Working for Allah and Looking for Results


Working for Allah and Looking for Results

Dr. Pasha

(Bringing Islam to the World One Concept at a Time!
Taking the Qur’an to Every Home and Heart that Needs It —
And which One Does Not?)

The way things work in Islam is you do the work, Allah’s Work that is, and the results will show up when, where and how Allah wants them to.

And that is how it is in life and in this world in general. 

You live your life the way that you can, and the way that life and its moments come to you. You do your best to make that life good for you and yours, and make those moments count for you and yours.

But that is as far as it goes.

In real life, as it were, there is not a thing that you control in this world. It is not your world. You did not make it; you do not own it; you do not control it.

You do not make the sun rise; you do not make the winds blow; and you do not make the galaxies move or hold together. 

Whoever does those things, and everything else in this world, also controls every breath in your lungs and every twitch in your heart’s muscle. And your life is nothing but a sum total of all the breaths you take and the twists and turns the muscles in your heart go through.

If you believe it is God who does all those things, then it is God who controls every moment and aspect of your life on earth.

All this has nothing to do with anyone’s Faith or “Religion.” It is simple common sense and logic.

And that is what Islam is all about: Common Sense and Logic.

Still, the way to play the Game of Life is to start with the assumption that there are things in this world over which you have “control” — a certain degree, an imperceptible measure of control you can say.

You “own” those things as it were, you can say.

And there are things in this world you have the power and the ability to do. 

But don’t forget that your power and your control over things is so limited, so fragile, so dependent on so many other things you do not control, that it is almost like a mirage, like an illusion. 

You think it is there, but then you begin to question it and say, is it really there. Where did it go? How did I lose it?

This is also Common Sense and simple Observation. A matter of empirical verification if you want to call it that. 

Anyone with any level of Intelligence and Understanding can see that is how it is.

And anyone can make the right Judgment.

And that is also Islam. Islam is about trusting the evidence of your senses. Islam is about Empirical Verifiability. And Islam is about intelligence and understanding.

A-Falaa Tubsiroon.

A-Falaa Ta’qiloon.

Ma Lakum Kayifa Tahkumoon.

So, given the fact that Islam is about Logic and Evidence, and it is about Intelligence and Understanding, and about sound Judgment, it is reasonable to conclude that Islam is also about Science

Therefore, there is a big difference between what people call “Religion” and Islam. Islam is about Reason and Verification. And that which people call “Religion” is about Hearsay and Blind Faith.

At every step, Islam invites human beings to question things and to reason. “Religion,” on the other hand, tells people to accept things on faith and not to question them.

So, given all that, the Work that people do for Allah — that is Allah’s Work of Taking the Qur’an to Every Home and Heart that Needs It, and Which One Does Not, and the Work of Inviting People to Allah as it were — there is so much of it in the control and in the power of those who undertake this Work. It is in their own hands. 

Even though nothing really is.

But then the results of that Work, such as people changing their minds, the condition of people’s hearts, whether or not people will accept your message, none of this is in your power or control. None of this is in your hands.

And — Allah, Allah, Allah! — how I would like to share the Qur’an with all those Working for Allah, and with everyone else in this whole wide world, and show them item by item, Ayat by Ayat, how Allah drives home this point to all of us, over and over and over again.

Laa Ikraaha Fiddeeni.

A-fa-Anta Tukrihun-Naasa Hattaa Yakoonoo Mu’mineen.

Innaka Laa Tahdi Man Ahbabta.

Lasta Alaihim Bi-Musaitir.

And, don’t forget, we human beings are not privy to any of the details of what is on Allah’s Calculus of either Time or Space or Circumstance.

By that I mean none of us knows how the results of our Da’wah Work will show up in this world; at what time; in what place; and with regard to what particular individuals or groups of people. 

Or in what specific form or format.

We neither know any of it. Nor do we control any of it in any form or fashion. Nor can we predict any of it with any degree of precision.

To deny this fact is Kufr

And to claim to have that kind of knowledge or control or power is Shirk.