Who Will Speak For Allah?
And For His Deen? [Quote – 868]

It fills me with great sadness that millions of people speak for Shaitan.

On behalf of the Devil.

And for Baatil.

For all things that are wrong and false and detrimental to real and genuine human interests in this as well as in the next world.

Expounding and advocating all the lies that come from the Devil — and from legions of his minions.

But not even a handful of truly qualified and competent and credible voices are around to speak for Allah.

And to speak for Allah’s Deen.

I dare not mention Allah’s Rasul, sallallahu alaihi wa sallam, in the same breath.

For, that door is a highly guarded one!

And then I think the way we say we do Allah’s work — whatever it is and however we interpret it — what value, what glory, what importance and prominence do we attach to it?

If Allah’s work will not be done with full glory, and fanfare, whose work will be?

Just look at Muslim weddings — and at all the Muslim functions — in many parts of the world.

Look at all the show and the pomp!

And look at all the money that is spent!

And look at all the food that is wasted.

Do I need to say more?

I always had trouble understanding this simple thing about Muslims:

Either Allah exists or he does not.

We either believe in him or we do not.

But if Allah exists — as he does al hayyul qayyoom and al hayyulladhee laa yamootu — and we say we believe in him, then why do we act the way we do?

Why do we carry on the way we do?

Where is the impact of our belief on our lives?

Have we no shame, as someone said?