6th National Qur’an Literacy Camp

Read the Qur’an Campaign Committee
Haji Ruknudeen Institute of Islamic Studies

6th National Qur’an
Literacy Camp

Learn to Read the Qur’an in
12 Sessions, Insha Allah.


  • Commitment to Learn to Read the Qur’an
  • Respectful Attitude
  • Purity of Heart and Intentions and Motives
Join us for Phase 2 of the National Qur'an Literacy Camp
Every Wednesday from 4 pm - 6:30 pm starting from
July 25th and continuing all year round.
Anyone interested in learning to read the Qur'an is welcome to join us.

Venues: ASJA Girls’ Colleges at
Charlieville & San Fernando

Taking the Qur’an to every home and heart that needs it

For more info:

Phone: 468-1440; 763-3679; 497-8992; 678-7364
E-mail: admin@islamicsolutions.com
Website: www.IslamicSolutions.com

NQLC-06 Download

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