just around the corner. Keep up the effort. Don’t lose heart. 

The world needs to be shown that there is a better way -- with better likely outcomes. 

That is part of the job of Muslims in today’s world. To rise to levels of being part of the solution. And not just be part of the problems that plague the world.


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And the Point Is…? [Quote – 672]

One of the most important leaders of this work, a founding member of the Coworkers Community, an indefatigable worker for Allah, and just a plain wonderful Muslim, and a personal friend for who knows how long, had, by the Grace and Mercy of Allah, a rather narrow escape the other day. 


A car -- driven by a member of the police force, no less -- jumped the median and sideswiped him, while he was, as always, on the road to distribute books about Allah to the people of Allah -- anyone who will read them or even look at them.

Allah gave him prior warning -- and saved him from a head-on collision. 

Allah spared him -- for his wonderful family; for those of us who love him; and most of all for his own work. For, that is what this man has been doing all his life: Allah’s work.

We are all grateful to Allah. And we celebrate and give thanks to Allah. 

We even decided to do a Khatm as a token of our gratefulness to Allah for sparing one for our leaders for us -- and for his work.

But there is another question here that must be asked: 

How many of us, associated with Allah’s Work, realize -- and grasp to any degree -- that this could be a sign from Allah, telling us that we better watch out; we better not slack off; we better not put Duniya before Allah’s Work, using all kinds of excuses and arguments and rationalizations.

What we are calling Allah’s Work here, but which in reality is our first and foremost duty in this world, the very reason why Allah created us in the first place, and the very reason he gave us our degree, our jobs, our houses, our families and everything else. 

And that work -- Allah’s Work -- is to take Allah’s book to everyone of Allah’s people -- everyone everywhere, Muslim and non-Muslim, male and female, child and adult.

For, the distance between life and death is that close. For each and everyone of us. In this Russian Roulette that we call Life.

That is the point we all need to get. And if we got the point we will all know that every breath we take -- every breath that we have been given by God -- is a blessing, and an opportunity, and at the same time, a challenge and a warning from Allah. 

The point is how do we know it is not our last breath.

We should understand that the line that separates us from our mortality is really devoid of width. That means it is not really a wide line. It is not even a thin line. It is simply an imaginary line.

That is the point that should not escape us.


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A Note to a Friend upon His Retirement [Quote – 671]

You served Islam, Muslims and the Aligarh Muslim University community in India as a student leader. 

After that, you served Islam, Muslims and the world as a doctor and a surgeon overseas. 

Now you have returned to serve Islam, Muslims and the community -- and the great land and people of India -- upon your retirement in every way you can -- as a doctor, as a leader, as a citizen and in every other way. 

If life does not stop, until death that is, nor does service to Allah in Heaven or service to Allah’s people -- all people -- right here on earth.

I know full well that in Islam there is no such thing as “retirement.” 

I don’t know anything about either Hazrat Ibrahim, Alaihis Salam, or Prophet Muhammad, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam, ever talking about “retirement.”

Nor did, to my knowledge, either one them actually “retire” from active and vigorous engagement with Islam, Muslims and the world, at any point in their life.

You are an example for all Aligarians to admire, emulate and celebrate. Allah bless you and keep you happy and healthy.


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To Whom It May Concern [Quote – 670]

I don’t know how to say this. It is the most simple thing to say. But a most profound and powerful thing in relation to real life.

According to Hadith Sharif, there is no better or more powerful Du’a -- I wish Muslims will realize that this is what a real “prayer” or supplication is, not Salaah -- than Alhamdulillah!

Nor is there a more powerful and profound Dhikr than La Ilaaha Illallah!

I cannot help wondering how many (so-called) Good Muslims tend to look down their nose on the concept and practice of Dhikr.

Here, by Good Muslims I have in mind the Jama’at-e-Islami type. But I am simply not comfortable saying it.

But there, I have said it anyway.

I hope -- and I wish -- more of them will turn to more of Allah’s Dhikr in their everyday life.

There is a description of the Sahaabah Kiraam, Radiyallahu Anhum, in Hadith, I think:

Ruhbaanun Billayil, Fursaanun Binnahaar.

Roughly paraphrased, it means:

“Warriors by day, monks by night.”

Allahu Akbar! What a description! What a character sketch.

I hope this Hadith Sharif will help the Good Muslims of today to reset their bearings.

In today’s world, you can add to “Warriors by Day” the following -- purely by way of example:

Householders by Day.
Business People by Day.
Social Workers by Day.
Citizens and Bureaucrats by Day.
Teachers and Professors and Students by Day.
Politicians and Professionals by Day.
Media People by Day.
Workers for Allah by Day.
And Everything  Else!


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No Running from Allah!
But to Allah! [Quote – 669]

The simple fact of life that anyone with even the blindest eye can see, and everyone with even the meanest intelligence can understand, is that there is no running away from Allah.

But human beings are really a mixed up bunch: confused and confusing. The Qur’an has all kinds of the most intimate and amazing portraits of them. And it is instructive to read those portraits of humans in the Qur’an.

One thing human beings do, when tragedy strikes them -- and every breath we take is a tragedy waiting to happen -- is to look for a place to run. A place to hide.

Poor souls! 

What most humans do not realize is that no matter where they run, and how fast, there is no running away from Allah.

An Laa Malja-a Minallahi! 

And that Allah is what they will find at the end of their run.

Wa-Wajadallaha Indah!

So what should human beings do?  They should run, of course, but to Allah and not away from Allah.

Fa-Firroo Ilallah!

For, that is where they will find real refuge -- any refuge: with Allah.

Ilaa Ilaihi!

An Laa Malja-a Minallahi Ilaa Ilaihi!

But, at the same time, running to Allah does not mean running away from the world of Allah -- and its chores and responsibilities. 

Running to Allah means using every means in your possession -- lawful, legitimate, moral and the most wonderful and sweetest of means -- to take Allah’s book and Allah’s invitation to every home and heart that needs it. 

And which one does not?

And that means to every single human being that lives and breathes in any part of God’ earth.

Let Muslims do that with single-minded focus and see what happens. See how God’s earth rises to meet them and how Allah’s world turns to embrace them.


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My Advice to Muslims [Quote – 668]

My advice to Muslims, not that they care to listen or pay attention to what I say, is this: Take care of the little things; do them well; in fact do them as perfectly as you can; and the big things will take care of themselves.


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The Co-Worker Family: What Is It We Want? [Quote – 667]

In this Co-Workers Family, what is it we want? What we really, really, really want?

And what is it we are working for, we believe, so tirelessly? And day and night?

One simple thing! 

We have just one simple goal in mind!

We want every Jew, Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, Atheist, Agnostic, believer, non-believer in the world to be able to read the Qur’an and understand the Qur’an.

Man, woman and child.

And then to make up their mind freely, and happily, about it -- each and every one of them: What to do with it and how to react to it.

That is what we want. And that is what we work for.


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This Khatm — and Way of The Qur’an:
Blessings in This World and Blessings in the Next World! [Quote – 666]

Life of a Believer is all good: Success in this world and success in the next world.

This Khatm of the Qur’an, the one we are completing this Thursday, March 03, 2016, is for the safety and wellbeing of our sister —- and her family, long-time partners in the Co-Workers Family.

And it is, at the same time, for the safety and wellbeing of all of us and our families.

This Khatm is also for the success of the big event coming up in the family of our brother and sister —- in the Co-Workers Family.

It is also for health for our brother —- and his family, long-time associates of the Co-Workers Family.

And, simultaneously, this Khatm is also for the health of all of us and our families.

And, not the least, this Khatm is also for success and ease in all business matters for our brother – long-time member of the Co-Workers Family.

And, at the same time, this Khatm is also for all worldly and business success and ease for each and every one of us who is associated with this work as a Co-Worker with pure motives and good intentions.

Just like the Qur’an says:

Rabbanaa Aatinaa Fiddunyaa Hasanah,
Wa Fil-Aakhirati Hasanah!

Success, glory, joy and a wonderful life – here as well as there!

Right now, in life, and after death, forever.

What a Deen!

What a Rabb!

And what a glorious book, this Most Noble Qur’an!


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God Does Not Tire [Quote – 665]

You can ask Allah all you want. You can ask him till you are blue in the face. He does not tire of giving.

God neither sleeps, nor tires nor takes a rest.

Nor does he get upset with your asking -- asking so much. On the contrary, he loves it when you ask him.

And the more you ask him, the more he gives you.

In fact, he gets upset when you DON’T ask him.

What a God!

Dhaalikumullahu Rabbukum!

Laa Ilaaha Illa Huw!


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One Digestible Little Nugget at a Time:
Politics 101 = Islam 101! [Quote – 664]

We bring Islam to the world one tiny little digestible nugget at a time. Generally speaking, we do this by clarifying one simple concept at a time. Also, if, where and when we can, we do this by explaining one ordinary real-life occurrence at a time. 

Hear Bernie Sanders speak in his campaign rallies in the Democratic primaries. You will say it is politics, and it is. 

But you connect with his facts and arguments, and you will say: Sounds awfully like Islam. And it does.

For, Islam is, first of all, speaking the truth, not spinning circles around it.

Second, healthcare as a human right is Islam -- before it was, and more than it is, politics. 

And so is campaigning for a society that is free from corruption.

Trying to clean up a society in which big politicians are bought up and owned by big private and corporate money leading up to big corruption is what Islam came in this world to do. Read the Qur’an and you will see prophet after prophet waging the same campaign during his time.

If a 74-year-old Jew is the one God has selected to spearhead this fight in America at this time, instead of a Muslim, who should have been the one doing it, those who know Islam, and understand politics, would say: More Power to Him!

May God bless those who fight for righteousness. For, they fight in the path of God. 

And it is Islam -- pure and simple.


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A Respectful Request [Quote – 663]

I have a most respectful request of all my friends: Unless you see a most obvious and most blatant violation of truth and verifiable fact; unless you find a most serious violation of Allah’s Law; and unless you see a most immediate and unstoppable danger to human life or property; until such happens, and I ask Allah this will never happen, please do not edit my work. Not now, not 100 years from now. Editing means exercising one’s judgment to change something I have written, or to abbreviate it in some form, or to cherry-pick the words I have used.


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What We Have Been Given [Quote – 662]

(By Vimala Judy Kamalodeen)

Allah says we cannot really count the blessings he has given us -- even if we tried. How true it is. 

Yet, there is one blessing that he has given us, right here in Trinidad, which is so obvious, and which is so wonderful, that it is easy to talk about it. 

Allah also says in the Qur’an talk about the blessings you have been showered with by God.

So, here it is:

After decades and decades of hard work, we now see a situation in which there really are few people left here in our blessed and beautiful Trinidad who really do not know how to read the Qur’an.

What a blessing it is.

The challenge facing us now is how to go beyond teaching people how to read the Qur’an and to make them realize that the real and overriding purpose of their life  on earth is to Work for Allah.

That is what we all need to focus on now and forever -- even as we continue to search for new people whom we can teach how to read the Qur’an.

What a blessed and exciting trip this has been.



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This Is Why God Created Us [Quote – 661]

God Almighty made us so we will work for him. That is the purpose of our creation. Part of that work is to invite the whole world to Allah.

Another part is to make the world a better place for Allah’s people. And all people are Allah’s people.

Part of inviting people to Allah is to take the Qur’an to every home and heart that needs it -- and which one does not.

Everything that we have -- health, wealth, family, education, all else -- is given to us by God so we will work for him.


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Islam Is Leadership:
How Islam Sets the World Free [Quote – 660]

Islam means taking responsibility. And that means showing initiative when and where needed.

Initiative shows leadership. And Islam is leadership.

And that really is the foundation of true democracy and decentralization of power.

Kullukum Raa-in, says the Hadith.


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Clearing Up a Confusion and a Fatwa of Sorts [Quote – 659]

Generally speaking, we at www.IslamicSolutions.Com stay away from commenting on news reports. But sometimes it may not be such a bad idea to correct some minor -- and quite probably well-intentioned -- misunderstandings about Islam.

Below is one example of it. A news story on the Net today, a rather nice and quite fair article in fact, said the following, among many things that it did, about the growing and interesting phenomenon of the British -- White and non-White -- converting from non-Islam to Islam.

The story said:

“On one hand, Islam mandates its followers to behave dutifully towards close kin,” 


“… and this duty is not cancelled out when those kin are of a different religion.” 



“But some duties become impossible for a family member who has turned to Islam; he cannot oversee the Hindu cremation, or the Christian burial, of a parent.”








“The quality of mercy is not strain’d,
It droppeth as the gentle rain from heaven
Upon the place beneath. It is twice blest:
It blesseth him that gives and him that takes.”









So, the all-caps are our comments on the news item we cited above.


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What Muslims Have Done to Islam [Quote – 658]

by Kalamazad  Mohammed

It’s interesting, to say the least, how Muslims have restricted Islam to Salaat and Siyaam -- praying and fasting.

And may be a Hajj -- or two. And any number of Umrahs.

Whatever happened to the job of inviting others to Allah, which always was, and which always must be, a part and parcel of being a Muslim? 

This most important requirement of Islam -- taking the message of Islam to the whole world -- is not done with any concerted effort. 

Who is worried these days about bringing new Muslims into Islam; about educating them in all that they need to know about Islam; and about training them to be good Muslims, good and productive members of the societies in which they live, and overall good human beings in every conceivable way.

The way Prophet Muhammad, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam, was throughout his life!

And how beautifully the Qur’an -- God Almighty himself -- testifies to that fact: 

Wa Innaka La-Alaa Khuluqin Azeem!

Dr. Pasha’s paraphrase:

“And what a marvelous character you possess!”


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All Prophets of God Delivered Same Message to Their People: I Am The Way!
Just Read The Bible as Eisa Rasulullah! [Quote – 657]

There are those who argue that if you believe in Jesus, you cannot then follow Prophet Muhammad, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam. That is because Jesus, Alaihis Salaam -- God Bless Him -- said:

“I am the way. No one comes to God the Father but through me.”

That is right. That is precisely what he said: Jesus, Alaihis Salam.

The Qur’an says it came to confirm, validate and guard the earlier Divine Scripture --Muhaiminan Alaihi. And it does.

As part of this confirmation and validation process, the Qur’an says that is precisely what Jesus, Alaihis Salam, said to his people. He said to them: Follow me, I am the way to God Almighty -- the Father.

From the point of view of the Qur’an, it should be read as: Innee Rasulullah!

And that is also precisely what all other prophets and messengers of God said to their people.

They all said: Ittaqullaha wa Atee-ooni!

Fear Allah and follow me -- meaning: “I am the way!” 

A perfect equivalent to Muhammad Rasulullah!


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Islam Is Inviting People to Allah! [Quote – 656]

Islam is about inviting people to Allah. And doing so without let up.

Just like Prophet Muhammad, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam, did all his life.

If they don’t listen to you in Makkah, go to Taif.

If they beat you up in Taif, move to Madinah.

Don’t stop till you die.

That is how Islam -- and Prophet Muhammad, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam -- changed the whole world in about 20 years or so.


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For Slaves Default Is Work! [Quote – 655]

We are God Almighty’s slaves. The whole world is. As a result, the default position of our life -- our existence -- is work.  

Sleeping, eating, resting and all else, are part of the perks of working for the most kind, loving and merciful master. Nothing beyond that.

Work is doing what we are designed to do. That is a default position for all of creation. The world operates that way -- by virtue of its very creation and design. 

And there are no breaks or work stoppages. It is nonstop work 24-7 as they say. 

Even human life is largely a part of that default mechanism: all systems of human biology are default based in terms of their work.

Death is the name for system failure -- crash -- when human biological systems have run their course and can no longer function as default mechanisms.

But where human existence rises to the level of conscious and deliberate choice, including the right to rejection, and the option of saying “no,” work is by choice and commitment and acceptance. It is still doing what one is told to do -- you “pray” exactly as you are taught -- but mediated by a process of learning, thinking, accepting or rejecting.

Life -- and work -- is hard or easy based on how God makes it.

Easy is what God makes easy. And when he chooses, he makes the hard easy.

Hadith Sharif:

Wa Anta Taj’alul Hazna Sahlan Idhaa Shi’ta!


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Nowhere to Run! [Quote – 654]

Here is something we all must understand clearly: Those who come forward -- and enlist in some form or fashion -- at some stage, to Work for Allah, they have in a sense bought a one-way ticket.

That means they have nowhere to run -- but to Allah.

All doors are now closed for them, all avenues and all exits shut, except Allah’s door. 

And if they leave their work in the middle and run, they will be caught and brought back to stand before Allah and face the consequences of their flight.

Right here in this world as well as in the next world.

For, they are fugitives from justice -- Allah’s justice. Nothing can or will give them refuge.

And nothing can or will help them.

As the Qur’an says:

An Laa Malja-a Minallahi -- Illaa Ilaihi (9:118).

Paraphrase of Aayat Karimah:

“There is no refuge for them -- “

“Except in and with Allah!”

“No one but Allah can save them or give them refuge or offer them protection.”

And also, as the Hadith Sharif says:

Innamaa Ya’kuludh Dhi’bu Minal Ghanamil Qaasiyah.

Paraphrase of Hadith Sharif:

The wolf only devours the lone sheep -- that strays from its flock.


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While We Await the Qur’an [Quote – 653]

In a sense, we are all waiting for the Qur’an. For the Qur’an to come into our lives. 

And into our world.

We want the Qur’an to be revealed to us, as it were. 

We want the Qur’an to change our lives and to change the world in which we live. To make it better in every conceivable way.

We want to be able to read the Qur’an: all the time -- barring all the duties that lie on our shoulders. As parents; as spouses; as citizens; as members of civilized societies.

And we want to be able to understand the Qur’an: as much as we can -- with all our limitations and inadequacies. 

And we want the Qur’an to talk to us -- and to share its wonders with us.

While all this is going on -- and while the best of us are in a waiting mode for the Qur’an to enter and take over our lives --we turn to all the substitutes God allows us to produce and use and share: all the books and all other things of that nature.

They are shadows and reflections of the Qur’an. And not the real thing. And we hope they will help us to get to the Qur’an; The Real Thing.

For, the Qur’an is Qur’an. And nothing takes its place.


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The Hard-Easy Business of Working for Allah — 
With Shaitan in Hot Pursuit [Quote – 652]

This business of Working for Allah is hard. It is only easy when Allah makes it easy.

And Allah has.

Wa Laqad Yassarnal Qur’ana Lidh-Dhikr!

But the trouble comes from within us: from our Nafs. When Shaitan warns us at every turn: “Beware!” 

“Beware,” says Shaitan, “You run the risk of losing something worldly if you Work for Allah.”

“And if you work too, too hard for him.” 

“So, protect yourself. And go easy!”

“Pace yourself,” says Shaitan.

“There are other things in life than Working for Allah,” says Shaitan.

And this Voice of Warning comes from inside us -- from our own Nafs

It comes from the Shaitan who races in our veins like blood.

So, all too many people fall prey to it. Easy prey! Without too much resistance.

They get rattled by that voice coming from inside them. 

They get fooled by Shaitan.

And they give up. And they run and hide. And they begin to play hooky with Working for Allah

They play truant.

And then Shaitan manifests himself. He drops his disguise and comes out in the open.

He drops the veil and shows his face.

And then people try to wake up with the shock of meeting Shaitan face to face. They then try to shake Shaitan off. 

They try to run. But they cannot.

It is too late.

Shaitan  is now all over them. And he has them at their mercy.

Shaitan now has control of their life.

And of their destiny!

Allah’s warning now comes true. And it is now out in the open, for everyone to see -- with the naked eye:

Laa Yaftinannakumush Shaitan …!

Don’t let Shaitan fool you, the way he fooled your parents -- Adam and his mate.


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Recruiting and Training People in Islam [Quote – 651]

A lot of times, Islam comes down to identifying the most promising individuals and recruiting, teaching and training them -- one person at a time -- in Islamic theory and practice. 

That is how the prophets of God, peace and blessings of God be on them, did it in earlier times. And that is how it can best be done now -- and forever.


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Islam Gives You The Right to Say No! [Quote – 650]

Did you know that you have the right to say no – to anyone and anything?

And that the right to say “No!” may very well be quintessentially the most fundamental and inalienable right you have, if you are a human being?

And here is a further escalation of this concept: You have the right to say “No!” to anyone and anything including God Almighty himself.

Of course there are consequences to saying no.

For example, if you refuse to pay your taxes, the law will catch up with you – sooner or later.

Or if you refuse to obey a policeman, you may end up in jail or even dead.

Or if you fail to stop at the red light, you will get hit with a ticket, if not by other cars.

These are all normal requirements of civilized and orderly living in a society. Regardless of whether you are a Muslim or a non-Muslim.

And if you refuse to believe in God – and say no to him as it were – but then it turns out that there really is a God out there, then you may have some serious answering and explaining to do.

But there is more to life than obeying traffic signals.

As a human being, you have certain rights that no one can take away from you. And one of them is the right to say no to anyone and anything you want.

Including God Almighty himself!

And that right is given to you by God himself.

In fact, that is what makes you a human being in the first place – as distinct from so many other creations of God right here on this earth: the right to say no.

The Magna Carta – early 13th Century, right? – was an affirmation of the right of King John of England’s lords and barons to say no to their king. No more, no less.

And, believe it or not, that is what Islam came into this world to teach – and to ensure that everyone everywhere had that right: the right to say no.

Regardless of anyone’s race, religion, nationality or gender.

Full 600 years before the English lords and barons forced King John to grant them the right of refusal as it were.

It is things like this that make me think how anyone can make up all these things in the name of Islam.


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A Mercy to the Worlds [Quote – 649]

For much of the time, Islam and Muslims are like two ships moored side by side at a port. Or gliding and twinkling past each other in the high seas at night.

At times, there is an interface of sorts between them. Or, if I may spoof off an old Hollywood movie expression, a close encounter of some kind.

And that makes the world what it is.

I wonder what the world would be like if the two – Islam and those professing to be Muslims – really intertwined and merged for any length of time.

After all, 10 years of Islam at Makkah, and another 10 years of it at Madinah, all of it under the most beautiful, sublime and humanly perfect leadership of Prophet Muhammad, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam, made the world what it is today, did it not?

Is that too much of a stretch to see that practically everything good and productive and nice and wonderful in human affairs that the world has today is more or less traceable to those most amazing 20 years in human history?

And, therefore, a most glorious legacy of Prophet Muhammad, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam, whom God Almighty says he sent into this world as a Personification of Mercy to All the Worlds?

Rahmatan Lil-‘Aalameen!


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Clarity in Speech and Writing — 
And in All Things Good — 
Comes from Allah! [Quote – 648]

I have noticed something. Clarity in speech and writing -- and everything good -- comes from Allah. 

Allah the Al-Haqq!

Allah the Al-Malikul Haqqul Mubeen!

All you need to do is to plug in. 

It may take a lifetime happening. Or it may take only a second or two. But the difference shines like the midday sun in a cloudless sky -- for everyone to see.

That is everyone except those who are blinded by the sun itself!


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A People without a Paper [Quote – 647]

Muslims are a people without a single decent newspaper among the 1,500,000,000 (1.5 billion) of them.

They have pretty much everything else: tallest towers; biggest and shiniest malls; most barrels of oil; all the super-luxury cars in the world; all the race horses they want; and who knows what else.

But a single decent news outlet -- electronic or print? Muslims are still beholden to everybody else in the world.

The Rupert Murdochs of the world don’t even care to thumb their noses at them.

Fifty years ago, it made sense when Muslims did their bleats: What can we do? We just don’t have the money!

But now, 50 years later, Muslims burn their money to warm their hands on every street corner. Some would say, and how right they would be, Muslim money runs the world. 

And Muslim money fills the bellies that are already too full and bloated and sated.

And yet, not one decent Muslim news outlet in sight.


Muslims, like all or most human beings, get what they want. They want their towers and malls and sports and all else. And they get them. 

They fear honest and true news outlets -- and therefore don’t want them -- they don’t have them.

That simple! 

Not me, but the Qur’an!

People get only what they really want and strive for, says God Almighty in the Qur’an.

Layisa Lil Insaani Illaa Maa Sa’aa!

Aqeedah time, would you say? 

By the way, whatever happened to all that never-ending happy-happy Aqeedah talk? Is it all  hunky dory on the Aqeedah front now?

Let me restate the whole thing:

When it comes to a really, really world-class news operation, Muslims don’t have it because they don’t really want it. If they wanted it, and then if they had worked for it, they would have had it.

Just like Allah says in the Qur’an.

Allah has given Muslims all the worldly wherewithal with which to make it happen. Except of course the will and the burning desire, which in his infinite wisdom he emptied from their hearts and bosoms.

Layisa Lil Insaani Illaa Maa Sa’aa!


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Let the Qur’an Work for You! [Quote – 646]

The simple message is this: You work for the Qur’an now. The Qur’an will work for you when you need it -- which is all the time.

But here is the difference: we need the Qur’an, but the Qur’an does not need us.

For years -- no, call it decades -- some of us have been begging everyone everywhere to read the Qur’an. And to get everyone else in the world to read the Qur’an.

Muslim and non-Muslim!

We have been calling it the work of Taking the Qur’an to Every Home and Heart that Needs It -- and Which One Does Not?

And to try to understand the Qur’an.

And to work to make the Qur’an work in the lives of everyone everywhere!

How hard is it for people to see that a day will come -- who knows how far or close that day is, huh? -- when we will leave this world -- and the Qur’an will stay behind.

For, we all came into this world to go. But the Qur’an manifested itself in this world to stay.

That is because we, as Allah’s creation, are transient. But the Qur’an, as Almighty Allah’s word, is immortal, eternal.

It is Qadeem: Forever!

That makes for a very special relationship between us and the Qur’an: 

We need the Qur’an, but the Qur’an does not need us.

We need the Qur’an, right here in this world, so we can run our lives based on the Qur’an, and so we can light up God’s world using the light of the Qur’an.

For, the Qur’an is Light -- Noor.

After death, and right on our deathbeds, we need the Qur’an so we will die easy, and so the Qur’an will light up our dark and dreary graves. 

And the Qur’an will light up our path to the Almighty, our true destination.

And to our salvation -- to our eternal home Paradise or Jannat that is.

So we need the Qur’an all the way: right now; when death approaches; and after we die.

And we need the Qur’an even now when many of us are, as they say, hale and hearty, well and alive!

And I am saying this to Muslims as well as to non-Muslims. They both need the Qur’an -- both Muslims and non-Muslims. And they both need the Qur’an now -- and forever!

For, no one is going anywhere without the Qur’an. Not the Muslims; not the Non-Muslims!

Not in this world; not in the next world!


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Who Is the Real Doer of Things:
You or God? [Quote – 645]

Sometimes, it is nothing but pure innocence. Call it naivete. 

Muslims -- many good Muslims among them -- talk in language that is dubious at best and that may be highly problematic on a number of fronts.

They will say things like this: 

I will make the effort, I will try -- I will do my best. 
After that, it is up to God. 
He will do what he wants!
For, he is the real doer!

Some of us may even add things -- qualifiers -- like “after all” and “real” and “Ultimate” and so on.

So, we say things like: 

“For, after all, God is the real doer!”


“For, after all, God is the real and ultimate doer of all things.”

As if there are others in this world -- other than God -- who have any kind of power or means or resources or ability to do things -- to do anything.

People, most people, including Muslims and many good Muslims, speak this kind of language, not because they are evil or bad people, but because most of them simply don’t understand.

And that is at least in part because many of them don’t take the time and trouble to understand.

And “understanding” and “thinking” and “inquiring” and trying to figure out are things that God wants you to do.

For, that is Islam: thinking and trying to make sense of things!

These are things Allah expects from you.

And these are things that the Qur’an presses upon you -- 1400 years right here on this earth. 

Is that not time enough for us to pay attention to that message? 

And to the significance of that message to our Islam -- and to our life in general?


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One Simple Difference Muslims Must Know [Quote – 644]

One simple thing about life -- one simple difference if you will -- Muslims must know -- in fact everyone must know -- is this:

We must all live and Work for Allah -- entirely and fully and all the time. For, we are all his fully owned slaves.

We are neither masters of ourselves. Nor are we owned by anyone else, other than Allah.

Even about Prophet Muhammad, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam, we say he was Allah’s “SlaveAND Allah’s Messenger:

‘Abduhu wa Rasooluhoo.

This is a part of our creed, as they say. It makes the difference between whether or not we are really Muslims. We believe it, we are; we don’t, we are not.

We should not think of living our lives how we want, doing everything the way we want, and then somehow try and fit Allah into the picture where, when and how we can.

For, we belong to Allah and not to ourselves.

That is the simple thing about life -- the simple difference in life, the simple fact about life, if you will -- that Muslims must understand. 

In fact, all human beings must understand.

A lot of the turmoil in the world now -- and always -- is the result of Muslims -- and people in general -- not understanding this, or not fully and completely believing in this, or not fully delivering on and fulfilling their commitment and their pledge to God Almighty.


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Working for Allah Is Everybody’s Duty — First, Last and Middle! [Quote – 643]

Those Working for Allah everywhere -- including the Caribbean -- a simple question: Why does someone special have to come from somewhere and rescue you? 

Why can’t you do on your own what is clearly your duty?

Allah bless those special people who come to your rescue -- every time. No matter how busy they are. And no matter, as they say, how much they have on their plates.

And Allah bless you too. Such as you are!

And Allah bless all of us. Such as all of us are.

For, he can. And does.

For, he is Ghafoor and he his Raheem. Which no one else is or can be.

But a clear warning to those Working for Allah all over the world -- not the least in the Caribbean region, where this work in a sense first started and flourished -- Alhamdulillah!

Don’t “Orphanize” Islam: Don’t treat Islam like an orphan. The outcome will not be good. 

You will not like it.

So, get up Workers for Allah in the Caribbean, and elsewhere, and dust up, and get to work. 

And in every situation, do what you must do without this or that special person rattling your cage and yanking your chain.


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Muslims! Count Your Moments! For Da’wah that Is! [Quote – 642]

Muslims wonder what to do -- with their lives: as individuals; as groups and organizations; and as communities, nations and societies.

Part of it is what you may call their personal lives. And the other part has to do with what people call Da’wah.

And they ask themselves: Da’wah? What is it? How do we do it? Where? When? 

And using what means, methods and instrumentations?

And with what frequency and duration?

That is your Muslims for you! One and only -- in all of Allah’s creation. 

And, as per the prophesy of the Prophet, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam, Jannat-bound. Headed to Paradise, that is. 

These Muslims, I mean. Such as they are. In all their tribal wear and mixed up heads, with their twisted personalities, shoddy characters and hearts overflowing with the love of the fleeting pleasures and possessions of this world.

Hubbud Dunya, as the Prophet, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam, once put it.

A friend recently put it the best I have heard. He simply said: 

“You never miss a “Dawah” moment,” he said.
“And every moment is a “Dawah” moment,” he said.

And he concluded: “Allahu Akbar!

Muslims, what or how can anyone say anything better than that?


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Many Forms of Da’wah [Quote – 641]

What Muslims call Da’wah, and what the Qur’an actually calls Da’wah, takes many, many forms. 

The trick, as they say, is to know when, where and how to do it. And using what and which one or many of the tools and resources that Allah has placed at your disposal.

Otherwise, what you call Da’wah is actually just another name for Islam. And you ignore it at your own peril.


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Life or Allah? Which One Is It? [Quote – 640]

Things in life happen the way they happen. And sometimes -- or is it frequently? -- they refuse to fit the exact specifications and format you had in mind.

So, you shrug your shoulders, or do whatever it is that Muslims do as per their latest Fatwas, the Halal thing you know, and say: Well, that is life!

I know it is life. And you are not entirely wrong in blaming everything on life and its travails -- I mean its trials and tribulations, and its ups and downs, and its labors and challenges. 

For, that is what the expression “travails” means in English, which of course we stole from French. Not you and I, but the folks who spoke English way before us.

The French actually lament that half the English language is French -- and broken French at that.

So, when things don’t seem to work, and you say, “That Is Life,” you are absolutely in the ballpark.

But if you stop to think, there is more there than meets the eye. There is Allah the Al-Hayy, al-Qayyoom -- the one who is ever living, the one who never dies -- Hayyun Laa Yamoot-- and Allah the one who does not need anything or anyone to sustain him but who sustains everything and keeps everything going -- and makes everything happen.

So, next time around, when things don’t go exactly as planned, how much more right you would be if you said: 

Well, that is Allah,
And it is all his Will,
And it is his Doing!

And I submit.
And I happily accept what Allah did, 
And what Allah decided for me,
And how Allah disposed of my situation and my need,
And what Allah made happen in my life!

And you immediately go to the Hadith Sharif and say: 

Radiytu Billahi Rabban, 
wa Bil Islami Deenan, 
wa Bi Muhammadin Nabiyya!

The Hadith says that gives you an IOU on Allah that you can cash in on Day of Judgment.


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Mosque Managers: How Many Good Muslims End Up [Quote – 639]

Good Muslims go to mosque, engage in community activities, and stay away from bad things -- what in Islam will be called Munkaraat.

Well, Bad Things -- things Muslims should not be doing.

But often Good Muslims’ list of Mukaraat is partial and one-sided. It generally leaves out some critical items -- well, items like…

You sure you want me to mention them? I don’t want to upset you. 

But if you insist, just let me give one or two items and leave it at that.

Good Muslims’ list of Munkaraat may often leave out a few things like Personal Arrogance.

One catch-all expression -- taken directly from the Qur’an -- is Hawaa!

And doing things for show and name and fame. Islam calls it ‘Ujb and Sum’ah and Riyaa‘.

As a result, many Good Muslims end up being what a good friend called Mosque Managers..

And they become Jama’at Presidents and Community Leaders.

And in doing this, they become the Gatekeepers for Islam and Muslims. Their job then becomes keeping new ideas and new leadership from coming to the fore in the Muslim community.

Thus, they become the Guardians and Keepers of the Islamic gates and citadels.

Call them the Keepers of the Status Quo if you will. 

As such, they lord it over the Muslim masses -- regardless of whether or not they are even aware they are doing it -- keeping the Muslims in darkness and doubt and keeping Islam from breaking out.


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Challenges of Working for Allah [Quote – 638]

Working for Allah is both easy -- and not so easy. It is easy when Allah makes it so. And you get in tune with what Allah says and does.

But things become difficult when you let the link between you and Allah weaken. 

Or when you give it some kind of an exotic twist such as excessive preoccupation with Ibaadaat -- worship routines of various kinds -- at the expense of what some people in America and English-speaking Caribbean would call getting out in the field and “Hustling” for Allah.

Or when you attach too much importance to what sometimes gets referred to as “Spirituality,” at the expense of what would appear to be the more mundane or even “worldly” pursuits such as meeting people, explaining Islam to them, inviting them to Allah, and other similar activities.

If you ask me, as they say, the bottom line of Working for Allah could be stated like this: 

Each person engaged in this work, man as well as woman, must Work for Allah
as if each one of them is the last man or woman standing.

And as if it is their job, and no one else’s, to build Allah’s work from scratch 
and make it reach the farthest reaches and corners of Allah’s world.

And as if it is their responsibility and no one else’s, to carry the burden of 
Taking the Qur’an to Every Home and Heart that Needs It -- and Which One Does Not -- 
all by themselves: alone and lonely.

How else can you understand or interpret that most glorious Hadith of Sayyidina Muhammad, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam, that says: 

“Each one of you is a shepherd.
And each one of you will be held accountable for your flock”? 

And this flock extends from one end of the world to the other. And from whatever point in time to the end of time.


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What Can, Does or Should a Muslim Want? [Quote – 637]

I hear from all kinds of the most wonderful people you can imagine. Muslim and Non. 

And there are those among them who want to help. Allah bless them!

They ask: What do you want? What can we do for you? Bless the generosity of a Muslim heart!

What can, does or should a Muslim want?

In my book, just one thing: To be able to Work for Allah! And that means work To Take the Qur’an to Every Home and Heart that Needs It! And Which One Does Not?

Hopefully, with all these wonderful people -- and millions upon millions others like them -- lending their generous and powerful shoulders to the wheel!

If Muslims did this -- as individuals, as groups, as organizations and as nations and societies -- Allah will grant them the blessings of Duniya as well as Aakhirah: this world as well as the next world.

This is the preeminent duty for which Allah raised them as Muslim -- as a nation of Islam as it were -- in this world: Not just for themselves, but for the entire world. 

Just see how clear-cut the Qur’an is on this subject:

Kuntum Khaira Ummatin Ukhrijat Linnaasi!

Muslims are in the kind of trouble they are in today -- politically, economically, culturally, morally -- in practically every part of the world, precisely because they have turned their back on this duty -- this Fard ‘Ain.

And because they are busy doing everything else but this.

And then Muslims gripe and complain, and shed copious tears, why their condition gets worse by the day. The Qur’an provides the reply:

Wa Maa Zalamnaahum wa Laakin Kaanoo Anfusahum Yazlimoon!


Allah says: 

“We did not wrong them!

Instead, they were the ones who did all these terrible things to themselves!”

So, if Muslims want their condition in this world to change, they must turn with single-minded focus to inviting the world to Allah!

For those who talk about “Sunnat,” that was -- and remains forever -- the blessed and if you will the only Sunnat of Rasulullah, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam: 

Tirelessly and without letup inviting the world to Allah -- and to Allah’s Deen.

It was for that purpose that Allah sent him into this world. And that is how he spent every moment of the last 20 years of his life in this world as God’s Messenger to the world.

Both in Makkah and in Madinah!

Our literature -- our writings and audio tapes that are available on www.IslamicSolutions.Com -- are I believe helpful for Muslims as well as non-Muslims to understand with fair amount of clarity what it means to Work for Allah in the modern age -- and how to go about doing it in today’s world. 


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Fard Kifaayah in Writing and Speaking [Quote – 636]

Among all the amazing gifts Islam has given us, one is the notion of Fard Kifaayah

One simple way to understand this most amazing Islamic concept is to look at a positive as well as a negative joint social and moral -- and in some cases legal -- responsibility that may fall on the shoulders of a group, community, nation or society.

And that joint responsibility or collective duty or shared obligation may take two forms:

(A) To do what is good and right, and, at the same time, to require others also to do what is good and right.

The Qur’an calls this Amr Bil-Ma’roof: Telling others to do good things. And it is a fundamental Islamic social and moral obligation. 

(B) To abstain from doing what is bad and evil, and, at the same time, to require others also to stay away from doing what is bad and evil.

The Qur’an calls this Nahyi ‘Anil Munkar: Telling others to keep away from doing bad and wrong and evil things. 

And this is also a shared social and moral obligation in Islam.

And according to the Qur’an, it is the very reason why God raised up the Believers as a nation and declared them to be the Best Nation and the Best People on earth: Because they have been commissioned by God to do good and tell others to do good, and to stay away from doing what is bad and tell others also to stay away from what is bad.

Muslims, from time to time, give up this duty -- this Divine Mandate of Amr Bil-Ma’roof and Nahyi ‘Anil Munkar -- and, as a result, suffer the consequences that become obvious for all to see.


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One Yardstick — or Two — to Measure Your Taqwa [Quote – 635]

For those Working for Allah, if you do any amount of writing or speaking, your typos are the measure of your Taqwa: how much you truly fear God and love him.

And so may be the slips of your tongue.

Sahaabah Kiraam -- the Noble Companions of Prophet Muhammad, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam -- once expressed surprised at the power of human speech for good or evil. 

Prophet Muhammad, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam, pointed to his tongue and said: What else do you think gets you thrown in hell, if not the fruits of your tongues?

Hasaa-id Alsinatikum, he said.

So, those claiming to Work for Allah, need to be extra-mindful of their typos. 

And of the slips of their tongues.

This is obviously an individual responsibility in most instances. But in cases where individuals may fail or falter, for whatever reason, the responsibility becomes a shared and collective one.

In Islam, this is called Fard Kifaayah. 

Meaning: when nobody does it, everyone is held responsible for it.

What a beautiful concept! Like all else in Islam!


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Life of Taqwa: A Responsibility and A Joy [Quote – 634]

Let us say Taqwa is the name Islam gives to how much you love and fear God. 

And how mindful you are of his presence every moment and with regard to every aspect of your life.

That means if you have Taqwa, you love and fear God all the time. And you are mindful of his presence all the time and with regard to everything you do. 

For such people, life becomes both a joy and a responsibility. 

Life becomes a keenly felt responsibility, because you want to do everything right -- as right as you can possibly make it.

Life also becomes a joy because you are, at the same time, keenly aware of the power, presence, love, mercy and support of God every moment of your life, and with regard to every thing you do in life.


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Sometimes It Is a Trickle, Sometimes It Is a Flood! [Quote – 633]

Most people don’t understand a simple thing about the way Allah does things. Or what it means to Work for Allah.

When those Working for Allah issue forth -- spread out that is -- on God’s earth and leave no stone unturned to invite people to come to Allah, the response to their work is far from predictable. 

And far from uniform.

Sometimes it is a trickle, sometimes it is a flood. Sometimes it is a drizzle and sometimes it is a downpour.

From massive to meager, from instant to delayed, the response to your work is all Allah’s doing. It is not a direct outcome of your work.

The untiring efforts of Prophet’s Muhammad, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam, covering a span of two decades, were, toward the end, rewarded by the floodgates of acceptance opening and men and women -- Annaas -- rushing into Islam in waves:

Wa Ra-ayitan Naasa Yadkhuloona Fi Deenillahi Afwaaaja (110:2).

Other Prophets of God, Alaihimus Salam, such as Hazrath Lut, Alaihis Salam, were left wondering if there was not a single decent human being among those they were targeting and working for so long and so hard to win over for Allah. 

So much so that they ended up saying:

A-Layisa Minkum Rajulun Rasheed (11:78).


“Is there not one decent human being among you?”

Or, as in another case -- also in relation to Hazrath Lut, Alaihis Salam -- as Allah and his angels looked, before proceeding to destroy the entire community of rebels against God, and his Messenger Lut, Alaihis Salam, they could not find more than a single household in that entire community that happened to be Muslim:

Fa-Maa Wajadnaa Fihaa Ghaira Bayitin Minal Muslimeen (51:36).

Go figure Muslims!

And those of you Working for Allah: take heart! 

So long as you keep doing your work, and keep doing it right, there is no such thing as failure in your lot!

It is all success -- from beginning to end.

So, just go and do your work and do it right -- the way Allah asks you do it:

Fa-Lidhaalika Fad-‘u Wastaqim Kamaa Umirta (42:15).


“So, go and invite people to Allah, as you are asked to do, 
And don’t falter in your mission!”


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The Way Allah Does Things [Quote – 632]

Most people do not understand that Allah has his own way and his own meticulous calculus of doing things.

Therefore, what happens in the world is what Allah decides should happen. And it does not always coincide with what you and I wish would happen.

And it is all to the good!

Therefore, to submit to Allah’s decision, and to accept it with an open heart, and in fact to rejoice in it and to celebrate it, is a level of Iman that is much to be envied and that is not given to all.

So, people, let us all go back to the drawing board and retool. Let us learn to understand and accept and enjoy and celebrate Allah’s decisions for us, and for his world, even as we work day and night to help to make his world a better place, in itself and for all of this creation.


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Muslims and Their Never-Ending Shenanigans [Quote – 631]

While the world burns, and screams in pain and anger, Muslim shenanigans scale new peaks.

Or should we say scrape new bottoms?

After an endless stream of all kinds of things “Halal,” Muslim misadventurism now is after your money in the name of Halal Travel.

That is right!

Now you are invited to book your tickets through Halal Booking and take your “holidays in accordance with Islamic beliefs.”

And then Muslims wonder where their problems come from. And why everybody hates them and wants to beat them up.

And there isn’t one voice being raised to clean up this mess!


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Some Muslims Trying to Outdo Salam, Are They? [Quote – 630]

Some Muslims, who may or may not think they are better than others, Astaghfirullah of course, say “Allah bless you!”

And they say it before, after, or in addition to saying Salaam.

And they may -- or may not -- think they are being cute.

At best it is a redundancy. For, that precisely is what “Assalamu Alaikum” means:

“Allah Bless You All!”

At worst, it may be some kind of an effort, no matter how unconscious or naive or foolish, to outdo Almighty Allah himself: Wanting and trying to do things better than Allah can do.

And better than Allah already has done -- way before they and their fathers and mothers ever showed up on this earth.

So, Allah did it before them. And Allah did it much better than they ever could. 

For, Allah’s Salam beats your “Bless You!” or any variation or modification or improvement thereof, hands down -- anytime, any day.


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It Is All His Decision [Quote – 629]

Those who come forward to Work for Allah, and those who run and hide, whatever their reasons and excuses, these are all things that happen on Earth based entirely on decisions Allah makes in Heaven.

And both categories of people are profiled in some detail in the Qur’an. And concerned individuals can hold this mirror to their face and see where they stand -- and what they look like.

If you don’t want to read all of the Qur’an to see who is actively, busily, openly and visibly Working for Allah, and who is hiding where, then all you have to do is read Surah Taubah. And, should it be Allah’s will and decision, things will become clear to you, whether you are on this side of the aisle or that!


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Did You Say Work Ethic? 
Think Prophet Muhammad, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam! [Quote – 628]

Some of my friends keep referring to Work Ethic. And every time they say that, I wish to think of just one name: Prophet Muhammad, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam. 

If ever there was such thing as Work Ethic in this world, it was all him. And it all came from him.

Whether he was dealing with God in Heaven, or with human beings on earth, everything Prophet Muhammad, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam, ever did in this world, he did it to “perfection.”

As a result, in every conceivable sense, he was the best young man, the best husband, the best father, the best friend, the best companion -- in fact the best at everything that he ever engaged in.

So much so that even on the battlefield he was the best warrior around. To a point that when the battle really heated up, other mighty warriors, sought his protection and flocked near and around him.

And that same Work Ethic was also something that he taught his followers whom he called his Companions.

And through his blessed and noble Companions he taught the whole world the same Work Ethic. He said, what I paraphrase here broadly as:

Whenever you do something, do it to perfection.”

He called that level of human “perfection” in all human actions Itqaan.


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If Only We Had Eyes to See! 
And If Only We Cared! [Quote – 627]

We all know God Almighty does everything. And no one else does or can really do anything. 

Teachers are nothing but means that Allah uses to educate us.

When he wants to, he can take a most uneducated human on earth -- call him The Unlettered Man if you will -- and use him to educate the whole world. As he did with Sayyidina Muhammad, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam!

Parents are nothing but a way to create human life on earth. 

If God Almighty were to wish, he can make a baby without a father, as he did with Jesus, Alaihis Salam, or a full-grown man without either a father or a mother, the way he did with Adam, Alaihis Salam.

Transportation, vehicles, animals, machines, are all nothing but means to carry objects, human or otherwise, from Point A to Point B.

Were God to wish, he could transport a man from the middle of the desert in Makkah, around 7th Century, and whisk him off to Jerusalem, miles and miles and miles away, and from there all the way up into space, beyond Moon, Mars and the Galaxies, to the heavens beyond, and back, all before the night is out and before the cock crows.

Was that precisely not what God Almighty did with Prophet Muhammad, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam, during Israa’ and Mi’raj?

How well do we know that doctors and medicines are nothing but merely means to healing!

Should God Almighty please, he can make a fountain of water gush out from under your feet, and make that water a cure for all your ailments as he did with Ayyub, Alaihis Salaam.

And yet, how little we seem to care!

And how little we seem to believe!

Qaleelalan Ma Tu’minoon!

And how sad and pitiable are our ways and attitudes as humans beings!

Yaa Hasratan Alal Ibaad!


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Muslim Crisis:
Character — As In Truth Telling! [Quote – 626]

The biggest crisis Muslims of today face is not just their external enemies. And the list of those external enemies is a long and formidable one.

The biggest crisis in the life of Muslims today -- whether it is individual Muslims or the Ummah (Nation of Islam or the Islamic People) as a whole -- is an internal one. And it is Muslim character.

Call it “Moral Character” if you wish. But by “Moral Character” I do not mean all those empty cliches Muslims often throw around -- whatever they are.

I simply mean the ability of the Muslim People to speak the truth; to stick to the truth; and live by the truth.

Here, given below, is the Qur’an on the subject. 

And, Subhanallah, how clear and forceful is the Qur’an on this subject -- as it is on every other subject that it addresses!

So, here is that most amazing Aayat, among all the other most amazing Aayats of the Qur’an:

Yaa Ayyuhalladheena Aamanoo,
Qoolu Qawulan Sadeeda,
Yuslih Lakum A’amaalakum,
Wa Yaghfir Lakum Dhunoobakum!

And here is my broad paraphrase of this Aayat Karimah:

If you truly fear Allah,
Speak the Truth,
Live by Truth,
And make Truth the hallmark of your life,
And the Guiding Light of all your affairs.

If you do,
God Almighty will then
Solve all your problems in This World,
And all your problems in the Next World.


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How Right the Qur’an Is! [Quote – 625]

It never ceases to amaze me how simple and how clear the Qur’an is. And then I realize that this Qur’an was originally sent down to an Illiterate Man among an Illiterate People.

So the Qur’an had to make clear and intuitive sense to those unsophisticated and straight-thinking children of the desert.

And then it begins to hit me, on practically every count, how right and how correct and how accurate and true to reality the Qur’an is. So much so that even some of the most sophisticated minds of modern time will have difficulty finding fault with the Qur’an.

And then I realize that this Qur’an is from the master and maker of the worlds, who is not only all-powerful, but who is also all-knowing and most wise.

Just read the following Aayat Karimah from Surah Ar-Room – the chapter called The Romans – and notice how the Qur’an so simply, so directly and yet ever so elegantly and powerfully captures the perfect curvilinearity of the Human Lifecycle:

Allahul-Ladhee Khalaqa-kum min Da’fin,
Thumma Ja’ala min Ba’di Da’fin Quwwatan,
Thumma Ja’ala min Ba’di Quwwatin Da’fan,
wa Shaiyibah!

Paraphrase using someone else’s translation:

Allah is the one who created you from weakness,
then made after weakness strength,
then made after strength weakness—
and grey hair.

He creates what he wants,
and he is all-knowing, all-powerful.

When did we ever see anything so clear, so sharp, so powerful and yet so simple and so true?

Something that is so eminently borne out by ageless common observation and yet, at the same time, something that is confirmed by valid contemporary science using its most sophisticated tools of inquiry?


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Islam Is a Movement [Quote – 624]

Businesses want to make profit. Associations and organizations serve specific organizational goals and membership interests.

Social clubs provide entertainment and good society.

Projects have purposes they want to accomplish, targets they strive to meet.

Islam is none of this. And yet it is all of these and more.

What Islam is really after is the hearts and minds -- and souls if you will -- of the people: every single individual male and female on this earth.

And Islam is a movement, because it starts with small roots on earth and grows to shoot its branches into the sky.

Asluhaa Thaabitun wa Far’uhaa Fissamaa’!

It seeks out individuals, not for what they can do for Islam -- call it Islamic Work -- but for what Islam can do for them.

And in return, Islam wants nothing from them.

Except, their soul of course, which Islam wants for Allah, and not for people to rule over and take advantage of.

Here is how Prophet Muhammad, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam, put it:

Qooloo Laa Ilaaha Illallah, Tuflihoo!

My paraphrase:

People, just say Laa Ilaaha Illallah, you will have all you want.

And this movement of Islam, generally starts out with a team of one, and then grows and gathers momentum by multiplying the individual -- the “archetype” if you want to call it that -- who is the initiator and the core of the movement.

That archetypal individual could be a Rasul, a Sahabi, or just about someone in our own time.

Basically, it is a person who starts the movement; invites people; trains them, by putting them through the twin processes of Tazkiyah and Ta’aleem; and then knits them into a team.

Basically, and in a manner of speaking, the efforts of the archetypal individual are focused on multiplying himself -- clones himself, if you want to use more modern diction.

The job of this team, whether it is a team of one or 100, then, is to take this movement of Islam forward -- to every home and heart that needs it, and which one does not?

This is how it was 1400 years ago. That is how it is today. And that is how it shall be 1000 years from today.


Wa Lan Tajida Li-Sunnatillahi Tabdeela!


“Allah’s ways never change.”

That is why when people came to Muhammad, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam, offering him practically everything in the world, if he would only not use Islam as a movement, but more as a social or service effort and tool, he turned it all down, because it was their souls he was after, not their possessions or talent or services.

And what a glorious movement Islam is -- for precisely that reason.

For, while everyone wants the worldly wealth and things that you may have to offer, the archetypes inviting you to become part of the movement of Islam, want nothing from you.

All they want from you is you. And that too not for themselves, but for Allah!

Their message to you is: Turn to Allah, say Laa Ilaaha Illallah and see what happens. 


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How We Do Our Work [Quote – 623]

The most important thing about our work is for people to understand clearly and fully who we are and what we do -- and how we go about doing it.

For anyone to join us, to become part of us, and to help us with what we do, the most important thing is for them to be trained as much as they can be trained.

Without training, they will be square pegs in round holes.

And an essential part of that training for everyone is for them to read our writings -- and to listen to our audio.

Sadly, or happily, we have no video, which, of course, is by design.

That is the theory and methodology of our work.

It is more important for us that people are properly trained in the theory and methodology of our work, that we consider to be the core of Islam, than for them to help us, to join us, to do our work, to do some favors for us, blindly or out of the charity of their hearts.

By the Grace of Almighty Allah, we depend on no one, and we need nothing from anyone. Even though we would love the whole world to be a part of us and of our work.

But all these people need to train themselves by continually reading our material and listening to what we have produced.

That is Lesson One of our work.


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Every Man’s — and Every Woman’s — Work! [Quote – 622]

This business of Taking the Qur’an to Every Home and Heart that Needs It -- and which one does not? -- is every man’s work. 

And it is every woman’s work.

Turning their back on this work has caused Muslims all kinds of grief: social and political decline; loss of wealth and territory; and a life full of fear, shame and dishonor.

Wa Duribat Alaihimudh Dhillatu Wal Maskanah, says the Qur’an.

Muslims are in bondage everywhere. Or they are in exile, living a life of refugees.

And Muslim blood flows like water in the sands, mountains and cities of this world.

One simple and immediate solution to these problems is for Muslims to do two things at once:

1. To repent to Allah on what they have done -- or, rather, on what they have not done. That is, their failure for so long, and in such a stubborn way, to Take the Qur’an to Every Home and Heart that Needs It.

Just as the Qur’an says:

Wa Tooboo Ilallahi Jamee’an.

2. Immediately, and wholeheartedly, dedicate themselves to Take the Qur’an to Every Home and Heart that Needs It -- and Which One Does Not?

Muslims everywhere must mobilize their resources to do this. And Muslim resources are vast and plentiful by the grace of Allah.

If Muslims did it, they will change the world for the better: for themselves and for the world as well.

And if the Muslims refuse to do this, their condition will continue to get worse. And so will the condition of the world.


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Seeking Permanence Where There Is None [Quote – 621]

Every man’s -- and I suppose every woman’s -- “permanent” address, as they call it, in this most obviously and stubbornly impermanent world, is as follows:

Name: whatever that is
Door Number: whatever that is
Street: whatever that is
Town, city or village: whatever those are
Country: whichever one that is.

None of these things is real. And everyone knows that. They are all arbitrary, make-believe, fleeting, impermanent.

In Hiya Illaa Asmaa-un Sammaitumoohaa!

Everyone knows that a few years from today -- whatever the length of time -- none of these pretenders to permanence will be found to exist. 

They will all be gone and they will all have turned to dust and found space in the vast empty space of shoddy and faded collective human memory.

Qur’an says it most clearly:

Kullu Shaiy-in Haalikun Illaa Wajha-h.


“Everyone and everything shall perish except God Almighty.”

And yet the human story is one of desperately searching for permanence in a place which by its very nature is not permanent.

How foolish can a human being be!

Ever looking for permanence where there is none.

And ever ready to trade the impermanent for the permanent.


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Time and Place for Everything that Happens [Quote – 620]

There is always a time and a place for everything that happens in this world. And often there is a man -- call it an inpidual, for, it could be a man or a woman -- to do it. To trigger or spearhead it as it were.

To know this and to believe this is Eemaan!

To wait for it to happen is Sabr!

To accept what happens -- after you have done your best to produce the best possible results, and to remedy the worst situation and circumstance, and in every way to minimize and control damage as much as you can -- is Ridaa!

And the thing that happens -- when and as and how it does -- can neither be delayed nor hurried. This is called Qadaa‘ or Qadr: Allah’s decree, writ or mandate.

Here is the Qur’an on the subject:

Inna Ajalallahi Idhaa Jaa-a Laa Yu-Akhkhar!

Wa Laa Yastaqdimoona Saa’atan Wa Laa Yasta’khiroon!


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“But” and “Ultimately”: Strange Ways of MuslimSpeak [Quote – 619]

Muslims should -- and in fact they do -- know better. But give them half a chance, and they will say things -- totally stupid things if you ask me -- like:

“Ultimately, it is Allah’s decision.”


What is that supposed to mean? Are you saying: First and foremost -- and all along -- it was your decision, and the decision of all other equally helpless and pathetic pipsqueaks just like you, working with you or assisting you, and then “Finally” and “Ultimately,” Allah stepped in and did his bit?

Is that what you are trying to say? Just hear yourself say it. That is exactly what you sound like.

And then Muslims sometimes say: “You know I am not feeling -- or doing -- all that great. “But,” Alhamdulillah!”

What is that supposed to mean?

Are you saying what I think you are saying? And what you sound like you are saying?

Which to me boils down to something like this:

Allah (A) does not seem to know -- Ma’adhallah! -- what he is doing.

And, (B), whatever it is that Allah is doing, he doesn’t seem to be doing it right anyway, for, it is causing me a great deal of pain and inconvenience.

But (C) “believing” in Allah, as I do, for, I am a Muslim and a believer, and knowing, in my heart of hearts as it were, he is boss, “real” boss in any case, I accept his decision, albeit with a reluctant and complaining heart, and sing his glory and praise in any case.”

Folks, is this what you are saying? And is this what you really want to say? But then that is exactly what it sounds like you are saying.

So, my advice to Muslims: Learn English.

If you will not, then, at least read the Qur’an! For, the Qur’an has it all sorted out -- from Eternity!

So, tune in to the Qur’an, Muslims -- and try and change your speech patterns.

And here is what the Qur’an decreed -- from Eternity -- no matter what the condition or the situation or the circumstance:

Lahul Hamdu Fil Oolaa wal Aakhirah!

Wa Lahul Hukm!


“All glory and praise to him -- in the beginning and in the end!”

“And he is the one who runs, controls and manages everything.”


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Do Good Muslims Know? And Do Good Muslims Care? [Quote – 618]

There are good and bad Muslims in this world. Just like all the good and bad non-Muslims that there are in this world.

Bad Muslims are of course busy doing bad things.

But good Muslims? They think they are doing good things. But they have not a clue that the greatest good thing they can do in this world is to care -- and to be concerned -- about the world of Allah.

Most of all, their own fellow-Muslims.

While these good Muslims busy themselves with all the good things they know such as Namaz and Roza, the world of Allah is in pain and it is in tumult. Not the least, that part of Allah’s world that the world sometimes calls the Muslim World.

If these good Muslims had awakened a moment from their deep slumber, and from their all-absorbing and busy schedule of Namaz and Roza, and with their hectic running after Duniya at the same time, for which many of them somehow seem to find the time and the energy, as well as all the physical and material resources they need, they would have seen, with their own bare eyes that much of the so-called Muslim World today is nothing but an amalgam of cantons and colonies groaning under the heels of all kinds of old and new colonizers.

While the rest of the world has attained different degrees of freedom, much of the Muslim world is in bondage.

Everyone knows this except the Muslims. Some of the worst offenders in this respect being those who would like to see the label “Good Muslim” attached to their names.


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Do a Proper Job — and Call It Islamic! [Quote – 617]

With regard to anything -- anything Halal and, in most cases, lawful that is -- when you do a proper professional job with it, you can turn around and call it Islamic.

Because that is what Islam is: Doing things the right way and doing them the proper professional way.

For, what are Muslims if not God Almighty’s Professionals on his earth?

On God Almighty’s direct payroll. And on a direct mandate from God Almighty -- to fix everything with God’s earth.

And to respond to every distress call from everyone of God’s creatures on earth.


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Many Instances of Oppression, Suffering and Pain, But Every Time the Same Guilty, Culpable Silence! [Quote – 616]

Many Instances of Oppression, Suffering and Pain,
But Every Time the Same Guilty, Culpable Silence!

(With apologies to Martin Niemoller, a Protestant pastor in Nazi Germany.)
(The stanza on Muslims is added. But it is breathtakingly apt.)

First they came for the Communists,
And I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Communist.

Then they came for the Socialists,
And I did not speak out.
Because I was not a Socialist.

Then they came for the Trade Unionists,
And I did not speak out— 
Because I was not a Trade Unionist.

Then they came for the Catholics,
And I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Catholic.

Then they came for the Jews,
And I did not speak out— 
Because I was not a Jew.

Then they came for the Muslims,
And I did not speak out,
Because I was not a Muslim.

Then they came for me,
And no one was left to speak out for me.


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Trash and Toxicity in the Name of Islam [Quote – 615]

I found this in my In-Box:

Are The Ahadith More Than Just Unreliable Hearsay?
(By Naseer Ahmed, New Age Islam)

The damage that the Ahadith do is multi fold. Since the Ahadith are full of contradictions and sometimes utter nonsense, a Muslim learns early that he should not expect his religion to either be logical or make sense. The environment is created for domination by the Sheikh ul Hadiths! A religion of reason has been reduced to a cult of nonsensical mumbo jumbo. The Ahadith are used as Furqan or criterion to abrogate verses of the Quran – the ultimate blasphemy! …..

These people keep sending me their stuff. Just look at the name: New Age Islam.

And then look at the association of those mean and denigrating words and ideas with the most noble, and after the Qur’an, the only, Treasure of Truth on this planet: the Hadith.

Just see in how many different ways, and from how many different angles, they attack the foundations of Islam and try to plant doubts and sow confusion in the minds of the Muslims!

It is a punishment for my sins that I should be the object of the dumping of this kind and level of trash and toxicity in my mailbox.


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Light of the World [Quote – 614]

Prophet Muhammad, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam, is the man God Almighty sent to light up the world.

Surah Al-Ahzab says God sent Prophet Muhammad, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam, as a Siraajan Muneera!

A world whose heavens and earth are radiating with the light of Allah himself.

Allahu Noorus Samaawaati Wal Ard, as the Qur’an says.

As a poet put it:

Fa-Dhul ‘Arshi Mahmoodun, wa Haadha Muhammadu!


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In Everything,
Doing Your Best, and Keeping the Perspective, Is How You Work for Allah! [Quote – 613]

When it comes to Working for Allah, the question is one of perspective, and not so much whether or not anyone is doing enough.

In life, there will always be that tension between the “extreme ideal” -- the way things should really be done and the “actual and practical.”

We are always supposed to do the best possible -- in everything. But that “best” is always modulated by the actual circumstances of life in which we live and work.

For long, the following two aayats of the Qur’an have helped me find my way forward:

1. “Fear Allah the way he should be feared.” 

That is one Aayat.

Ittaqullaha Haqqa Tuqaatihi.

Now which one of you ladies and gentlemen wants to tell me how exactly that is done: “Fearing Allah the way he should be feared?”

2. Then, just when you thought life had become impossible, and you are sitting there and wondering how on earth are you ever going to be able to take your next breath, and fear Allah the way he should be feared, along comes this other Aayat Karimah to your rescue:

Ittaqullaha Mastata’tum!

“Fear Allah the best you know how -- and the best you are able to.”

Working for Allah then becomes a question of perspective. It becomes a matter of how you prioritize things in your own mind -- and in your life.

The thing to do then is to put Allah and his Work first. 

And to do everything keeping Allah and his Work as the backdrop of all your actions in life -- from the smallest to the biggest.

Maybe it is then that Allah turns even your limitations and weaknesses, not to say your failures and bad deeds, into good deeds. Allah then rewards you based on the best you did and drops from the scale all else.

Ulaa-ika Yubaddilullahu Sayyi-aatihim Hasanaat.

Wa La-Najziyannahum Ajrahum Bi-Ahsani Maa Kaanoo Ya’maloon!

Now, which one of you wants to tell me that this Qur’an is NOT from Allah?

And that Allah is not Ghafoorur Raheem?


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Shaitan and the Qur’an [Quote – 612]

Generally speaking, Shaitan -- the Devil -- seems to be a happy-go-lucky kind of a guy. But there seems to be one thing that bothers him more than all the other things in this world.

And that is the Qur’an.

Often, Shaitan’s entire mission on earth seems to revolve around keeping the children of Adam -- human beings -- from getting hold of a copy of the Qur’an.

And from reading the Qur’an and understanding it.

While Shaitan seems to have no dearth of followers in this world, ready to do his bidding whenever and wherever, Shaitan’s constant worry seems to be the Qur’an.

Shaitan’s obsession seems to be:

How to stop the Qur’an from falling into the hands of human beings.

Qur’an in the form of simple, understandable translation in their own language.

And Qur’an in the form of any book or device that may help to make the Qur’an simple, easy, accessible and understandable to people.

Every day Shaitan can keep the Qur’an from breaking out, and falling into the hands of the people, in any form or fashion, and at any level, seems to be a day of victory for Shaitan.


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When Allah Has Issues with People [Quote – 611]

There are all kinds of people in this world.

There are those with whom Allah is pleased. They are the people who have really made it in this world.

Theirs is a story of success and joy.

Ulaa-i-ka Humul Muflihoon.

And then there are those with whom Allah has issues.

Not really the kind with whom Allah is totally displeased. And who then are subject to Allah’s wrath.

And who are lost without hope.


Ghairil Maghdoobi Alaihim!
Wa Laddaalleen!

But people for whom there still is some hope, no matter what a tiny fraction that hope maybe.

They are people whose chain Allah yanks a little bit. They are people whose attention Allah wants to get.

They are people to whom Allah wants to give another chance. It is a kind of a silent but persistent ringing of the alarm clock, trying to wake you up for Fajr (Morning) Prayer when you don’t really want to get up.

And, Allahu Akbar, how many chances does Allah give us! Every moment and every situation in our life.

Every single one of us!

A little bit of gratefulness will go a long way. But we all know who we really are as people, as a species: miserable, ungrateful wretches.


Innal Insaana La-Zaloomun Kaffar!


“Surely, human being is a most ungrateful, miserable wretch!”


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Salaat vs. Life: A Most Delicate Post [Quote – 610]

I am going to say something, I don’t know how many people will get it right.

It is a very delicate thing. But say it I must. For, clarity of thinking is the key to Islam.

And we undertook our work at IslamicSolutions.Com, as well as at Pasha Hour International, I don’t know how many years ago, keeping in mind a very simple goal: To make some very, very simple, basic and elementary things clear.

So, proceeding from that point, we must continue to provide what we believe to be the proper perspective on what people call “Islam” in relation to what is generally considered “life.”

So, from this point of view, the “distractions” that Shaitan causes in “life” -- yes, blame everything on Shaitan -- are more serious, urgent and dangerous than the “distractions” that Shaitan causes during Salaat or Namaz.

It is failure to understand this basic and simple truth about Islam and life that has made many Muslims what they are -- and made our world what it is today.

For, as the Muslims are, so the world of Allah will be.

So, Muslims, fix your life, your Salaat will fix itself.

So long as you are living with us, in this world, on this planet, enjoying what is called a good and normal “life.”


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Shaitan’s Many Ways [Quote – 609]

Both Allah and his Rasul, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam, have provided repeated warnings about Shaitan’s countless machinations.

Allah tells us in the Qur’an that Shaitan is an open and declared enemy: ‘Aduwwun Mubeen.

In Surah al-Baqarah Allah tells us to keep a single-minded focus on our chosen path -- the path of Working for Allah. Because that is why Allah created us in the first place: to work for him.

And then, in the same Aayat Karimah, Allah warns us clearly not to succumb to Shaitan’s many tricks and machinations (2:208):

Wa Laa Tattabi’oo Khutuwatish Shaitan.
Innahu Lakum ‘Aduwwun Mubeen.

Muhammad, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam, tells us Shaitan is running through our veins like our own blood.

Now, you take your pick how you want to deal with him, Shaitan I mean, and his vast supply of deceits and lies and false “steps,” as the Qur’an calls them: Khutuwaatish Shaitan.

The thing to realize is that Shaitan has a virtually limitless arsenal of tricks up his sleeve. And he seems to inpidualize and personalize his approach to people depending on who will fall for what.

Evidently, those whom he cannot directly and openly mislead, and put on the wrong path, he allures with lesser evils. 

And some he distracts with alternatives that seem fairly benign or harmless or even “good” on face value.


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A Piece of Good News, I Think [Quote – 608]

Recently, I visited some Muslim websites. Or should I call them “Islamic” sites?

And glanced through a couple of articles, which, I take it, were written by Muslims, even though given the complications of the website format used, I couldn’t tell for sure.

And I was surprised -- pleasantly, I should say -- that, first of all, the articles seemed to have been written in “English” -- more or less “real English.” 

By this I mean the writing was markedly different from the usual Pakistani, Indian or Arab versions of the English language, which has generally been the standard fare in most Muslim-Islamic writings.

Not only that. Even the content of the articles I read seemed to have been fairly well researched, well organized and well written.

And the topics that were selected appeared to border on what some people may see as cutting-edge issues of the day.

I was almost on the verge of saying: “Bravo Muslims! What took you so long?”

I am asking myself: Is this, finally, the arrival of a new dawn for Islam and Muslims in the West? 

Away from the usual insularity and ghetto-state of Muslim thinking and communication to a new awakening to excellence and innovation in Muslim thought and writing?

May God Almighty make it so!


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If Only Muslims Got Their Act Together! [Quote – 607]

To all those people who keep asking what is wrong with the world, my advice is simple and direct: Look to Muslims!

Check to see what the Muslims are up to. See how Muslims are behaving. And see in what state the Muslims are and what is happening to the Muslims.

For, as the Muslims are, and as the Muslims behave, so will the world be.

And, put somewhat differently, as the world treats Muslims, so will God treat the world. For, Muslims, in a manner of speaking, are the barometer for God’s world. That means as the Muslims are, so would the world be.

Kuntum Shu-ha-daa-a Alannaas, says the Qur’an.

Paraphrase and extrapolation:

You, Believers and Muslims! 
You are the keepers and guardians of the world.
You will provide testimony on the state of the world.
And on the behavior of the people.

And for everyone who wants a better world, my suggestion is don’t forget Muslims are your Go-To People for a better world. 

For, if the Muslims only got their act together, both in terms of how the world treats them as well as how they treat the world, this world would be a vastly different place compared to the kind of world it is right now.


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Simple Fact: We Are in Debt and We Must Pay Up [Quote – 606]

When we look at all that we have been given by God -- health, wealth, family, residence, job, and all the rest -- it is not a question of whether we deserve any of it or not.

The real point is that we were paid. God paid us. He gave us all these things.

And we took those things and pocketed them. We collected payments and cashed the checks that came from God.

Now we are in debt. And that debt must be paid back.

If we don’t, it will be collected from us by force. And the history of Muslims is just that: God trying to collect his debt from Muslims.

One way to pay God back for all he gave us is to work for him.

To find out how to do this is what the Qur’an was sent down into this world to tell us.

And to show us in practice how to do any of it is what the Sunnat -- the way and the entire life -- of Prophet Muhammad, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam, is all about.


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Secret to Success in Islam: Zero-Error Rate [Quote – 605]

Whenever Muslims work to produce something, whatever it may be, they must endeavor to achieve an error rate that is as close to zero as possible.

Their work -- in every field of human activity -- must come as close to the standard set by Allah in the Qur’an -- right at the outset: 

Laa Rayiba Feeh!


Zero Error!

Naturally, this applies to things that are directly from God: Like the Qur’an.

But what we errant and fallible human beings can and must do is to try to approximate that fine standard as closely as possible.

That is what makes Islam superior to everything else in the world. 

And that is also what will set human beings in general, and Muslims in particular, on a trajectory to excellence and success in the world -- if they tried to follow it as best as they can.


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Hereditary Monarchy and Priesthood: Islam vs. Muslims [Quote – 604]

Islam came to liberate humanity from all kinds of slavery -- and vices. And it did so quite successfully.

Among the top modes of slavery Islam set humanity free from were Hereditary Kingship and Traditional Priesthood

In fact, Allah had kept Pre-Islam Makkah more or less free from these two most terrible vices, even though the rest of the world wallowed in them.

But Muslims, being Muslims, went right back to the drawing board and changed the basic message of Islam to fit their dominant value structure of the day: modern-day slavery to kings and priests with all kinds of fancy names.

Today, Muslims are about the only people in the world who have real, live, fully functional and absolute monarchs and kings, who completely own them and their lands and their resources, and who are the most unquestioned and absolute rulers of the lands they occupy.

Muslims also have a rich mix of priests even though they call them by all kinds of fancy names. These new-age Muslim priests with fancy new titles exercise extraordinary influence on the lives and destinies of Muslims most of whom are naive, ignorant and ill-informed about Islam and the world.

Thus, having totally changed the basic teachings of Islam, in two of the most fundamental areas of life, Muslims then run around asking everyone why they are in the terrible mess they are in.


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How God Does Things [Quote – 603]

For those who don’t believe in God, or the Qur’an, or Prophet Muhammad, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam, let me point out some simple things that everyone can see with their own eyes.

And experience in their own lives.

For, that is what life is. It is about the ongoing miracle of Kun Fa-Yakoon.

First of all, everybody can see that life travels at the speed of Kun-Fa-Yakoon. Eons, and not just lifetimes, flash by before you can blink an eye.

And then, next, even the most dim-witted among us can see that the time-lapse that often separates thought from action in human life is a purely imaginary one – devoid of any real time duration.

Example? Here is one. Let us say we want to lift our hand and there it is: We have already done it!

You still can’t see that God does everything using the formula of Kun Fa-Yakoon?

The method of “Be: And There It Is”?

And for him, “To Speak” something means for that thing “To Be”?

And there really is no time-lapse separating one from the other?

Go to the Qur’an and check this Aayat out:

Innamaa Amruhoo Idhaa A-Raada Shayi-an Anyyaqoola Lahoo Kun Fa-yakoon (2:117).


“The way God Almighty does things is, whenever he wants something to happen, he simply says to that thing: “Be!” And, lo and behold, there it is!

That thing just happens!


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Do It Now, Or You May Not get Another Opportunity.
So, Says Allah in the Qur’an! [Quote – 602]

Most of us just don’t get it.

Most of us think we have a long life before us -- and we will have time to “catch up.”

But that is not how life works. At least not for many if not most people.

Life travels at warp speed. And it does so for all.

You miss a millisecond of it, you can never catch up. You can never get back on that train again.

For, by the time you wake up and try to jump back up on it, that train has crossed galaxies and is in a different world altogether -- a very different universe.

The train may have already crossed the life-barrier and be hurtling through the unknown and unpredictable terrain of death.

Just pick up a copy of the Qur’an and read it:

Wa Anfiqoo Mimmaa Razaqnaakum Min Qabli Anyya’tiya Ahadakumul Mawutu Fayaqoola Rabbi Lawu Laa Akkhartani Ilaa Ajalin Qareeb.

Fa-Assaddaqa Wa Akum-Minas-Saaliheen.

Wa Lanyyu-akkhirallahu Nafsan Idhaa Jaa-a Ajaluhaa…

Wallahu Khabeerum Bimaa Ta’amaloon (63:10,11).

There, you now have the reference from the Qur’an: Surah Al-Munaafiqoon, Aayats 10 and 11. Go, check out the translation for yourself and see what these Aayats mean and what implications they may have for all the missed opportunities that so many of us tend to pile up one on top of the other.


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Loving Something May often Mean Suffering for Its Sake [Quote – 601]

The world knows only too well that the price of love is life.

Or is it death?

Ask Romeo or Juliet, and they will tell you.

Those who love things they consider precious in life must be prepared to suffer for the sake of those things. And they will be called upon to make sacrifices as a price of the love they profess for those things.

That means whether it is an object, a person, an idea, a place, a nation, a country or a cause of some kind, if you love it, you must be able to cherish it, protect it, make sacrifices for it -- and invoke pain and suffering in doing so.

“No pain, no gain,” is a rather well-known cliche. But there is a fair amount of truth behind that cliche.


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