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Quote-Unquote – Book XI (801-900)

DR.PASHA | April 14, 2017 | Section: Articles | 209 reads

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Slaves Do Not “Sacrifice”
They Just Do What They Are Told to Do [Quote – 865]

Slaves do not sacrifice. They only try and measure up. And they try to please the Master — to the extent they can. 

And of course many cheat like crazy.

As for me, I have no expectations of ever measuring up to what Allah wants from us or what we owe Allah. 

The fact is there are two kinds of people in this world: 

One, those whom Allah himself nudges and guides and pushes in the direction of working for him. 

Two, those whom he turns away from working for him — using all kinds of devices.

Then there is a third category: the Pretenders. The Munaafiqoon. They are neither here nor there.

And these groups are decided when they were still in the belly of their mother — by Allah himself.

Take it how you want. But that is how it is.


How Shaitan Generally Works in Our Lives [Quote – 864]

Shaitan often starts small. It is amazing what an inveterate optimist Shaitan is. 

He watches and observes people and their conditions. He constantly monitors the situation of each one of us. And he tests the waters everywhere he can.

Allah has given Shaitan considerable powers to be able to do that — until the Day of Resurrection.

Rabbi Anzirnee Ilaa Yawumi Yub’athoon.


“Can I have until Resurrection Day 
to be able to trick and fool and mislead these wretched humans?”

That is what Shaitan said to Allah. 

And here is what Allah said to Shaitan in response to that strange and arrogant request:

Inaaka Minal Munzareen.

Go, do what you want! 
You are free Until Resurrection Day.”

And then Shaitan makes his move. 

He makes an entry wherever and whenever he finds an opening — in our hearts, in our minds, in our souls, in our bodies, in our activities and interests, and in our lives. 

And in the circle of our friends and acquaintances and contacts. 

And in our businesses, professions and entertainment. And in all our other pursuits.

And then he builds on whatever success we are able to deliver his way. He grabs and consolidates whatever territory or aspect of our life we vacate and concede.

That is why it is important for us to monitor Shaitan, and keep abreast of his tricks and activities. And then make each other aware of his machinations. And the Satanic Goings-on around us.

And help each other to cope with them.

If we don’t do this, we will be fighting a losing battle against Shaitan. Ours will at best be a rear-end action. And our defenses against Shaitan will crumble rapidly.

I have been calling the attention of Muslims, in America and elsewhere, to this important task at hand, going back all the way to the very early 1970s. But without much success.

Is anyone surprised?


Perfection: Divine and Human [Quote – 863]

Perfection belongs to God Almighty. It does not, cannot and should not belong to anyone else. Otherwise, they will all be Gods, a contradiction in terms and a meaningless expression. 

For, by definition, God is someone who is “Perfect” in every conceivable way. And God is and can only be one. Otherwise, there is no God. Period.

And yet, having been created by that same Perfect God, and blessed by him with whatever skills, abilities and qualities he has bestowed upon me, it becomes virtually impossible for me to touch anything and not to seek to nail it as they say.

That is, not to do anything I do in a way, and to a level and standard, that does not leave a single stone unturned. That does not cross every “t” and dot every “i.” And makes you say, well, it looks like I cannot do much else with it.

And that includes doing whatever Allah allows and directs me to do, including the writing that I do from time to time. 

Every time I sit at the computer, and write something, I ask myself: 

Is everything the way it should be? Is every word, nay, every letter, in its place? And as it should be? And is every punctuation mark?

And is every fact, every bit and piece of information and every data point as accurate as possible?

And is every argument as sound, and is every conclusion as valid, as it should be?

How have my own Nafs and my Hawaa, and my own implicit biases and predilections, shaded and shaped what I am saying?

Overall, is the piece that I have written as “humanly perfect” as it is possible for a piece of writing to be, even though perfection is never our lot at any level?

I am driven to think it is becoming harder to meet those standards. Mainly for paucity of time, and the rush of life, and the demands that tend to pile up from every side.

But an Aayat comes to mind. 

And what does it say about our Iman, or about our relationship with Allah, that the world we live in, our own personal life I mean, can accommodate and handle only one or two Aayats at a time! And that is all that is given to us in our hours and hours and hours of daily living?

The Aayat is this:

Sa-Yaj’alullahu Ba’da Usrin Yusraa!

What an Aayat! Allahu Akbar! Like every other Aayat in the Qur’an!


“Don’t let all the hardships break your spirit.
Better times are just around the corner.”

And to think there may still be people around in this world for whom Allah and Allah’s Book may not be enough or sufficient!


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