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Why Did the Chicken Cross the Road?

DR.PASHA | November 03, 2013 | Section: Articles | 686 reads

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A New Occasional Column on www.IslamicSolutions.Com

Why Did the Chicken Cross the Road?

Dr. Pasha

(Bringing Islam to the World One Concept at a Time!
Taking the Qur’an to Every Home and Heart that Needs It --
And which One Does Not?)

Why did the chicken cross the road? Many people think they have the answer. I suspect they don’t.

Yet, the fact is I don’t want to comment on current affairs – as much as I can help. That has always been my position. But seems to me that it is becoming harder by the day to keep this resolve – ever since I first pounded my computer trying to answer the question Who Killed Dr. Effat?

That was about this most talented 50-year-old Shaikh from Al-Azhar who was mowed down by a traitor’s bullet right to his heart at close range during a peaceful anti-Mubarak demonstration.

His assassination by the military – read: the state machinery – was an attempt to derail the protest movement that was still in its incipient stages.

Seeing the lies and distortions in the press, it was hard not to break my self-imposed vow of silence. So I wrote and commented on the Shaikh Effat assassination.

Events, however, very quickly cascaded out of control after that, and I have had to comment fairly liberally on the situation in Egypt as it began to crystallize:

the free and fair elections of the kind Egypt never saw before;

the criminal military coup d’état against Egypt’s legitimate and democratically elected civilian government;

the kidnapping of Egypt’s lawful president, Dr. Morsi, by the military;

the dissolving of the democratically elected Parliament by the military;

the suspension of the popular Constitution that the Egyptian People ratified by an overwhelming vote of nearly 65 percent;

the spate of peaceful demonstrations by unarmed civilians throughout Egypt;

the bloody and barbaric massacres of unarmed and peaceful Egyptian civilian demonstrators by the military and the police;

and the rest.

I had to write about these things because they were some of the most important events of the past 100 years, if not more.

But there was so much going on all around, all at the same time, that one needed to be a full-time journalist to do any semblance of justice to any aspect of it.

So, all kinds of comments and reactions raced through my mind as events broke out in practically every part of the world, almost all of them with some kind of a direct or indirect connection to what was going on in Egypt. But I could not mobilize the wherewithal to be able to convert those thoughts, ideas and feelings into words in a timely manner.

Then I decided I will just let drop a random comment or two, every now and then, as an event or occasion overtakes us and let things take their own course after that. As a result, with this write-up today, the first day of the Hijri Year 1435, coinciding with November 4, 2013, I am starting yet another occasional column on www.IslamicSolutions.Com with a view to register my comments and reactions to some of the events that may be happening around the world from time to time.

And I decided to call this new column “Why Did the Chicken Cross the Road?” That is because one of the most effective strategies the Devil – and his human minions on earth – utilize to enslave and exploit Adam’s Progeny is to keep them ignorant of what is going on around them.

Of course, most human beings embrace that ignorance as bliss. But in reality it is anything but. It is a mark of human enslavement to the Devil, the prince of darkness, as some call him.

I am hoping my comments will open some eyes and make some minds become more aware of their surroundings. If people learn to ask the right questions, I believe, they will sooner or later get to the right answers.

And that is the best education anyone can have.





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