Reason Why People May Be More Afraid of 
Hurricane Irma Than They Are of the 
God of Hurricane Irma

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As a result, the final product of the media fare that reaches the people — The American People and the People of World as a whole — teeters perilously on just that: Make Believe!

Remember what the then National Security Adviser, Condoleezza Rice, said that Saddam Hussein of Iraq not only had atom bombs but we do not want the proof of it to come in the form of an atomic explosion: We do not want The Smoking Gun to Be A Mushroom Cloud.

How dumb do you think we have to be to believe Dr. Rice, one of the most brilliant people in the world, did not know what she was talking about?

But the media gave us that garbage without questioning her closely or going after her in a focused and concerted manner.

The same thing happened when General Colin Powell showed pictures of aluminum tubes in Iraq and argued they were meant to contain fissionable nuclear material: gobbledygook for nuclear bombs.

The media gave him a pass too.

The result of all this make-believe nonsense was a devastated Iraq, bombed and flattened to a preindustrial state, even though Iraq used to be the most developed nation in all of the so-called Middle East at that time.

In contrast to all this, no one talks about the wrath of God, far less show any images of it for people to see. 

No human beings and no media say anything about it. There is total silence — blackout if you will — on that front.

You put all these things together and you will begin to get a sense of why so many people fear Hurricane Irma and only so few seem to be fearful of the God of Hurricane Irma and of all other hurricanes: God Almighty, Allah, Subhaanahu wa T’aalaa!


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