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What Other Options Do Humans Have?

DR.PASHA | January 26, 2012 | Section: Articles | 768 reads

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What Other Options Do Humans Have?

Dr. Pasha

(Bringing Islam to the World One Concept at a Time!
Taking the Qur’an to Every Home and Heart that Needs It --
And which One Does Not?)

Faith is a risk either way. Whether you believe in God or you don’t believe in him, the final outcome is always uncertain.

That is so, no matter how much True Believers deny it is so.

That is because when you believe, there is always that risk – that likelihood, no matter how small – that things may turn out to be contrary to what you choose to believe.

And belief, or faith, is, and it should be, a choice, not a matter of inheritance or happenstance.

And it does not matter what or how you believe: The other side of the coin is always likely to be the case. It is a probability of some magnitude.

While I defer to the True Believers in their tenacity of belief, I see in this perfectly balanced equation of God vs. No God a clinching argument for the existence of God – and for his justice, love and mercy.

I see in it a level playing field only the maker and master of the worlds can allow, and would actively set up – giving himself the same odds as the other side, thus making “A” equal to “Not-A” – rendering one as likely an outcome as the other.

No lesser being is likely to set up that kind of odds against himself.

As a result, the fun, the true excitement of being a human, is being able to take that risk, make that gamble, and believe: positively or negatively – in “A” or “Not-A”; in God or in something else.

That is the best and fairest option anyone can have.

Personally, I wouldn’t like it any other way for myself.

And I choose to believe “A” – God!

And I am grateful for being able to do that, and I say with the bottom of my heart, Alhamdulillah: Thank You, God!

For – here comes the catch – I truly believe that I am blessed and guided to be a believer.


 © 2012 Syed Husain Pasha

Dr. Pasha is an educator and scholar of exceptional 
talent, training and experience. He can be reached at DrSyedPasha [at] 
AOL [dot] com or




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