Who Really Made This World: God or You? [Quote – 67]

“There are only two ways of looking at this world: Either God, the All-Mighty, made it; or you, Mr./Ms. Pipsqueak, made it.

By that I mean all kinds of theories, or stories, or explanations, or speculations, in different stages of baking, you may have patched together about the nature and origin of the world.

My advice: Go with what you think is right or most likely. Go with your gut. Use your common sense. It is more common than many people say it is. Put the pedal to the metal of your brain. It is only fair.

In the absence of certain and direct knowledge one way or the other, what else can you do? And when you go to meet your Lord, the All-Mighty, have your story ready.” (Dr. Pasha)