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The Converts Are a-Coming

DR.PASHA | February 02, 2014 | Section: Articles | 751 reads

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The Converts Are a-Coming

Dr. Pasha

(Bringing Islam to the World One Concept at a Time!
Taking the Qur’an to Every Home and Heart that Needs It --
And which One Does Not?)

The New Converts

Move over hustlers. The converts are coming.

They are already here, the recent converts to Islam. From both sides of the Atlantic.

And in some cases, it would appear, from across the Pacific.

Many of them female; most of them white; and most of them with some university background, training and education.

Most of them clean-cut, civilized-looking, inspiring confidence in friend and foe, and speaking plain, decent English in fairly clipped yet easy tones.

Not Hustlers, but Real People;
Not Tired Clichés, but Clear Language

Not sporting hustler-type garb or demeanor. Nor laden with dubious pseudo-titles like “Imam” or “Shaikh,” but generally going under their own simple names, some from their own Judaeo-Christian past, some borrowed more directly from prevalent Islamic or Arabic lore and culture.

Not mouthing inane clichés, or loading their everyday language with heavy Islamic jargon or invocations, but using plain speech that will not, but for their “Islamic” clothing characterized by different styles and degrees of Hijab, in any way set them apart from all other speakers of English in their own communities and societies.

What a refreshing change from all that so many of us have had to face and suffer over the past half century!

Not Looking to Carve Out a Career in Islam and Muslims

And, apparently, these are not people who are looking to carve out a lucrative career out of their hustling in the name of Islam, often using Muslim platforms, populations and service vehicles.

But mostly people who already appear to have a fairly stable economic and social footing in society.

Self-Confident and Learned

The result is they appear quite self-confident, and quite comfortable with themselves and with their surroundings.

As for their knowledge of Islam, it is breathtaking how profound, solid and unaffected in many cases it appears to be.

So, are they the real deal for Islam, Muslims and the world in the West – the new best Muslim hope as it were? At least some of them for sure appear to have the makings of it.

Perils in the Path: 
Cooptation by Corrupt Money and Influence

But the path ahead could be perilous.

They run the risk of being co-opted by those who mean Islam, Muslims and the world ill.

That is, by those Muslim and non-Muslim power-brokers, and mischief-makers, who have ill-intentions toward Islam, Muslims and the world, and who use their power, money and influence to corrupt those among Muslims in whom they see good talent and sincerity of purpose.

Perils in the Path: 
Neutralization or Sidelining by Enemies

Or the same ill-intentioned and evil Muslim and non-Muslim sources may seek to neutralize or sideline them, using a wide range of tools available to them, should their cooptation and acquisition efforts of these talented and dedicated new Muslims for their sordid purposes fail to bear fruit.

Perils in the Path: Self-Destruction

Or some of these individuals may fall a prey to their own inherent character flaws or circumstances and thus lose their edge and effectiveness in society.

But ultimately – which means in the beginning, middle as well as end – Allah will do with them what he pleases, as he always does with all his creation.

Clear Signs of Good Things to Come

So, in the meantime, the clear signs are that the new Muslim converts, they are a-coming.

And if the trend continues, and if the best of them are not co-opted, distracted or sidelined in some ways, it may well be the harbinger, finally, of better things to come for our world – and for Islam and Muslims everywhere.





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