To All Those Who Would Want to Alter 
My Speeches or Writings in Any Shape or Form


To All Those Who Would Want to Alter 
My Speeches or Writings in Any Shape or Form

Dr. Pasha

Forgive me for saying this, but editing my work is a pretty serious matter. Make no mistake: For over 50 years, I have watched like a hawk every single word I speak and write.

Remember Islamic Communication — so called?

Do you know what the gist of it is? Not one word more, not one word less, than what is needed.

And absolutely, positively the right word, in the right place, to the extent humanly possible.

I learned it from the Qur’an! Not from any other place or source.

That is how I developed my Theory or Model of Islamic Communication. It goes something like this: Count Your Words and Make Your Words Count.

Hadith Sharif was most helpful in developing this model. 

I will explain when, some day, Muslims wake up and ask me about Islamic Communication, if they ever do.

So, bottom line, people should not add or take out, or in any other way change, words I have spoken or written and how I have done it.

People should be kind, and generous, and forgiving, and tolerant, and let my writings and speeches stand as they are: Without any changes of any kind whatsoever to them.

Having said all that, this is all we need to do if we want to group my writings on the COVID-19 situation under one larger caption:

Dr. Pasha on Coronavirus

Simple, clear, unadulterated, and no mixing of other individuals’ views, opinions, takes, or anything of that sort — whatsoever.

End of story, as they say. Where is the need for all sorts of other things to be added to it?

There is a saying in Farsi that says:

“True Perfume must speak for itself.
It should not be dependent on the Perfume Maker singing its praises.”

If I recall it right, it goes something like this:

Itar Aanast Ki Khod Bu-Booyad,
Na Ki Attaar Bu-Goyad!

The issue, however, is deeper. Much deeper and much more diabolical. 

There are fellows in this Qawum who go right ahead and alter other people’s writings and words at will. They call it editing!

No, you do not edit other people’s work. You ask their permission if they are alive. And if they are dead, you let their work stand as it was created by the original author.

This used to be Muslim culture for centuries. But then things changed. Character took a nosedive. And some of these so-called and would-be editors, not only changed texts, they even slapped their own names on them!

And some of those writings are hundreds of years old. Can you even imagine something like that happening?

Remember the Qur’an Scale? No one seems to have seen it, or heard about it, recently.

Maybe that is one thing folks should display prominently on the Front Page of IslamicSolutions.Com.

A friend once took our Qur’an Scale to a very, very Muslim country and had it translated in this very, very Muslim language. And it seems the gentleman translating it put his own name on it, had it printed and then proceeded to display it in his store.

Whether that was done for sale purposes or just for display, I do not know.

So, if you are looking to find a reason — one of many — why this Qawum is the way it is, look no farther.

This Qawum lost the qualities of Amaanat and Sadaaqat a long time ago.

Read Iqbal:

Sabaq Phir Padh Sadaaqat Ka… 

And all that.

And a Qawum without Sadaaqat and Amaanat becomes a burden on the back of this earth, regardless of whether that Qawum is Muslim or non-Muslim.

Sadaaqat means Truth and Truthfulness.

Amaanat means Trust and Trustworthiness.

These are two inseparable sides of the same single coin called Human Character.

And that was the Crucible — Test if you will — through which Sayyidina Muhammad, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam, himself was put through. Way before he even got his credentials as Allah’s Rasul for All the Worlds!