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Who but Allah Can Do That? [Quote – 472]

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I was working and the work involved some serious physical labor. I wanted to ask someone for help. But then I decided otherwise and completed the work myself. The person in question might have seen himself as having received a “favor” of some kind from me at some time.

And this morning, again as I was in the middle of some serious physical work, I found myself suddenly bursting out laughing. I was not even aware I was doing that. I began to ask myself why was I laughing.

That is when it struck me: How naive -- if not outright foolish -- we human beings are!

We want people to return our favors to them. And we get upset when we don’t see any signs of recognition or gratefulness on their part. Whereas the fact is any “favor” done to anyone is really a favor to Allah.

Believe it or not, that is how it is, even though no one can ever do any kind of a favor to Allah.

Another thing is people may not be in a position to return favors even if they wished to do so. And even if they did, what and how much can and will they give in return for the favors you did to them?

But Allah? Here is a simple fact about Allah: Allah does not keep you waiting to return the “favors” you do to him. It happens; it happens fast; and it pours when it happens.

And I saw that as I was doing some serious hauling, hewing and fetching again today. All alone. And I started to laugh without even realizing what I was doing.

For those of you who may have an issue with my use of the expression “doing a favor to Allah,” go read the Aayah: “Man Dhalladhee Yuqridwullaha Qwardan Hasanan.”




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