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World War III:
Unfolding Right Before Your Eyes!

DR.PASHA | January 08, 2020 | Section: Articles | 283 reads

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World War III: 
Unfolding Right Before Your Eyes!

Dr. Pasha

(Bringing Islam to the World One Concept at a Time!
Taking the Qur’an to Every Home and Heart that Needs It --
And which One Does Not?)


Dr. Pasha, Can you believe this WW3 talk, the US basically declaring war on Iran. What are your thoughts? Will countries really join in and fight a third world war? So many questions to be answered. How could a president do this without approval from congress? What is going to happen?”


What, can’t you see? World War III has been unfolding right before our eyes. For several decades now. With devastation and havoc that boggle human imagination. It is just that many of us have not been given the tools to see and understand it. 

In part because Politicians lie. And the Media are not far behind, mixing truth with untruth, facts with opinion and speculation, and peddling what some people have lately started to call Fake News

I prefer to call it Garbage and Trash, as in Trash TV and Garbage Media and Garbage Internet

Today, we all inhabit the enclaves created for us by our Media and the Internet, sans sound in the midst of all the cacophony that surrounds us, and sans sight in the midst of all the visuals that overwhelm us from every direction, with our brains furloughed and mortgaged to giant corporations and ultra-rich individuals.

And in part because our younger generations have been successfully strained through a Rigged Education System that ensures they grow up to be deaf, dumb and blind -- and uncaring.

No, there will be no Third World War in a conventional sense. “World War,” the way we use that expression to describe the two major wars of the 20th Century, is an obsolete term. Not much use in a world littered with tens of thousands of drones and nuclear weapons with incalculable mega tonnage.

Partly because such a war will be a true Armageddon of Biblical Proportions and the result will be near-total annihilation of the human race. And most likely not much will be left of our planet either. 

And partly because there really is no need for such a sweeping so-called “World War.” The same purpose of world domination, resource control and land acquisition can be accomplished using more efficient and parsimonious models.

And one of those more efficient models is to draw a grid around the world and annihilate selected chunks of the world using that grid as we consider fit, feasible and necessary.

The new model is to selectively take out -- wipe out, destroy, annihilate -- one country, one targeted society, after another. And that has been going on for the past several decades if only our eyes could see and our brain would connect the dots. 

And the entire so-called Middle East has been the active theater for it for several decades.

Iraq, which used to be the most developed country in the region, is gone, bombed and burned to a cinder block from the Stone Age.

Syria is gone, cut into smithereens and turned into a limitless wilderness of desolation and despair, with parts of it handed over to third parties by aggressive hyper-powerful fourth parties who have neither legal nor moral right to do so.

Libya went right before our eyes -- on television too -- with Hillary Clinton, the then Secretary of State under Obama, showing up in Tripoli and gloating about how she came, she saw and “he” died, referring to the public lynching and sodomization of the Libyan leader Moammar Qaddafi, under our auspices and orchestration. 

That was a cheap and vulgar take on Julius Caesar’s Veni, Vidi, ViciI came, I saw and I conquered -- words Caesar is said to have used in a report to the Roman Senate announcing his quick and decisive victory over the enemy.

Somalia is gone and literally smoldering to this day after it had shown signs of grouping and building itself into a viable modern society under a fairly moderate and democratic Islamic leadership that would not roll over to our commands. 

Yemen is gone too, with its ancient mud dwellings pounded to dust, and with cholera, famine and poverty visited remorselessly on an already impoverished and famished people. 

Lebanon is gone, cut into bantustans of fiercely competing influences and sectarian rivalries. 

And Afghanistan is gone, with the US inextricably locked into what is called the Longest American War, US of course being the mightiest military power ever created on earth and the Afghan people living in mud huts and hopping around in flipflops.

And that is seven (did I get the count right?) full-fledged so-called sovereign, independent countries so far -- all from the part of the world that you can roughly classify as the so-called Middle East.

Of course, many of these places have been home to human history for thousands of years, almost going back to the origin of time. And many of these places, such as Baghdad and Damascus and Yemen, were also cradles of Islamic Culture and Civilization for hundreds of years.

And, mind you, the brave and indomitable Afghans were the warriors that not only kept the mighty British Empire at bay forever, but, more recently, vanquished the Soviet Military and helped dismantle the vast Soviet Empire.

Everybody conveniently forgets the fact that it was the Afghan defeat of the Soviet Military that set the stage for the collapse of the Soviet Union and the emergence of the United States as the world’s Sole Superpower.

All this was part of World War III -- a most devastating world war, as any world war ever could be.

And don’t forget that Pakistan, the world’s second most populous Muslim nation, and a nuclear power, then ended up becoming Collateral Damage to America’s so-called Afghan War, its economy parched to dust and its politics, culture and social structure riddled with the kind of corruption that most people cannot even imagine.

This too is part of the same World War III that has been breaking upon us for some time now.




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