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Quote-Unquote: Dr. Pasha on Islam,
Muslims and the World
(Bringing Islam to the World One Concept at a Time)

Quote-Unquote – Book II (101-200)

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A Christian Story with a Moral for Muslims – and Others [Quote – 200]

“I once heard a Christian religious leader tell this story and it stayed fresh in my mind. Here is how the story goes:

A very pious man once drowned in a flood. As the man got trapped in the rising waters of the flood, a boat came to him and a man in the boat said: “Hurry, get in the boat.” The man turned down the offer of help and said: “God will save me!

The boat went away, the man stayed and the water kept rising.

After a while the same boat showed up again and the same conversation took place. The boat went away a second time, and the man stayed in water, and the water rose further, this time reaching the man’s chin.

The boat returned a third time, offering to rescue him. The man said “God will save me!” and sent the boat away this time also. The man drowned and, then, upon resurrection, he asked God: “Lord, why did you not save me?” God said: Three times I sent a boat to rescue you and every time you turned down my offer of help.

This is a story told by a Christian Priest. But it seems to me there is a moral in it for Muslims as well – and for everyone else. Will someone please tell the Muslims this story?” (Dr. Pasha)

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When Will Muslims Re-Learn Their Forgotten Lesson of Truth Telling? [Quote – 199]

“Sometimes, for some Muslims, 2 plus 2 doesn’t quite make 4. Their answer: Don’t worry, it will come out right in the next world. Whereas in Islam 2 plus 2 always makes 4 – whether it is your apples you are counting or your enemy’s.

And there were those among Muslims who were never afraid to tell the truth, even when the truth worked against them.

Those were the times when Muslims were known as the People of Truth.

And it was this lesson – the lesson to speak the truth – that Sir Muhammad Iqbal, the great Poet of Islam, in Urdu and Persian languages, urged Muslims to Re-Learn.

“Re-Learn the Lesson of Truth Telling,” said Iqbal.

“For, you are about to be called to the Leadership of the World.”

Anyone with any ability to read the events that rock the world today can see that Iqbal was right and that that time is upon us.

And that Muslims are being called upon to come forward to shoulder the burdens of leadership in the world.

But to merit that noble mantle, and to hasten that day, Muslims must first Re-Learn the Lesson of Truth Telling.

Nothing else will work.

And not just the Muslims but the entire world will be the loser if Muslims fail to Re-Learn their forgotten Lesson of Truth Telling.” (Dr. Pasha)

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Before Islam, Freedom of Expression Was Never a Basic Human Right [Quote – 198]

“Before Islam, there was no such thing as the right to Freedom of Expression in the world. Islam gave people – all people – the right to free speech.

How I wish Muslims had known this fact.

And how I wish the world would know this fact even now.” (Dr. Pasha)

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Figuring Out the Good Guy-Bad Guy Equation [Quote – 197]

“I have often thought about how some of us think: “Truth is what we say.” And “We” are the Good GuysPropaganda, on the other hand, is what those Other Guys say. And “They” are the Bad Guys.

And I tell myself: Wow, what a perfect recipe we have invented to delude ourselves about what really goes on in the world? And what a great guarantee it is for us to preserve and maintain all kinds of Status Quo that is favourable to us but that is essentially unfair and unjust to others – a Status Quo that some might call Evil.

The major problem I see with this formulation, however, is this: We know, and we insist, that “We” are the Good Guys. But if you went and asked the Other Guys, they are also likely to say the exact same thing. They would most probably say that “They” are the Good Guys and “We” are the Bad Guys.

That means there are actually two Bad-Guys and two Good-Guys in this world: one from “Our” vantage point and the other from “Their” point of view, which means “They” are Bad Guys to Us and “We” are Bad Guys to Them.

If more people understood this simple truth – this reciprocal equation of Good Guys and Bad Guys – about our world, perhaps there will be less violence, hate, prejudice and war in this world.” (Dr. Pasha)

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Demonization of Islam and Muslims – Then and Now [Quote – 196]

“As a child as I studied the vilification and demonization of Islam and Muslims through history, one thing clearly stood out in my mind: There was near-consensus among the critics that there was nothing good that could be said about Islam or Muslims. The chorus that came from every side seemed to say: “Muslims are bad and Islam is no good.”

All I had to do to put this anti-Islam chorus to some kind of a Truth-Test was to look at my own father, and my mother, and my relatives, and all the other wonderful Muslims around me. And it became plain as daylight that those who demonized Muslims and Islam were idiots and ignoramuses or they were outright crooks and liars.

That means they were genuinely confused and misinformed or they were knowingly and deliberately lying through their teeth as the saying goes.

Later on, as I grew up, I was to learn that idiots and ignoramuses most of them were not. And having the kind of often very high educational qualifications and background many of them seemed to have, they had no excuse for being ignorant or misinformed.

I then began to realize how thorough, how extensive and how systematic the propaganda against Islam and Muslims was. And how multifaceted, aggressive, pervasive and powerful it was. And how there was not a lie or distortion the anti-Islam propagandists would not use to give Islam and Muslims a bad name.

And I also began to see how ignorant and unaware of any of this the Muslims were. History offers no parallel to such an unequal matchup of forces – to such an un-level playing field as you might call it.

And, perhaps, nothing speaks to the truth of Islam more loudly or clearly than how Islam survives, even thrives, against such seemingly impossible odds.” (Dr. Pasha)

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Working for Allah Is the Ultimate Formula for Success [Quote – 195]

“One hears a great deal nowadays about Muslims wanting to work for Allah, which is just great. The more, the merrier.

What everyone needs to understand, however, is that a critical component of working for Allah is working for people. Essentially, it is working to make this world of Allah a better place for all of Allah’s creation.

And doing so using the Qur’an as the manual and guide, and the life of Prophet Muhammad, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam, as the practical model and example.

And, at the same time, working for Allah is using any word of wisdom and authentic scientific knowledge, truth and rationality that one can find anywhere.

With a winning combination like that, how can anyone fail to unlock the secrets of success and happiness both in this world and in the next world?” (Dr. Pasha)

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Islam Gave People the Right to Say “No!” – Even to God Himself [Quote – 194]

“Prior to the advent of Islam in this world, in the middle of the Seventh Century let us say, often Dissent Meant Death – often a very painful one – whether that dissent was against the King or the Church.

Islam came to give people – all people – the Right to Say “No!” without being punished for saying it. And doing so even to God Almighty himself.” (Dr. Pasha)

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Want Next World to Be Good for You? Work to Make This World Better for All! [Quote – 193]

“While the Next World should be the most important thing in our life, we should not forget that the only path that leads to that Next World is This World. Therefore, if we really want that Next World to be a good place for us to live, then we need to work to make This World a better place to live – not just for us but for all of God’s creation.” (Dr. Pasha)

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What Christians and Christianity Owe Islam and Muslims – And What Everyone Should Do about It! [Quote – 192]

“Let me share with you something most Christians don’t know about and most Muslims don’t care about. But our world would have been so much a better place if both these groups had known and cared about what I am about to say.

From 001 AD to 600 AD, Christians had a huge problem on their hands: An unwed young woman of noble birth and great beauty disappears from public view and then shows up later with a baby in her arms.

The words of the Jewish Elders of the day sum up the situation as perhaps nothing else could.

“Mary, dear child, what abomination have you done?” They all say with one voice.

The young woman says in response that when she was out in the wilderness an angel came to her in human shape and gave her the baby as a gift from God.

A likely story, anyone would say.

You can imagine how the story went for the next 500 years or more and how most of the world reacted to it.

Then, over 600 years later, there comes this man out of a mountain cave in Arabia, claiming to be God’s last messenger and final prophet on earth: Muhammad, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam.

And he brings with him a book, called the Qur’an, that claims to be God’s word on earth.

And the Qur’an proclaims: This young woman, Mary, whose purity and morality her tribe’s elders had questioned so pointedly was indeed a Virgin.

And she was indeed pure and untouched by any man, just as she claimed she was.

And that her son, Jesus, was a special gift to humanity from God Almighty.

May God bless Mary and her son Jesus both!

Islam and Muslims – and Prophet Muhammad, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam, and the Noble Qur’an – thus totally and unconditionally absolved Mary, the Blessed Virgin Mother of Jesus, may God bless them both, from the false charge of immorality.

And Islam and Muslims – and Prophet Muhammad, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam, and the Noble Qur’an – validated, verified and confirmed Mary’s version of events at a time when her own Tribal Elders had refused to believe her story and when much of the world for the next several hundred years will have trouble believing it.

May God bless Mary and her son Jesus both!

But the Muslims never went to the Christians to claim any credit for what they did.

Nor did the Christians offer Muslims and the world of Islam any token of gratitude or appreciation.

Not even a word of thanks or appreciation did the Muslims demand or receive from the Christians.

But it is not too late for Christians to give Muslims and the World of Islam that credit.

Nor is it too late for Muslims to claim that credit even now – after the passage of 1400 years to the event – for all their continued and unwavering support to Jesus and his Blessed Virgin Mother, Mary, may God bless them both, for over nearly a millennium and a half, without the break of even a nanosecond.

What could be a greater miracle than the fact that nearly a billion and a half Muslims (1,500,000,000) around the world offer this support and this love and respect to Jesus and his Blessed Virgin Mother, Mary, may God bless them both – without the Christians ever having lifted a finger to make it happen.

Nor has there been a greater Public Relations feat in the history of humanity, on such a global and epochal scale, without a single professional source doing a single thing about it.

The only people who don’t seem to know anything about this ongoing Public Relations marvel and ever-living miracle seem to be the Christians – and of course the Muslims.

I wish – and I propose –someone somewhere will take up this issue with the right Ecclesiastical Authorities, as they say – the Pope for example.

Or the Archbishop of Canterbury for that matter, who seems to be a fairly open and broad-minded man at the time of writing in 2010.

Or the Queen of England in her capacity as Head of the Church of England – the Anglican Church.

Or the Patriarchs of the Eastern and Greek Orthodox churches in Russia and other places.

And I wish – and I propose – the Pope and all these other leaders of the Christian Church themselves will take the initiative and issue an Encyclical or some other appropriate communiqué or equivalent document giving Islam and Muslims that credit and that recognition – even at this late hour.

And I wish – and I propose – someone somewhere will take up this issue, not just with the right Ecclesiastical Authorities, but also with the various Secular Authorities of the world.

And I wish – and I propose – the British Parliament will pass a formal resolution of praise and appreciation giving Islam and Muslims that credit and that recognition.

And I wish – and I propose – the American Congress will pass a similar formal resolution of praise and appreciation giving Islam and Muslims that credit and that recognition.

And I wish – and I propose – the United Nations will pass a similar formal resolution of praise and appreciation giving Islam and Muslims that credit and that recognition.

And I wish – and I propose – the UN will go beyond mere expression of appreciation or support of the great favour Islam and Muslims had done to Christians and Christianity, and set aside a special day called World Day of Muslim-Christian Unity and Understanding.

No, I am not oblivious to all the obstacles and challenges that may stand in the way of an idea like this being accepted and a resolution like this being passed by the United Nations or the British Parliament or the American Congress. But what we all need to think about is the incalculable service to the cause of peace around the world passing of such a resolution and celebration of such a day will do.

How much of a better world it would be if they all did that.

And how much closer to Islam and to the real world Muslims would be if they understood all this and laid claim to such credit from their Christian brothers and sisters.

And here is what the Muslims can do. Muslims can go about doing what they must do in several ways:

  1. Muslims can do that formally, by appealing to the Christian Church leaders and authorities.
  2. Muslims can do that informally by educating the Christian masses – and the media, such as they are, generally corporate-owned and often agenda-driven – about this most incredible loving and respectful relationship that Islam and Muslims have had with Jesus, God Bless Him, and his Virgin Mother, Mary, God Bless Her, for over 1400 years!
  3. Muslims can lobby the UN, the British Parliament and the US Congress.
  4. Muslims can lobby some of the Muslim governments such as those of Malaysia or Turkey to join forces with them in initiating such efforts.

Is that too much to ask – in these modern, enlightened and civilized times?

And what a worthwhile project it would be for Muslims to undertake.” (Dr. Pasha)

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Islamic Government Is Government of the People, by the People [Quote – 191]

Islamic Government is not a theocracy. For, there are no priests or clergymen in Islam.

It is not even a government by the pious and the virtuous. For, that is what led to the Salem Witch Burnings.

Simply put, Islamic Government is government of the people, by the people.

All governments are. They are all governments of the people, run by people of one kind or another, regardless of whether it is a democracy or dictatorship.

That means every government everywhere is, and always has been, run by people, whether those people are kings, commoners, priests, lords, barons or someone else.

The core element of Islamic Government is this: People Must Govern Themselves.

That means the following things:

  1. People — All People — must freely and fearlessly elect their own rulers.
  2. They must obey their rulers when they are right and help them run things smoothly and well.
  3. They must correct them when they are wrong.
  4. They must hold them accountable at all times.
  5. And they must remove and replace them as and when they see fit, using the same open and fair electoral process that put them in office the first time.

That is Islamic Government, no matter what anyone says.

Islamic Government, then, is basically government of the people; by the people.

Undertaken for the pleasure of God Almighty and not just in the raw pursuit of worldly gain by ambitious politicians.

It is a Government of Laws and Due Process.

Presided over by God’s Word, the Qur’an. And the sayings and doings of Prophet Muhammad, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam.

It is Utopia on earth in the best and most positive sense of that term.

And the will of a free people: The People.

By what name people call such government is up to them. There is no one right or wrong name for it.

Democracy is Greek for “People’s Rule.”

Theocracy is Greek for “God’s Rule.”

Plutocracy is Greek for “Government by the Rich.”

Kleptocracy is Greek for “Government by Thieves.”

In the real world, all rule is people’s rule. It is people – human beings – who exercise authority and manage power on earth.

Some people rule in their own name. Some rule in God’s name. But it is always people who rule.


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A Challenge to the World: At Least Now, Read the Qur’an [Quote – 190]

“The Qur’an is God’s own word in your hands. You could not defend and protect it against desecration.

The least you can do now is to read it! Is that too unreasonable to suggest?”

Dr. Pasha Challenges the World to Read the Qur’an!

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Join Me in Taking the Qur’an to Every Home and Heart that Needs It [Quote – 189]

“Join Me in Taking the Qur’an to Every Home and Heart that Needs It! That is the least you can do after being a witness to the desecration of the Qur’an.”

Dr. Pasha Responds to Qur’an Desecration!

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Join Me in Taking the Qur’an to Every Home and Heart that Needs It [Quote – 188]

“Now that you have had your fun and games in America for over four decades, why don’t you now join me in taking the Qur’an to every home and heart that needs it?”

Dr. Pasha Challenges American Muslims!

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Reading the Qur’an Every Day Is the Best Answer to Those Who Dishonour the Qur’an [Quote – 187]

“Commit yourself to read the Qur’an every single day, even if it is only for a few minutes a day!”

Dr. Pasha Responds to Qur’an Desecration!

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Following Qur’an Desecration, Muslims Must Commit to Take the Qur’an to Every Home and Heart that Needs It [Quote – 186]

“Now that you have seen with your own eyes the dark deed of Qur’an desecration, why don’t you at least now commit yourself, fully and wholeheartedly, to taking the Qur’an to every home and heart that needs it?”

Dr. Pasha Challenges Muslims!

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Following Qur’an Desecration, Why Not Sit Down and Read the Qur’an? [Quote – 185]

“Now that We Are Done Desecrating It, Can We Now Start Reading It?”

Dr. Pasha Challenges America to Read the Qur’an!


Reading the Desecrated Scripture May Be a Way to 
Atone for Our Mortal Sin of Desecrating It

It is a reasonable expectation that those who wilfully, knowingly, and out of malice and hate, desecrate Divine Scripture – regardless of which one it is – will burn in hell, if they were to die unrepentant.

But those of the rest of us who aid and abet in this villainy either by word or by deed, or by culpable acquiescence, silence or indifference, may atone for some of our own complicity by starting to read the desecrated book.

Is that too much to expect or ask?

Dr. Pasha

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Some Muslims Forget that This World Is Gateway to the Next World [Quote – 184]

What seems to matter most to some of our super-pious Muslims is not what life is like in this world – the way it is for us and for all other creation of God, right here and now – but what they think life will be like in the next world, after we are resurrected from the dead.

They seem to forget what Islam says in this regard: that this world is the pathway to the next world, which essentially means, as you sow in this life so shall you reap in the next life. 


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Muslim Ottoman Empire Provided Safe Haven to Jews from European Pogroms [Quote – 183]

“Muslim Ottoman Empire was where many European Jews flocked to find safe haven when Europe practiced pogroms – generally a form of officially sanctioned, aided or condoned organized violence, terror and mass killings – against European Jewry.” (Dr. Pasha)

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The Right to Say “No!” a Fundamental Human Right [Quote – 182]

“You have the right to say “No!” to anyone and anything including God Almighty. That is a right given to you by God himself. That is what makes you a human being.

And, believe it or not, that is what Islam came into this world to teach – and to ensure that everyone everywhere had that right. Of course, what you do with that right and how you use it is a different matter.” (Dr. Pasha)

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Muslim Morocco Gave Jews Safe Haven When Christian Europe Practiced Pogroms against Them [Quote – 181]

“When Europe persecuted Jews and practiced pogroms – generally a form of officially sanctioned, aided or condoned organized violence, terror and mass killings – against them, one place where many European Jews found safe haven was Muslim Morocco, just across the Gibraltar, on the northern tip of the African continent.” (Dr. Pasha)

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Islam and Muslims: At Times Like Two Ships Moored Side by Side at Port [Quote – 180]

“For much of the time, Islam and Muslims are like two ships moored side by side at a port, or passing each other in the high seas. At times, there is an interface of sorts or, if I may spoof off an old expression, a close encounter of some kind between them, and that makes the world what it is.

I wonder what the world would be like if the two – Islam and Muslims that is – really intertwined and merged for any length of time.” (Dr. Pasha)

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Before You Die for Allah, Learn to Live for Allah [Quote – 179]

“There are those in this world who wish to die for Allah. I wish to say to them: “Have you ever tried living for Allah?”

“Give it a shot,” I say to them. I mean living for Allah. “You might like it.”

If you ask me how you do that, my response is simple: “Exactly as the man said: By loving your God with all your might and soul and heart, and, at the same time, by loving your fellow human beings – each and every one of them, regardless of race or religion; age, gender or nationality – as you would love yourself.”

If you can do that, you would be living your life for Allah.

And, oh yes, there is something else you can do: Don’t for one moment forget that God is with you no matter where you are and no matter what you are doing.

And, yes, there is something else too that you can do: Do everything you do as if you actually see God.

Or, even if you don’t see him, surely you are on his radar and he sees you all the time.”

You do these things, and you will be living your life fully and entirely for Allah.

So, love Allah and serve Allah’s creation, Muslim and non-Muslim alike, human and non-human alike.

That is how you live for Allah. And that is what Islam came into this world to teach everyone: How to live for and with Allah.

This is also the core of what is called the Islamic Shari’ah – the Divine Law that God gave to Moses, Jesus, Abraham and Muhammad (God Bless Them All!).

It is a collection of divine principles and practices common to Islam, Judaism, Christianity and all other belief systems with roots in any form of divine guidance. And in a truly global, timeless and trans-cultural context, it represents the best that it is possible for humanity to have.

If you want to lay your hands on Divine Shari’ah, then look no farther than the Ten Commandments. For, that is Shari’ah that the Mighty God placed in your hands.” (Dr. Pasha)

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Two Good Reasons Why American Muslims Must Love America [Quote – 178]

“Muslims of America must love America not only for what America can and has given them, which is a great deal, but also, and perhaps more so, for what they can and have given America, which is also a great deal.” (Dr. Pasha)

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The Miracle of Fast-Breaking in Ramadan that You Can See with Your Own Eyes [Quote – 177]

“Everyone else will tell you about miracles. But I want to show you one. I mean no disrespect to Muslims when I say this.

But the fact is that Muslims are perhaps among the most unpunctual people on earth. See them in their natural habitat – most Muslim societies of the world – you will find them dragging themselves to things as late and as slow and as tardy as possible. Except when it comes to breaking their fast during Ramadan.

Then all of a sudden the miracle of Ramadan breaks out. No force on earth can stop Muslims anywhere from falling over each other rushing to catch the precise moment for breaking their fast – for Iftaar that is.

If you do not think this is a miracle then what do you think it is? Besides, it is a miracle that you can see with your own bare eyes. And it is one that you can live and experience yourself.” (Dr. Pasha)

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A God besides God, as the Bible Calls It [Quote – 176]

“Anything that gets in the way of your single-minded commitment to God, and your unflinching service to humanity, Islam calls it an “Ilaah.”

The Bible calls it “a god besides God.” Do you think the Bible and the Qur’an may share some common truths? How do you think that came to be?” (Dr. Pasha)

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Shakespeare: And Yet, Conscience Doth Make Cowards of Us All [Quote – 175]

“Liars know they are liars. And they know they are wrong. More often than not, that alone should be enough to keep them from truly enjoying the fruits of their lies and evil ways. Assuming, that is, they do have a conscience of some kind and their sense of right and wrong is not fully atrophied.” (Dr. Pasha)

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Truth vs. Falsehood Is the Same as Light vs. Darkness [Quote – 174]

Truth is Light and Falsehood is Darkness. Even in defeat, Truth has a luster and sweetness, all its own, that Falsehood even in its greatest moments of triumph cannot match.” (Dr. Pasha)

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Truth Has Had Some Great Advocates and Champions [Quote – 173]

“In the larger battles of life, how can Truth lose when she has men like Gandhi and Martin Luther King as her advocates and champions?” (Dr. Pasha)

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Falsehood Has Many Adherents and Followers, Truth Only a Few [Quote – 172]

“The fact is not that in the battle of life Truth loses and Falsehood wins. The fact is that Falsehood has many friends, followers, practitioners and advocates, Truth has very few.” (Dr. Pasha)

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Daring to Speak the Truth Has Become the Test of Our Times [Quote – 171]

“The tragedy of our times is not that Falsehood wins and Truth loses. The real tragedy is how few people seem to care about Truth or dare to speak it.” (Dr. Pasha)

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Islam Abhors Senseless Violence and Shameless Lies [Quote – 170]

“Islam may be a lot of things. But a champion, advocate, instigator or friend of senseless Violence it is not.

Nor does Islam use lies, fraud and tricks of any kind as part of its repertoire in dealing with others — or with anything.

And those who say Islam is or does any of these things are most likely inveterate liars, or total ignoramuses, or, quite likely, both.” (Dr. Pasha)

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The Eternal Flame of Truth Sets Alight Many a Heart in All Ages [Quote – 169]

“Men like Moses, Jesus and Muhammad (may God bless them all) are stars that are aflame with divine fire.

It is sparks flying from the eternal flame of that Burning Bush that set alight the hearts and minds of men like Gandhi, Lincoln, King, Jefferson and Paine in all ages and places.” (Dr. Pasha)

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Gandhi and Martin Luther King Stood for Truth in Their Time [Quote – 168]

“When Truth has advocates like Gandhi and Martin Luther King, how can it possibly lose?” (Dr. Pasha)

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Truth Is Best Defence of Islam against False Propaganda [Quote – 167]

“In the face of all the falsehood and propaganda against Islam and Muslims, the best defence, as they say, is Truth.” (Dr. Pasha)

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How Rare Is the Authentic Voice of Truth in Defence of Islam [Quote – 166]

“The tragedy of modern times is not that there is so much hate and malicious propaganda let loose from so many different directions against Islam and Muslims.

The real tragedy is how few truly authentic and credible voices there are that are able to articulate the Truth about Islam and Muslims using the best and the most effective methodology that Truth requires and deserves.” (Dr. Pasha)

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Islam Is Not after People’s Wealth [Quote – 165]

“When some rich people think we are after them for their wealth, here is what we say to them: Go home, give all your money away to someone else, or put it all safely away in a “Lockbox,” as former vice-president Al Gore would call it, and then come and join us and work with us.

If you like what we say and do, stay with us. If not, go back to where you came from and live happily ever after.

How hard is that to understand?” (Dr. Pasha)

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Love God? Learn to Seek and Love Truth First! [Quote – 164]

“I have a most respectful suggestion for those who make loud and ostentatious protestations of their love for God: Begin by learning to love Truth first – learn it; speak it; advocate it; stand by it; and defend it. You might be pleasantly surprised how soon you discover that God loves you.” (Dr. Pasha)

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In Islam, Love of Knowledge Is Love of God [Quote – 163]

“To Muslims who really understand Islam, schools and colleges and universities are not in any way less than mosques. And the time they spend in these educational institutions in the pursuit of knowledge is not in any way less than the time they spend in mosques worshipping God.” (Dr. Pasha)

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As a Muslim, I Will Be the First to Defend My Family, Friends and Neighbours, Regardless of Their Race or Religion [Quote – 162]

“The place where you have your home, business and workplace; and the people in whose midst you live, work and play; and your family and the families of your colleagues and friends and the friends of your children live, work and play.

When it comes to defending and protecting them against enemies and perils of all kinds, both foreign and domestic, will you put your name down to be among the first in the list of volunteers to do so, or will you go hide in a hole and expect others to do it for you, while you cop a mock medical or other alibi of some kind?

And does it make a difference where you live, whether it is India, Arabia, America, Europe, Russia, Indonesia or Malaysia? And does it make the slightest difference what their race or religion is?

I know where a True Muslim’s name would be. I know where my name would be, even though I am centuries and eons and galaxies away from being a true Muslim.

And I know where my late father’s name would be, Allah bless him, who was as true a Muslim as any I may have ever seen. And I know where the names of my boys would be.

They would all be right up there at the top of that list. And they have always been.

All of us – me, my father and my boys – would be the first to defend our home, our neighbours and our friends and family, whether that is in America, India or somewhere else. For, that to us is what life is all about. And that to us is what Islam is all about.” (Dr. Pasha)

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In Islam, Female Education Completes the Faith [Quote – 161]

“There are no ifs, and there are no buts. The bottom line is this. Till such time as Muslims provide their females the best education they can, theirs are but Half Societies. Not full or complete societies, but only 50-percent ones at best.

Now, if you want, you can go and check out that Hadith of Sayyidina Muhammad, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam, which in effect, and in my very broad paraphrase, says: Now go find yourself a wife and complete your Iman.

To the best of what I recall at this time, here are the original Arabic words of a part of that Hadith that touches on the topic of marriage: Faqadistakmalal Eemaan.” (Dr. Pasha)

Shortlink: | 347 reads

Female vs. Male Illiteracy and Education – in Afghanistan or Anywhere Else [Quote – 160]

“Those who are so loud and aggressive about condemning Female Illiteracy in a place like Afghanistan, how loud and aggressive do you think they have ever been in condemning or fighting Male Illiteracy in that society?

Or in any other Muslim society anywhere else in the world?

The answer to that question would tell you how sincere and true they are in championing the cause of Female Education in Afghanistan or anywhere else in the Muslim world.

That would tell you whether they have the true wellbeing of these societies at heart or whether they are merely opportunists and propagandists.” (Dr. Pasha)

Shortlink: | 391 reads

A Crusade to Give Liberty and Education to Muslim Men Everywhere [Quote – 159]

I am not against those folks – university professors, highly educated professionals, sundry intellectuals, media busybodies and all the others – who seek to enhance their careers by championing the cause of female liberation and education in Afghanistan.

In fact, if I had any voice or influence, and if I had any resources of my own at all, I would have been right up there in the forefront of this battle, fighting this noble fight, side by side with these high-minded people, only harder and even more passionately than them, because while to many of them it may be a smart career gambit, to me it is a personal passion and what President Bush would have called a “crusade,” even though I am only a Muslim and not a Christian.

But how I wish – and how dearly I hope – all these worthies, as they used to say at one time, would add to their career enhancement strategy a new or additional plank, namely, that of liberating and educating not only the women but also the men – and not just in Afghanistan, but also in Egypt and in Pakistan and in practically every other Muslim society in the world.

Now that would be a real crusade, I should think. And what a day and what a crusade that would be: to liberate and educate Muslim men all over the world!

Shortlink: | 370 reads

Four Different Voices, but One Eternal and Immutable Message: No God but God [Quote – 158]

“Ever heard the expression “Connecting the Dots”? Here are four among the most magnificent dots in all of human history. Let us see if you can connect them.

All right then. This is what everyone knows or should know about the world:

  1. Abraham was a great monotheist, which means he believed in and preached the message of: No God but God.
  2. The First Law of Moses – the First Commandment – was also the same: No God but God.
  3. According to Jesus, the most important Commandment was the First CommandmentNo God but God.
  4. The core of Muhammad’s message to the world also was: No God but God.

May Allah Almighty bless these and all other Prophets and Messengers that he sent to warn, teach and guide humanity!

It seems all these four great leaders of humanity taught and preached the same message: No God but God.

If you were successful in connecting these four dots, you would know they all must have come from the same place – Almighty God – and taught the same eternal and immutable truth: No God but God!” (Dr. Pasha)

Shortlink: | 384 reads

Thomas Jefferson, the Qur’an and the Bible [Quote – 157]

“Thomas Jefferson did something not too many people seem to have done: He took the Gospels and took from them what Jesus (May Allah Bless Him!) had said and done and pretty much left everything else. The result in part was something like a latter-day Qur’an in the English language.

Shouldn’t that tell us something about the interrelationship between these two divine books and about the real life and mission of Jesus Christ on earth?

If you want to check it out for yourself, and I suggest you do, the Jefferson’s book is called The Jefferson Bible or the Life and Morals of Jesus of Nazareth.” (Dr. Pasha)

Shortlink: | 361 reads

Serve God at Least as Well as You Serve Yourself [Quote – 156]

“For those of you who claim to be good Muslims, and working for Allah as it were, here is a test of your moorings and your bearings: I mean where you come from and where you are going.

You need to make sure that the time, effort, energy, resources, as well as the care and concern, you spend on what you say you do for Allah – in worshipping God and in serving humanity and the rest of God’s creation – are all as good or better than what you may be spending on what you think are your own personal affairs, such as your family, job, entertainment or business.” (Dr. Pasha)

Shortlink: | 305 reads

Can Muslims, Christians and Jews Unite on the Basis of “No God but God”? [Quote – 155]

“If, Jesus, Moses, Muhammad and Abraham – May God Almighty Bless Them! – all taught the world the same message, “No God but God,” as the Bible and the Qur’an tell us, then why are their followers still quibbling over that message and quarrelling over who was right and who was wrong?

Shouldn’t they all forget their differences and unite in the worship of that one God that Jesus, Moses, Muhammad and Abraham (God Bless Them!) and the Bible and the Qur’an all talked about?” (Dr. Pasha)

Shortlink: | 326 reads

God’s Law: the More You Thank Him, the More He Gives You [Quote – 154]

“Allah’s law is, the more work you do, and the more productive you are, and the more thankful you are to God Almighty, the more he gives you: time, energy, resources, everything. That is called Barakat.

On the other hand, the more you slack off or complain, and the more excuses you make, the more he throws you at the mercy of your own excuses. Your complaints and excuses then assume a life of their own and turn into a self-fulfilling prophesy. I have seen that happen over and over.”  (Dr. Pasha)

Shortlink: | 364 reads

Stop Blaming God for Your Own Shortcomings [Quote – 153]

“There are those who say, “Time, time, time … If we had more time, we would have done this; we would have done that; and we would have done something else,” they say. “If we had time,” they say, “We would have taken care of a lot of things that we didn’t have time to take care of.”

I say to them, your problem is not time, for, you had all the time you were supposed to have in the Divine Calculus. Your problem is that you wasted all the time God gave you, however much it was.

And now you are doing the same with whatever time you have been allocated right now: squandering and wasting it. And on top of that, you are spending part or all of that time doing something worse: second-guessing and blaming God Almighty.

So, I would say to them: “Ladies & Gentlemen: Your problem is sense, as in common sense – and not time. So get on with your life and do the best you can and stop blaming God.”” (Dr. Pasha)

Shortlink: | 300 reads

What a Visual Miracle It Is: Muslims Worshipping God in Kaaba [Quote – 152]

“Here is what I say to the tourists of the world. To those with wanderlust in their hearts. And to all those in search of the wonders and thrills of this world – this is what I have to say to all of them: Ladies & Gentlemen, You have not lived if you have not seen a video or at least a photograph of one of these two things:

  1. Muslims doing their Ramadan Friday Prayers at the Kaaba in Makkah.
  2. And Muslims going round and round the Kaaba during Hajj – doing what they call Tawaaf.

There is nothing you will ever see in this world that can even come close to matching either one of those two sights. They are not just two of the greatest wonders of the world, they are actually two of the greatest living miracles, each one of them – right before your eyes, right in your hands – that anyone can see with their own naked eye.” (Dr. Pasha)

Shortlink: | 351 reads

On This Happy Eid, I Cry for Humanity [Quote – 151]

“It is Eid today. Muslims around the world are celebrating, as they should. Happy Eid Everyone!

But I am in tears today, which I am trying to hide from my family – and from my extended family of man, as they say.

Because I cry for the victims of earthquakes – in Haiti and elsewhere.

And for the victims of tsunamis and Katrina, who, after all this time, are yet to be made whole.

And I cry for the victims of floods in Pakistan. All 21 million of them according to the United Nations.

And I cry for the nameless, countless victims of the endless “wars” in Iraq and Afghanistan. All the wounded, the dead and the dying. All the widows and the orphans.

Their screams, groans, moans and sobs fill my ears and burn my brain. Are they not people, I ask myself. Are those little ones not children, I ask.

In response, my tears gush in bigger torrents.

And I cry with shame for a humanity that would not cry for them. Or would scale its tears to their names and identities; their race and religion; their ethnicity and nationality; and to the fine technicalities of their own geopolitics and so-called national interests..

But it is Eid. Everybody is happy. As they should be.

Merry Eid Everybody!” (Dr. Pasha)

Shortlink: | 433 reads

The Shari’ah Law of Fasting – For Muslims, Christians, Jews and Others [Quote – 150]

“In case non-Muslims, or even some Muslims, were wondering what Ramadan is or was all about, here is a simple way of looking at it. Ramadan is fasting during the day and reading the Qur’an and praying during the night: Day after Day; and Night after Night. For one whole month.

It is one of the major pillars of what people call Islamic Shariah or Law, ordained by God in Heaven for People on Earth: for Muslims; for Jews; for Christians; and for all other followers of the Prophets and the Scriptures.

And it is a living miracle that anyone anywhere practices it today the way Muslims do. Anyone anywhere can see this supreme miracle of our time with their own eyes.” (Dr. Pasha)

Shortlink: | 273 reads

Ramadan Renovates the Human Spirit – and the Human Body, Mind and Soul [Quote – 149]

“The most blessed month of Ramadan is designed to completely reshape human life and character. During the blessed month of Ramadan, our habits of eating, drinking, sleeping, conjugal intimacy, all undergo profound transformation.

After day-long deprivation of food, drink and sex, Ramadan imposes upon the Believers long hours of night prayers, chants, meditations and Qur’an reading. Lying and cheating, quarrelling and fighting, gossip and backbiting, always anathema to Islam, are now treated as absolute abominations.

And this goes on day after day and night after night for one whole month.

And for all of this time, the only one who really monitors your thought, speech and behaviour closely is you and your God. No one else does or can. A more comprehensive or rigorous regime for the complete reshaping of the human body, mind, soul and spirit is hard to imagine.

It would be hardly surprising if at the end of the month of Ramadan a human being emerges with a completely new and vigorous attitude to life and its challenges – and with a brand new character to successfully deal with them.

There is no better system on earth for creating character or for reforming and redirecting human life. And that is exactly what the Qur’an says Siyaam or Fasting came into this world to do: To teach us Taqwa, the highest form of character, rooted in the fear and love of God and in the love and service of humanity. To make new human beings out of us.

Taqwa-based character, when fully and properly formed, makes it possible for human beings to do their duty, and to do the right thing, at all times and in all situations, regardless of whether they are in a public place or in the privacy of their home.

It teaches human beings how to hold themselves accountable before God, and before their own conscience right here in this world, for their actions as well as for the outcomes and consequences they intended or expected from their actions.

Because their character has now been perfectly recalibrated and their spirit has now been fully charged and reinvigorated by the month-long physical, mental and spiritual drill of Ramadan during which God himself presided over their character training and over their physical and spiritual rejuvenation and remaking.” (Dr. Pasha)

Shortlink: | 842 reads

Four Fly-Infested Children on a Very, Very Special Night Called Lailatul Qad’r [Quote – 148]

“It is the day after Lailatul Qad’rRamadan, 1431/2010. The news media today produced two photographs, almost side by side. One, of four little children, perhaps between the ages of one and two, lying on their back, covered by flies, in a refugee tent in violence-wracked, flood-ravaged Pakistan, seemingly abandoned by Muslims and non-Muslims alike.

The other photo, claiming to be that of three million evidently better-off Muslims, bent on garnering 1000-months-worth of instant reward, on this Lailatul Qad’r 1431/2010 night, in what the caption called “Holy Mosques.”

I couldn’t decide which of the two pictures was more poignant to me or which one racked and seared my soul more. For the better part of the day, I have been trying to shut my eyes tight and make those images go away. But I don’t seem to be able to.

And if you ask me, that is the real Hallowed Ground – where those four little children lay infested with flies and fighting off death. And that is where God is that night – with those four little children, fighting off death, with their bodies prey to invasion and occupation by a million flies.” (Dr. Pasha)

Shortlink: | 493 reads

Prophet Muhammad, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam and Encyclopaedia Britannica [Quote – 147]

“The Encyclopedia Britannica says that Prophet Muhammad, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam, was the most successful man in history. If it is true that the Encyclopedia Britannica does make that claim, wouldn’t you expect the world to stampede to find out what the facts were, based on which such a venerable source of human knowledge as the Encyclopedia Britannica would make such a sweeping and superlative statement?

And what the secret was to the success of this man? Was it his message? Was it his method? Was it his character? Was it his political and military achievement? Was it his personal and family life? Was it his relationship with his “followers” whom he insisted on calling his “Friends and Companions” – Ashaab?

Just what was it about him that gave him this unsurpassed level of success in all of human history?

To me it simply does not make any sense that the world would read something as profound, powerful and earth-shaking as that, in as respected a compendium of human knowledge as the Encyclopedia Britannica, and merely shrug its shoulders and move on. And not lift a little finger to personally verify that statement and find out more about it – and to learn more about this man: Muhammad, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam.

I find it hard to believe.” (Dr. Pasha)

Shortlink: | 424 reads

How Some Muslims Tend to Blame God for Everything [Quote – 146]

“I suspect some Muslims think they have an iron-clad alibi in life. They feel they can do any foolish thing they want, and when things don’t turn out right, they can always blame it on God. And don’t think it is only the Muslims who do that.” (Dr. Pasha)

Shortlink: | 399 reads

How Islam and Muslims Absolved Jews of the False Charge of Christ Killing [Quote – 145]

“For over 600 years, the Jews were in the dock on the False Charge of Christ Killing. They would remain there for another 1300 years in many parts of Europe, subject to all kinds of persecution and abuse, including repetitive pogroms – generally a form of officially sanctioned, aided or condoned organized violence, terror and mass killings.

But in early 7th Century, there appeared a man in Arabia claiming to be God’s messenger on earth, who set the Jews free from this false burden.

That man brought a book claiming to be God’s word in human hands. That book – and that man – in one decisive declaration exonerated the Jews from centuries of the False Charge of Christ Killing. “Absolutely, positively, they did not kill him,” declared that book that this man brought that he said was from God.

Wa maa qataloohu yaqueenaa!” are the original words in the original Arabic text of that book.

Muslims never went to the Jews to collect for this epochal favour they did to them. Not even a word of gratitude or thanks did they ask for or receive. No one offered them any tokens of gratitude or appreciation. In fact, everyone forgot all about it.” (Dr. Pasha)

Shortlink: | 322 reads

Muslim Spain Gave Jews Safe Haven from European Pogroms [Quote – 144]

“At a time, during the so-called Dark Ages, when much of Europe subjected the Jews to all kinds of persecution, including systematic pogroms – generally a form of officially sanctioned, aided or condoned organized violence, terror and mass killings – there was one place in Europe that provided them safe haven for nearly 500 years.

That place was Muslim Spain – a slice of European reality that much of history cleverly conceals under the exotic title of Moorish Spain.” (Dr. Pasha)

Shortlink: | 342 reads

Muslim or Non-Muslim, Ignorance about Islam Is Not Bliss [Quote – 143]

“One reason why the world understands so little about Islam is that Muslims don’t tell – and Non-Muslims don’t ask. So, between Muslim silence and non-Muslim indifference, Islam remains a stranger to much of the world, which will be fine if all of us, Muslim and non-Muslim alike, did not have to pay such a heavy price for our ignorance and or our indifference.” (Dr. Pasha)

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From Female Servitude to Male Bondage: In Afghanistan and Everywhere Else [Quote – 142]

“Every right thinking person should be shocked and horrified at the terrible reality of female servitude in Afghanistan. But so also should every right thinking person be shocked and horrified at the equally terrible state of male bondage, abuse and exploitation that is rife throughout the killing fields of Afghanistan – and many other places around the world.” (Dr. Pasha)

Shortlink: | 315 reads

Female Plus Male Illiteracy in Afghanistan and Elsewhere in the Muslim World [Quote – 141]

“Those who are so boisterous about condemning female illiteracy in a primitive place like Afghanistan, how loud do you think they have ever been in condemning male illiteracy in that society? Or in a similar Muslim society elsewhere?

I don’t know, but I have a feeling that not more than five or 10 percent of the people in Afghanistan really know how to read or write – women or men; male or female. And, evidently, no one gives – what is it that people don’t give? A “hoot” maybe?” (Dr. Pasha)

Shortlink: | 305 reads

Some Muslims on Course to Install an Islamic Pope [Quote – 140]

“When I hear Muslims call their scholars “Your Eminence!” my heart, just like Wordsworth’s, leaps with joy and wants to dance with the daffodils. In sheer exuberance I whisper to myself: “Finally, dear heart! That blessed day is upon us! It can’t be long now before we have an Islamic Pope and are able to call him Holy Father and kiss his ring.”

“And then,” I tell myself, “our troubles will disappear. Our state of disorganization and demoralization and illiteracy and universal political bondage and tutelage will end. Our public treasuries will no longer be plundered in broad daylight by generations of military and hereditary thugs and dictators with Muslim names and alleged Muslim parentage. And everything will be hunky-dory with Islam and Muslims – and the world will love us.”” (Dr. Pasha)

Shortlink: | 359 reads

Mary Rinehart and Agatha Christie Might as Well Have Said: The Soviets Did It Or Islamic Puppets and Their Ever-Changing New Puppeteers [Quote – 139]

“I have this feeling that the terrible condition of Muslims in Afghanistan – the poverty, the illiteracy, the social backwardness, and the rest – never quite caught the imagination of the self-styled Good Muslims of this world till the Soviets came calling, and the CIA got upset, and gave them some guns and money, and told them to start shooting up the Communist “Kuffar.”

Islamic Pulpits around the world called Mimbars then lit up like so many Christmas trees and the Jihad canary never quite stopped singing. Islamic Puppets never danced more merrily than when they danced under the thumbs of their new mostly Non-Islamic Puppeteers.” (Dr. Pasha)

Shortlink: | 343 reads

Who Is Minding the American People? [Quote – 138]

“Between a mindless electorate, a mendacious political elite and a mercenary media, one wonders who is minding the store we call home, sweet home. And who is looking after the interests of the people – the American People, or just about any People Anywhere.” (Dr. Pasha)

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Shakespeare Said ‘What Is in a Name?’ Let Us Find Out [Quote – 137]

“Sometimes I suspect this is how some people think: “The Bible says ‘Thou Shalt Not Steal,’ so I don’t and won’t steal. Except on those occasions when I steal from fellows who are not of my tribe, or my race, or my colour, or my kind, or my religion, or my country, nation or society.

But that is not stealing, is it – when I plunder people who are not of my “kind”?” (Dr. Pasha)

Shortlink: | 464 reads

I Never Understood the Difference between Loving God and Serving Humanity [Quote – 136]

“A Good Muslim fears, loves and worships God.

At the same time, a Good Muslim is also committed to love and serve humanity and all of God’s creation.

And to a Good Muslim all of these things are one and the same. If there ever was a seamless fusion between any two things, it was between these: loving God and serving humanity.” (Dr. Pasha)

Shortlink: | 346 reads

Foundation of Islam is Thinking, Reasoning and Asking Questions [Quote – 135]

“Here is what I expect everyone would know about Islam: The foundation of Islam is “Thinking,” “Reasoning” and “Asking Questions.”

Now, how many religions teach those things as the foundation of their faith, I do not know. But please don’t tell the Muslims I said any of this.” (Dr. Pasha)

Shortlink: | 478 reads

How Can You Have a Religion without a Hierarchy of Priests and Pundits? [Quote – 134]

“Everybody keeps calling Islam “Religion” this and “Religion” that. What I want to know is this: Don’t you have to have a hierarchy of Priests and Pundits if you want to have a Religion? Islam allows none.

No priests. No Pundits. None at all. Not one. Nada. Cipher. Zero.

Then, pray tell as they say, how is Islam a “Religion”? (Dr. Pasha)

Shortlink: | 560 reads

Hiding Islam from View: Who Is Responsible for It? [Quote – 133]

“I don’t know who else teaches what. But this much I know: Islam teaches that people should brush their teeth every day. Five times a day, if they can.

And now get this: Islam has been doing this for the past 1400 years. That alone would make me want to look into Islam a bit more closely and ask: “Wow! What is this Islam thing all about? Where was I all this time?

And where was Islam hiding all this time? Who is in charge of this Islam thing that they are keeping it under wraps and not letting anybody know about it?” (Dr. Pasha)

Shortlink: | 288 reads

How America Was Instrumental in the Rediscovery of Islam [Quote – 132]

“One of the great rediscoveries of Islam on earth occurred when America more or less invented the notion of the Watchdog Media and Press Freedom.” (Dr. Pasha)

Shortlink: | 327 reads

Truth Is a Public Trust that Belongs to “The People” [Quote – 131]

“Islam is about telling people, not what you think they might like or want to hear, but what, to the best of your knowledge, you believe to be the facts and the truth.

Truth is an Amaanat – a matter of faith or “sacred trust” as some people would call it – that you are holding in your hands. It is other people’s and God’s property that is temporarily entrusted to your care.

You are obligated under God’s Law to deliver that Amaanat or Trust to those whose property it is and who entrusted it to your care for safekeeping, and who now expect to have it back from you.” (Dr. Pasha)

Shortlink: | 390 reads

Muslims, Muslims Everywhere, But How Much Islam Is There in Real Life? [Quote – 130]

“Muslims can’t read. Muslims don’t think. And those are two of the most fundamental requirements of being a Muslim in the Qur’an.

So, what Islam are we talking about?” (Dr. Pasha)

Shortlink: | 286 reads

If Today’s Muslims Are Islam’s Best Friends … Well, Say No More [Quote – 129]

With friends like Muslims, does Islam really need enemies? 

Shortlink: | 363 reads

To Be Human Is to Stand Up for Others and Fight for Their Rights [Quote – 128]

“Even an animal can and often does fight to defend its young and protect its food and territory. What gives us our humanity is our ability and willingness to take a stand and fight for the rights of others – the weak, the oppressed and the voiceless.” (Dr. Pasha)

Shortlink: | 284 reads

Islam Means Taking the Qur’an to Every Home and Heart that Needs It [Quote – 127]

“Islam means taking the Qur’an to every home and heart that needs it – and which one does not?

How many Muslims understand this, do you think? And how many have gotten to the stage of practicing it?” (Dr. Pasha)

Shortlink: | 313 reads

Advice to Young Muslims on How to Change the World [Quote – 126]

“Advice to young Muslims – tested and true. Men as well as women. Want to change the world? Here is something you can do:

  1. Make up your mind to get the best education you can.
  2. Don’t let a single day go by without learning something new and without teaching someone something.
  3. Don’t let a single day go by without asking yourself how you could have spent that day better.

Do the things I am suggesting and the world will take care of itself.” (Dr. Pasha)

Shortlink: | 375 reads

Societies that Fail to Educate Their Women, Live Only Half-Lives [Quote – 125]

“A society that refuses or fails to educate its females is fighting the battle of life with one hand tied behind its back. In fact, it is someone trying to live their life with half their body. How is that supposed to be possible?

Besides, why would anyone want to have a most uneducated woman as their mother, sister, daughter or wife?” (Dr. Pasha)

Shortlink: | 311 reads

Who Was It Who Said: “To Err Is Human, to Forgive Divine?” [Quote – 124]

“Giving human beings the power to forgive the sins and excesses of other human beings just like themselves is a little bit like one fox asking another fox first to guard the henhouse during the night and then the next morning sitting in judgment on the guilt or innocence of that fox.

What a world would that make! And that is precisely the world that we have built today.

We have created a world in which we as human beings arrogate to ourselves powers that truly belong to God – the power to forgive sinners.

The result is a world in which sin thrives; culprits go unpunished; and victims have nowhere to turn to for redress of their grievances.” (Dr. Pasha)

Shortlink: | 1098 reads

Tails You Lose, Heads We Win! How Is That as a Formula for Success? [Quote – 123]

I love this equation: When They” do it, it is Indoctrination and Propaganda and Brainwashing.

But when We” do it, it is Education and Socialization and Enlightenment.

And it doesn’t really matter who “They” are or who “We” are. It is almost as fool-proof a formula for personal success for anyone as “Tails You Lose, Heads We Win!”

How can anyone go wrong with something like that? That is why Tyrants in every time and place have always resorted to denying Free Speech to their victims.


Shortlink: | 348 reads

Need of the Hour: Education Revolution throughout the Muslim World [Quote – 122]

“The greatest – and the most urgent – revolution most Muslim societies need today is an Education Revolution. Nothing more, nothing less.” (Dr. Pasha)

Shortlink: | 426 reads

Not Much of a Choice between a Tyrant and a Fool as a Leader [Quote – 121]

“When it comes to Muslims, I have often wondered which leadership is worse: leadership that is corrupt, tyrannical, authoritarian and unprincipled or leadership that is naïve and foolish and uninformed.” (Dr. Pasha)

Shortlink: | 354 reads

How Much of Muslim Leadership Do You Think Is “Sold Out”? [Quote – 120]

It is not that anything is wrong with Muslims. It is just that much of their leadership sold out and the poor sops don’t even know it.

Shortlink: | 388 reads

If Only Muslims Could Fix Their Poverty and their Education [Quote – 119]

If you asked me what is the one thing that may be wrong with Muslims today, my answer would be: “Poverty! Poverty! Poverty!”

And then if you pressed me further, saying, “What else?” I would say: “Education! Education! Education!”

Of course, some people might lump all this and many other similar things under the label of Islam. But that goes without saying. For, Islam is all these things and all other things good.

But the real issue may be: When was it that Muslims last identified questions of poverty, education and lack of political freedoms and human and civil rights as being inseparable parts of Islam?

Shortlink: | 324 reads

Poverty Could Be the Mother of All Kinds of Troubles [Quote – 118]

“If any people were as poor as most Muslims are today, they too will be swimming in the same sea of troubles most Muslims do.” (Dr. Pasha)

Shortlink: | 249 reads

Greatest Challenge Facing Muslims: How to Be Better Human Beings [Quote – 117]

“One of the greatest challenges facing Muslims today may not be how to be better Muslims but, rather, how to be better human beings.” (Dr. Pasha)

Shortlink: | 374 reads

Newspaper Transition from Watchdogs to Lapdogs [Quote – 116]

“Our American newspapers were invented as Watchdogs. Today they are being laid to rest as Lapdogs.” (Dr. Pasha)

Shortlink: | 336 reads

Watchdog Media Are an Integral Part of Islam [Quote – 115]

“When America invented the notions of Watchdog Media and Press Freedom, it was yet another connection America was making with Islam.” (Dr. Pasha)

Shortlink: | 315 reads

When Society Loses Free Media, Democracy and Islam Follow in Short Order [Quote – 114]

“When a society loses truly free, fearless and independent media, it is not long before basic human rights and political freedoms in that society take their leave. When media become a mouthpiece – no, make it bullhorns – for government propaganda, then goodbye democracy, so long Islam.” (Dr. Pasha)

Shortlink: | 322 reads

Crooks and Criminals Fear Truth More than They Fear Death [Quote – 113]

“Most people fear Death. And it is not entirely unnatural. But some people fear Truth more than they fear Death. In most cases, they are criminals, crooks and scoundrels of varying shades and stripes.” (Dr. Pasha)

Shortlink: | 309 reads

Hope Haunts Eternal a Human Heart Unable to Cope with Reality [Quote – 112]

“Hope lives eternal in the human heart. People don’t pass away any more. They merely pass on. You know what I mean?” (Dr. Pasha)

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All the Tricks Humans Play with Truth and Reality [Quote – 111]

“Human beings have a marvellous way of dealing with reality: If something causes you pain, stress or anxiety, change its name. That should make it go away.

Ever notice how no one dies anymore? They merely “pass away,” or even “pass on.”

Do people get buried these days? Imagine how horrible that sounds. They are just “laid to rest.”” (Dr. Pasha)

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Many Politicians Lie and Most People Never Learn [Quote – 110]

“Many politicians lie, which is not a surprise. But many people take their politicians’ lies as truth, which shows how unwilling human beings are to learn from reality – and from their own past; from history if you will.” (Dr. Pasha)

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If Health Is a Human Condition, Healthcare Is a Human Right [Quote – 109]

“On March 23, 2010, President Obama signed into law a bill that extends health insurance coverage to 32 million Americans who are currently uninsured. Signing the bill, Obama said the core principle of the bill was that everybody should have some basic security when it comes to their health care.

My thinking on the subject is a bit more primitive than that and I have been trumpeting it for decades. To me: If health is a human condition, healthcare is a human right, period!” (Dr. Pasha)

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Qur’an Has Miracles, Signs and Markers, Not Verses, But Who Is To Tell the Muslims That? [Quote – 108]

“Jews and Christians say the Bible has verses. “We Too!” say the Muslims, in direct fulfilment of prophesy in Hadith. The Qur’an has “Verses” too, Muslims chime in.

No one seems to care or recall what the Qur’an itself says: that its passages are living miracles; that they are signs and markers, every single one of them; and they are not “verses.”

The Qur’an calls them AayaatAayat or Aayah for singular; Aayaat for plural.

For, that is what the word Aayah means in Arabic: a miracle; a proof; a marker; a sign. Not “a verse” by any stretch of the imagination or Arabic usage.” (Dr. Pasha)

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Is It Blasphemy to Call the Qur’an Muslims’ Holy Book? [Quote – 107]

“English-speaking Muslims often speak of the Qur’an as their Holy Book. Just like Christians for example refer to the Bible as their Holy Book.

I am not sure the Qur’an ever said or suggested that it was anyone’s Holy Book. I am also not sure if questions like this even matter to Muslims.

In the same way, I am not even sure if it is blasphemy to refer to the Qur’an as Muslims’ Holy Book.” (Dr. Pasha)

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Should a Committee Look into the Use of the Word “Holy” to Refer to Qur’an? [Quote – 106]

“English-speaking Muslims glibly refer to the Qur’an as “Holy” Qur’an. Won’t it be nice if they appointed a committee of some kind to look into where or how often the Qur’an uses the expression “Holy” to refer to itself?” (Dr. Pasha)

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Fool Me Once, Shame on You; Fool Me Twice, Shame on Me [Quote – 105]

“The surprise is not that politicians lie. The real surprise is that so many of their followers believe them – over and over and over. A believer does not allow himself to be bitten from the same hole twice, says Prophet Muhammad, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam.” (Dr. Pasha)

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Why Blame Machiavelli for the Darkness in Our Own Soul? [Quote – 104]

“Many of us tend to blame many of the perversities of our political culture on Machiavelli.

But what many of us may not understand is that through his doctrine of ever bigger lies and ever more blatant deception and manipulation, Machiavelli may only have been tapping into a rich vein of moral and political darkness that may have pre-existed in many of our political, social, religious and business elites and influentials.

Is this what insurance companies call a “Pre-existing Condition”?” (Dr. Pasha)

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From Sadat of Egypt Banning Long Robes for Men to Sarkozy of France Banning Niqab for Women [Quote – 103]

“When Anwar Sadat was military dictator of Egypt, he banned wearing of long robes for men on university campuses. It has taken Nicolas Sarkozy, a democratically elected civilian president of France, well over three decades to catch up with a military dictator from the Muslim Middle East and ban the wearing of Niqab – the controversial full-face covering – for women.

This, as they say, proves several things. First, it goes to show how slow and snail-paced civilian democracy could be compared to military dictatorship, especially of the Muslim and Middle Eastern variety, when it comes to introducing social reform in society.

Second, it shows how Muslim societies are still fixated on men and won’t pay enough attention to women.

And also, it may or may not show something else: Why authoritarian societies in the so-called Middle East, as well as their patrons, protectors and Guardian Angels overseas, especially in the Western world, may think brutal dictatorship and not benign democracy is the best form of government for that part of the world.” (Dr. Pasha)

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Ask Not What God Can Give, Ask What It Is That You Can Really Ask of God [Quote – 102]

“When it comes to God, we are only limited by what we ask, not by what we receive, or what God can give.” (Dr. Pasha)

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Do Well Everything You Do! “So Says God,” Says Prophet Muhammad, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam [Quote – 101]

“Islam is about being meticulous in everything we do. That is also the key to success and excellence in this world.

There is a beautiful saying of Prophet Muhammad, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam, and all his sayings are most beautiful: God loves us to do well everything we do.” (Dr. Pasha)

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