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Quote-Unquote – Book XI (801-900)

DR.PASHA | April 14, 2017 | Section: Articles | 208 reads

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Writing to Educate! [Quote – 881]

I write what I write for one very simple and clear reason — among all the other reasons that I write for: To educate our people. 

Whether these people are an Ummat of One like Ibrahim, Alaihis Salam, or a boundless multitude, like so many others.

I don’t know who those people are. Nor does it really matter who they are. Or how many of them there are.

The expectation is, if there is an expectation at all, that those who read my writings will connect with the sense of what is being said, and internalize it, and take it to the next level of action and implementation.

What I write is not poetry that people can admire and then put it aside to move on with the rest of their life.

I write to make people learn; think; understand; feel; and act.

And what I write is immediate and urgent. It is not meant to go on the back burner as they say, or on the shelf to be retrieved on some other more convenient day.

What I write is now — and, should Allah so decree — for foreseeable future. Read the words in Hadith Sharif Sabbahakum! Massaakum! and you will understand the nature and thrust of what I write.

I write because ideas flood my brain when and as they do. And wake me up in the middle of the night. And make me jump out of bed at the crack of dawn. And keep me from going to bed.

They do because Allah makes them. 

I claim no credit and I offer no excuses. I just shudder at the responsibility and at my own sense of inadequacy and helplessness.

And I quail at my D’afa Quwwatee and Qillata Heelatee!

So, that is the simple, clear and single reason why people do what they do — whatever it is that they do.

They all do the things they do because Allah makes them.

Then how can Allah hold us responsible for the things that he does himself? 

Or give us credit for the good things we do, if we do any good things at all?

Good question, wouldn’t you say?

Tell me when you have the time and I will explain!


Just a Comment, 
As Some People May Say! [Quote – 880]

Muslims are amazing. And they are going to Jannat, right?

And they have the most amazing ways of expressing themselves. 

Used to be, Muslims would say, and I mean Good Muslims, when someone said to them, Hey, we all should be working hard to learn Islam, and to invite people to Islam, and to teach Islam to people, Good Muslims, upon hearing this would say “Of Course, Ameen! May Allah Make Us Work Hard and Do All That!”

To me it meant something like: 

Hey, you want me to do something for your God, 
go tell him to “Make Me Do It.”

It used to amaze me. This reaction from Good Muslims, when reminded of our work and of our responsibilities in this world. I wish I could say “amuse” me, but, frankly, it was too painful to be amusing.

So, I would tell the folks, Hey, look, the idea is for you to get your act together, and get on with what you must do. It is not about firing off another quick Du’a to Allah asking him to “make you” do your work.

And I would use examples like, Hey, how many of you ask Allah to make you go to the mechanic to fix your car or to the gas station to fill up your car? 

Or make you tie your shoelaces? 

Or “make you” wash your face and brush your teeth?

So, why and how is this different? When it comes to Working for Allah?

Of course, it is a given that Allah is the “true” — I had to put that in — actor with regard to everything in our life.

And also, if you ask me again, the “only” actor!

But that is not what they are thinking and saying, these Good Muslims. It is just a Reflex Action they had developed over the years when it came to Islam and things Islamic.

At bottom, it is a Psychic Disconnect of sorts from Reality.

After a while, they changed, the Good Muslims I mean, and that is partly why I call them Good Muslims, and started to accept Personal and Individual Responsibility for what they should be doing to preach and teach Islam to themselves and to everyone else in this world.

Sometimes it strikes me, Muslims are willing to learn. It is just that we are fast running out of people to teach them.

And many of those clamoring for Muslim attention from every street corner, it appears to me, are too often after Muslim Money more than they are after the Minds and Souls of Muslims

And after Muslim Education and Wellbeing.

The way Allah’s Rasul, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam, used to be.

And the way the Qur’an said he would be — and he was:

Hareesun Alaikum!

“Always solicitous of you.
And always concerned about your wellbeing.”


We Are Allah’s Representatives on Earth! [Quote – 879]

As God Almighty’s Representatives on Planet Earth, we all have a job to do: To Serve and To Protect and To Tend to Allah’s Creation.

Allah’s Creation in all forms and in all places: in the West as well as in the East; in the North as well as in the South.

And do so the best way we know how. And do so without let up or respite. And whether or not we are on Candid Camera

And, also, whether or not Our Self-Interests are advanced in any way by doing this.

For, that is our job. It was for that purpose that God Almighty created us and placed us on this earth.

His words are:

Innee Jaa’ilun Fil Ardi Khaleefah!

And when I say “We” I am referring to All of Humanity — male and female, black and white, believer and non-believer.

Muslims are simply those who have rationally and consciously submitted to their Master, God Almighty, and have accepted this mandate and this assignment from him.

Kaafirs are those who deny they have a master. They reject him and his authority in their life. And they reject the mandate and the assignment that came from him.

So, they are Rejectors and Deniers. Just as Muslims are Submitters and Accepters.

That is all there is to it.

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