Whose Boys Are We — And Girls? [Quote – 523]

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Sometimes we fight, quarrel and taunt each other. 

“Whose Boy are you?” we say.

“Whose water do you carry?” we say.

You know, that is who people are: prone to fighting, and arguing, and quarreling

If not about one thing, then about a host of other things.

Wa Kaanal Insaanu Akthara Shai-in Jadalaa, says the Qur’an, in the clearest terms.

But what people often forget is that humans are that way: they do carry water for one person or another

That is often the nature of human life on earth.

That is why the really, really smart thing to do is to be Allah’s Boys — and Girls.

And no one else’s.

And to be the boys — and girls — of Prophet Muhammad, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam.

And of all those who follow in his glorious and most blessed and beautiful footsteps.

Ila Yaumid Deen — till the Day of Judgment!


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