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Some Reasons for Muslims to Make Up with Muslims

DR.PASHA | May 06, 2015 | Section: Articles | 861 reads

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Some Reasons for Muslims to Make Up with Muslims

Dr. Pasha

(Bringing Islam to the World One Concept at a Time!
Taking the Qur’an to Every Home and Heart that Needs It --
And which One Does Not?)

(Written not without a touch of irony, or is the word sarcasm?)

Muslims fight. Among themselves I mean. Barring some very important exceptions, reasons often range from bad to very bad.

But if you ask me, Muslims must make up with Muslims, no matter what the reasons for their fights. And here are some reasons why. I mean reasons why Muslims must make up and make peace with their fellow-Muslims.

1. Muslims must know that it is Muslims who, they hope, will end up marrying them and their children.

2. And when they die, it is Muslims, they hope, who will do the following:

a) pick them up;
b) bathe them the Islamic way – give them Ghusl as they say;
c) pray Salat Janazah over them;
d) And give them a decent burial in a Muslim cemetery;

But these are not all the reasons. Here are some more:

3. Once dead and buried, and once Muslims in their graves have been cleared by their First Responders as it were, the two angels who will visit their graves to interrogate them, about God and Prophet Muhammad, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam, and so on, then what happens?

Good question, right?

Well, imagine this scenario: Muslims take a sigh of relief, turn to their right or left, let us say, and who do you think they see lying next to them? Muslims, of course, right?

That is why being buried in Muslim graveyards may be important, do you think?

4. And then, let us say, the Day of Judgment comes and goes. And all is well with Muslims. Some have made it with flying colors; some are grateful to have scraped by.

And then, there they are, firmly ensconced in their fancy mansions and luxury gardens, with their resplendent retinues of personal servants and companions. And then they look up. Whose houses and mansions do you think they see shining off yonder, just beyond the horizon?

In other words, who do you think their neighbors are? Are they likely to be their fellow-Muslims? Is that a good guess?

These I think are some good reasons, just some of them, why Muslims, no matter what their fights, must make up with their fellow-Muslims.

Now, mind you, a lot of the reasons why Muslims fight among themselves, I said, are bad reasons. Does that mean there may also be some good reasons out there for Muslims to fight Muslims?

I wish I could spell them out 1, 2, 3, 4, just as I spelled out the bad reasons!

And I wish I had all the space available for me to enumerate and explain them – the good reasons I mean. And all the time and personal strength I need to do that.

But maybe, just maybe, I have barely enough space, and personal energy and time, available to identify one, or possibly two, of the good reasons why Muslims may find themselves locked in a fight with their own fellow Muslims.

And here is one of them.

Suppose Muslims – Muslim individuals, groups and societies – are, without cause or provocation, and absolutely unjustly, attacked and set upon by their fellow-Muslims and murdered and robbed, then what should the Muslims do?

Should they, I mean the aggressed-upon Muslim individuals, groups and societies, resist and fight back and defend themselves?

Or, should they, following a classic but mostly mythical “Christian” model, and quite possibly a fairly hypocritical one, devoid of real truth or application value in real life, turn the other cheek?

I have placed the word “Christian” above in quotation marks, and italicized it, to indicate the doubt that surrounds the question of to what degree could such an unrealistic and impractical model be traced back or attributed to that sublime prophet and messenger of God, Jesus Christ, Alaihis Salam?

And I have called it mythical, hypocritical and without truth, to suggest that this model of Turning the Other Cheek has not been practiced by its own votaries and inventors, the Christian groups, nations and societies of the world, even though there may be a rare individual or two, here and there, who may have toyed with it in real life situations from time to time.

Here is a simple test – call it an elementary test, if you wish – for determining the truth value and real-life applicability of this Turning-the-Other-Cheek Christian Model.

Just consider the following question:

“Is it fair to say that if groups, nations and societies of the world, professing the Christian faith, and preaching the Turning-the-Other-Cheek Model to the world, and holding Jesus Christ, Alaihis Salam, to be their Savior, had been true to any degree to their much touted faith in the Turning-the-Other-Cheek model of human behavior, the history of the world would have been entirely different today?”

“And the condition of humanity today would have been a very benign, happy and sublime one?”

“For, the world would have been spared the absolute wretchedness of the Christian Colonization of the world, with its most brutal means and horrendous consequences and outcomes.”

“Nor would the world have been subjected to the unspeakable horrors of centuries of Transatlantic Black Slave Trade or to the most terrible and inhuman transnational catastrophes such as World War One and World War Two.

So the question could, in fact, be turned into a broader one:

“What must groups, nations and societies do, who are subject to and victims of unfair, unjust, covetous, treacherous and barbaric attacks regardless of the identity of their attackers? Meaning, regardless of whether the attackers are Muslims or non-Muslims; Whites or Blacks; Westerners or Easterners?”

“Should they resist and fight back, or should they turn the other cheek?”

What say all the civilized people of the world with regard to this question?

And what say world bodies, such as the United Nations, that are charged with keeping the conscience of humanity and guarding the peace of the world?





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