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Trump Is Neither an Idiot, Nor a Monster!

DR.PASHA | November 22, 2016 | Section: Articles | 289 reads

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Trump Is Neither an Idiot, Nor a Monster!

Dr. Pasha

(Bringing Islam to the World One Concept at a Time!
Taking the Qur’an to Every Home and Heart that Needs It --
And which One Does Not?)


Several things.

How does any body know anything about anyone who may be a celebrity or a public figure of any kind?

People who are removed from us by any degree of public separation.

Media? Correct?

What other way is there? None!

Hillary Clinton. What do you know about her? Except of course what the media tell you. Right?

George Bush? Marilyn Monroe? Billy Graham? Bobby Kennedy?

Throw the name Trump into the mix and ask yourself: What do I know about Donald Trump and how do I know it?

Answer, in most cases will be: 

“Not much. Media.”

So, you can lay at the door of the media all that you know about Trump and also all that you do not know about him.

This is what the media told you, and how they told you. And this is what the media missed and, for whatever reason, did not tell you.

So, if you thought Mr. Trump was a tall, big man, that is because that is how he came across on television.

And if you formed a picture in your head of a man who is not terribly clever, a man, in fact, who is really some kind of a buffoon, a joker, an idiot, a clown, then that is because that is what the media preponderantly told you about Trump.

In fact, there was a time when the media concertedly, with one voice, called him a “clown.”

Clown, clown; clown, clown; clown, clown, went the media chorus.

I have often jokingly said to my wife:

Who is orchestrating this concert?

And I was only half-joking when I made those comments. For, the timing was eerie. So many different media portals all hitting the same note as if at the stroke of a maestro’s baton.

Then they started calling him an “entertainer,” whatever that meant. I know, it was a cheap shot at his television hit show The Apprentice.

All the time his crowds got bigger. And the number of his competitors smaller. Till he swept the Republican Primary to a record win with the largest total vote tally ever recorded. 

A field of 16 governors and senators and sundry others -- many of them awash in campaign cash beyond the dreams of avarice.

All gone, one after the other, from Low-Energy Bush to Little Marco to Lyin Ted

And who couldn’t see Jeb was not the most dynamic individual on the planet? So, Lo-Energy fit him like a glove!

Or that Little Marco was not this chubby little kid with a puerile grin.

Or that Lying Ted did not have a vacuous, supercilious, stuffy air about him all the time?

They were all gone, as if all the tens of millions of dollars Bush alone poured into the fray against Trump at the initial stages of the campaign never existed.

And now, it was Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton -- one on one; face to face!

A formidable Democratic Machine vs. a splintered Republican Party in disarray.

And that is when the media chorus morphed to Monster Proportions.

And Trump graduated from being the butt of all jokes and a clown and an idiot and an entertainer to a dangerous racist and xenophobe.

Clinton said half of Trump’s supporters were nothing but racists and xenophobes and, well, a “Basket of Deplorables.”

When she was called on it, Clinton apologized for using the word “Half.”

I could not decide what that answer meant: sheer arrogance or total idiocy. It sounded every inch like Mitt Romney’s “47 Percent” during his 2012 run against President Obama that virtually gutted his campaign.

And between Clinton and Trump stood the Third Rail. The Media.

Ever so invisible, from the point of view of puritanical media orthodoxy, but right in your face every time you ran headlong into a live media portal.

For any onlooker, it was hard to resist the conclusion that the media were a party to this fight between the Republican and the Democrat. 

And it was also quite clear that the passion of the pro-Clinton media far exceeded the passion of the candidate herself.

But what Trump seemed to lack in media support, he made up in the frenzy of his mass rallies that often ran into tens of thousands.

And then add to the mix his own seemingly inexhaustible energy and personal work ethic. The election was far from being in the bag for Clinton.

The only people who did not see this was the Clinton Camp -- and the Media. Otherwise, the writing on the wall was unmistakable.

It was anybody’s election. No one had a lock on the outcome.

Trump’s wonder-kids -- Donald Jr., Ivanka and Eric -- not only cut a remarkable sight together on television, they also brought with them an aura of being extremely well brought up.

How far is it from there to ask the obvious question: 

What kind of a father does it take to bring up a brood of kids like that?

So, my knowledge of Trump is what I got from the same media that everyone else read or watched. And here is a brief summary of what I saw, heard and inferred, using the same media sources.

Data show -- whatever information you can glean from the media -- the man is anything but an idiot; or a clown; or a fool.

Also the data show the man does not consume alcohol and does not do drugs. And the same media also tell us he keeps his word, honors his promises, and has a visceral dislike of lies and liars. 

Watching him on TV it is hard to miss certain tell-tale clues to character: his charming deportment and demeanor; his kindness to kids and his gentle handling of babies; and his personal graciousness in interacting with others.

As for Monster, the only evidence I could see of Monster Trump was his seemingly endless energy and his gargantuan work ethic.

The fact is the man took on the establishment, on both sides of the aisle, his rivals and the media, almost single-handed, and beat them all soundly. Hard thing for a lot of people to swallow.

I expect good things from Donald J. Trump: for America and and for the world.

God bless America, my earthly home, to the extent any place on earth is home to anyone.

God bless your home, wherever you may happen to live.





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