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Quote-Unquote – Book XI (801-900)

DR.PASHA | April 14, 2017 | Section: Articles | 209 reads

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For Muslims of the West,
The West Is Not “The Other”! [Quote – 878]

Muslims of the West — Good Muslims, Allah bless them — talk about “The West” as if this mythical “West” were the Primordial “Other.”

As if the West were The Enemy. The Irreconcilably Different One. As if it were our Counterfoil in every way.

The fact is that The West is none of the above. 

And a much clearer and larger fact is that The West Is Us.

Let me restate this: The West Is Us!

The fact is we Muslims live in the West. We are an integral and inseparable part of the West

And we build and make the West what it is. 

And we love and serve the West as part of Allah’s Creation. And as part of our Domain of Khilafat on Earth.

Also, historically, our blood, in all kinds of sense and ways, from intellectual to physical to cultural to spiritual, and in all other kinds of ways, flows through the veins of what people call The West for the past hundreds of years.

Just as it does through all kinds of places and peoples from Arabia to India to Africa to China to what have you. 

And in more ways than most know or imagine, we have made the West what it is today.

And The West never had a component or partner more sincere, more loving, more loyal, more true and more devoted than us, Muslims.

God Bless Us! 

And God Bless Our Home The West!

We and The West are not only interconnected, we are One and the Same!


A Thought — And a Prayer for This New Year 2018! [Quote – 877]

Hashim Mohammed

In Islam, life is an integrated, organic, unified whole. Therefore, there is no such thing as a separate “Religious Life” and a separate “Secular Life” from an Islamic point of view.

As a result, in Islam there is also no separate “Religious Leadership” and a separate “Secular Leadership.” 

There is only one leadership, which is both “Religious” and “Secular” at the same time. Even though that one leadership could be looked upon as “Good” or “Bad” Leadership depending on how it carries out its duties and responsibilities and how it delivers results.

Be that as it may, looking at the world the way it is, it is very sad that Muslim “Religious Leaders” have allowed Muslim “Secular Leaders” to rope them in to support their dictatorship and to help them carry out the enslavement of the Muslim Masses.

It is time that Genuine, Sincere and Capable Muslim Leaders emerge to lead the Muslim masses out of their bondage.

That is my most fervent prayer for this New Year — 2018!


Error-Free Work [Quote – 876]

Allah’s Kalam — Allah’s Speech: the Qur’an — is Error Free. 

Just the way Allah himself is Blemish Free.

But we are human. We are designed and created by Allah the way we are: with all the flaws and imperfections inherent to what is called Human Nature.

And yet, our job as Muslims in this world is to make our work as error-free as we possibly can make it.

And that means the world looking at any of the work we do should be able to say: 

“Ha, Surely, A Muslim Has Worked On This Project!”


Muslims Need to Be Visible to Each Other! [Quote – 875]

Those of us who are a part of the Western Wing of the Muslim Ummah, meaning those of us who are domiciled in the West by birth or immigration, are often incredibly busy. But, regardless, we need to find ways to be visible to each other. 

And do so consistently.

Of course, this may be easier said than done. But making it happen — making ourselves consistently visible to each other — is something we cannot escape.

It is our duty under God’s Law.

Here is a Theoretical Model that should help to clarify this. It is encapsulated in a Hadith Sharif, this Model.

To me, Hadith is a most unimpeachable fact of life. 

Meaning, so long as the Isnaad, the Chain of Narration is checked and verified by competent authorities called Muhadditheen, the content of the Hadith is as real as the Midday Sun in a cloudless sky.

Sometimes, even a weak and wobbly Sanad (another name for the Chain of Narration) could be hiding a priceless gem of a valid Hadith.

Given that, my choice of expressions and words such as “Theoretical Model” is more along scientific lines than based on everyday use of language. 

So, from that point of view, a Theoretical Model is a general statement that explains many specific instances, examples and observations from everyday life.

So, the Hadith Sharif, to the extent I am able to recall it at this time, goes like this:

Al-Mu’minu Mir’aatul Mu’min!

“A Believer Is A Mirror in which other Believers are 
able to see and check themselves constantly.”

So, how are the Believers to use this Mirror when the mirror goes missing from the wall?

Now, can you add to the Mix the A-haadeeth (plural for Hadith) which insist that Muslims must pray in Jama’at in the Congregation, rather than at home?

And that Muslim men must attend Jum’ah Congregation, no matter what?


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