Some Muslim Reciprocals! [Quote – 1064]

Muslims have Rights. And they have Duties. That is what I am calling Muslim Reciprocals.

That means one is the Reciprocal of the other. And that means, when you have a Right, I have a Duty to deliver that Right to you.

Or, put the other way, when I have a Right, you have a Duty to deliver that Right to me.

Required or Obligatory Expectations and Duties, as it were, on the part of each other, toward each other. That is what these Muslim Reciprocals are.

A kind of Fard, if you will. Just like SalahSiyam and all the other Faraa-id.

And these Rights and Duties are not nullified or overridden by some Extra Namaz or Roza.

There is a Hadith in Bukhari and Muslim that lists those Muslim Reciprocals as follows — and I am paraphrasing the Hadith Sharif here:

Muslims Owe the following five things to their Fellow-Muslims:

  1. When a Muslim says Assalamu Alaikum, it is the Duty of Fellow-Muslims to answer him and return his Salam. It is what some people may call an Islamic Obligation or Requirement.
  1. When a Muslim is Taken Ill, it is the Duty of Fellow-Muslims to Visit Him and inquire after his health.
  1. When a Muslim Dies, it is the Duty of Fellow-Muslims to follow his Janaza.
  1. When a Muslim Extends an Invitation, it is the Duty of Fellow-Muslims to accept that Invitation.
  1. When a Muslim Sneezes, it is the Duty of Fellow-Muslims to say: Yarhamukallah!