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Whither Indian Muslims – Part Two

DR.PASHA | June 18, 2009 | Section: Articles | 2002 reads

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They ignore the most pressing social and political issues in their societies. They develop myopia about the dictatorial, tyrannical and corrupt governments and power structures that dominate their lands.

They rarely if ever stop to shed a tear or move a muscle about reshaping the shamefully derelict educational systems that prevail among them.

They see Riba- or interest-based economies and dealings engulf them from every side and do little to change that state of affairs. They see the poor and the hungry and the sick claw at their clothes constantly and brush them aside and keep on walking.

In a place like India they see a curse like Dowry dominate Muslim social life and blight the marriages of young Muslim maids and the lives of their hapless parents, and they pretend as if they were not even aware of it.

They see near-total illiteracy define the culture of places like Afghanistan, and they do not shed a tear. Nor do they lift a finger to change that situation. In places like Pakistan they see and live in the middle of a gaping social, educational and cultural black hole where a dynamic, most up-to-date and creative educational system should have been, and it does not bother them.

They see oppressive feudal social and agrarian structures dominate places like Pakistan, reducing hundreds of millions of Muslim men, women and children to generational serfdom and slavery in modern age and sowing the seeds of corruption everywhere, and they do not say or do anything about it.

They see Muslim resources plundered and squandered by Muslim rulers and their non-Muslim cronies, masters and mentors and they pretend it was not happening. They seem to hold the view that it was not their business.

Their oil – Muslim oil – ran and powered the world and acted as the life-blood of modern civilization for decades. Yet that oil sold for $2 a barrel for the longest time. The money from that oil was used to support a life of personal, moral and social decadence on the widest scale by those in power in their societies.

And to service and sustain the faltering economies of the lands and societies that controlled and protected them.

That money was used to turn their lands into slave-holding pens and concentration-style labor camps of the like the world had never seen in centuries using mostly cheap labor from impoverished Muslim lands, while “expatriates” with second- and third-rate qualifications and dubious pasts and questionable motives and intentions lived like lords and princes in their midst as supervisors, guests and visitors.

They see Muslim land after Muslim land lapse in the grips of the worst political and socio-cultural tyranny and dictatorship in centuries and they do not even complain or protest about it. Not even in private. Not even, it would appear, to their God. They simply go about their lives as if it was all business as usual.

To many of these super-Muslims it was all about so-called ‘Aqeedah and ‘Amal and it had nothing to do with common sense or reality or rationality or everyday practicality, things that constitute the very essence of Islam in the Qur’an and in the life of the most blessed Prophet Muhammad, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam.

These pseudo super-pious are thus quite comfortable, in fact quite smug, in their imagined supererogatory refuge. They seek refuge in what they consider to be the “religion” of Islam from the very Deen of Islam that Allah sent into this world to help human beings run and manage the affairs of this world in the best possible manner.

Go West, My Dear Muslim!

This is how mostly many of the Muslims were. And continue to be. They cloaked themselves in garbs of pseudo super-piety and turned a blind eye and a deaf ear to the hard and pressing demands of reality that were clamoring around them everywhere.

And then the winds shifted.

And, all of a sudden, and out of nowhere as they say, Allah opened up the West for them. And Muslims made a beeline for Europe and America. Of those who went westward, the poor and less-educated ones among them who found their way into Europe tried to hold on to their old mix of whatever little Islam they knew and all the cultural accretions they had collected over decades and centuries.

The more educated and better-off ones went to America. There they saw a land of plenty and freedom. And many of them simply ran amuck. Now all of a sudden, many of them became what some people in India would call chhoon-choon ka murabbah, neither fully “Old Country” nor fully “American,” but a strange mix of both.

Those who muscled their way to positions of leadership among them became a law unto themselves. It was a case of the Wild Islamic West. Some of them even worked hard to build Islam from scratch, and did a pretty good job with it in many ways – at least in the initial stages.

But they had a fatal flaw.

Their focus was not really America – and the West in general – but “Back Home,” whatever that meant and wherever it was. Thus, the Egyptians among them lived in America but worked to “establish” Islam in Egypt, while those from Pakistan had the same orientation with regard to Pakistan.

The others did the same with their face pointing toward the “Qiblah” of their own respective “motherlands,” even though in Islam land is not your mother, no matter how much you may love it. So, pretty much it was all about me and my native land – Pakistan, Egypt and all else. As for America – and the West in general – it was a case of May-the-Devil-Take-the-Hindmost, or of an Islamic version thereof, whatever it may be.

These folks – many of them highly educated and sophisticated individuals and many of them nice, wonderful, good and extremely talented people – forgot that the nature of this Deen was peripatetism: a restless moving about from place to place. Call it Hijrat if you will.




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