Random Thoughts on the Amazing Nature of Islam [Quote – 704]

Islam is all about caring and kindness. Regardless of who it is you care for: a human being or an animal.

And Islam is about family and social and personal responsibility. It is about doing all that needs to be done to help everyone everywhere.

And Islam is about scholarship and about excellence and hard work in one’s daily life. 

And Islam is all about being the best you can be in the field of your choice, whether it is science or education and whether it is carpentry, rocket science or manual labor.

And Islam is about keeping an open mind; and about continually seeking to improve one’s mind; and about inviting and helping others to do the same. 

And Islam is about getting to know other cultures; and it is about learning new languages, whether the language is Spanish or Arabic, German or Russian. 

Islam is about wanting to learn new things all the time.