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Quote-Unquote – Book XI (801-900)

DR.PASHA | April 14, 2017 | Section: Articles | 209 reads

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Even If the Sky Falls… [Quote – 806]

Too many Muslims have too many excuses why they do what they should not, and do not do what they should.

Here is my bottomline message for the Muslims on this Excuse Making Business: 

“Even if the Sky Falls, 
it is not an excuse for you for not doing what your were supposed to do.”


Our Message and Our Method [Quote – 805]

Our Message is simple and clear. It is ancient Islam in its timeless capsule of four words: “No God but God.”

In the Qur’an, those four immortal words are: Laa Ilaaha Illaa Allah!

And our Method is Peace in every conceivable way. The Divine Expression in the Qur’an As-Salaam captures the spirit as well as the dimensions and implications of our methodology of comprehensive Peace on Earth leading to an eternal life of Peace in Heaven.

We are not pacifists but People of Peace.

In the inevitable struggles of life, we are not bystanders or spectators, but activists and full participants. We share everybody’s pain everywhere.

And yet Peace is our first name; Peace is our last name; Peace is our middle name; Peace is our Calling Card; and Peace is our fingerprint and our signature.

And we work and live and die for that glorious purpose of Peace: As-Salaam.

“Just like all those wonderful people on whom God showered his blessings such as prophets; those who rushed to embrace and champion God’s divine message on earth; those who gladly gave their life for God; and good and decent and just and honorable people everywhere.”

“And what glorious and wonderful and exalted company they all are!”

Ma’alladheena An’amallahu Alaihim
Minan-Nabiyyeena Was-Siddeequeena
Wash-Shuhadaa-i Was-Saaliheen.
Wa Huasuna Ulaa-ika Rafeeqaa!


Life on Earth Can Be Confusing! [Quote – 804]

Life on earth, to say the least, is a mixed bag. And Muslims, like most people on earth, are a fairly confused, mixed up, people.

This is not to blame Muslims, or anyone else, but just to point to, and to recognize, a fundamental reality about human life on earth.

For me, however, the life of a Muslim ought to be about Allah: God the Almighty. Allah first. And Allah last. And Allah in the middle — and everywhere.

Just like the Qur’an says: 

Huwal Awwalu Wal Aakhir!

You start everything with Allah. And you end everything with Allah. 

And you derive everything from Allah. And you look at everything with the light of Allah.

And you live and work and die to bring Allah’s creation back to Allah.

That is Islam. And that is where I want to be.

Innee Dhaahibun Ilaa Rabbee, 


“I am on my way to my God. 
He shall show me how to get there.”


Accounting for the Time We Did Not Work for Allah [Quote – 803]

I know Allah is most forgiving and most accepting of excuses from his slaves, and he is most compassionate and generous. 

Yet I wonder how in the world I will ever account for all those seconds and minutes and months and years I spent not doing his work however we may want to characterize it or define it.


Jannat Is neither Cheap Nor Easy [Quote – 802]

Jannat doesn’t come cheap or easy. There is a lot of toil, tears and heartache that goes into earning it.

All those virgins the mealy-mouths and the mercenaries in the media and elsewhere rave and rant about, they come with an astronomical price tag: a clean mind; a pure heart; and a mouth that is not putrid with spewing trash-talk and vile propaganda against those who cannot defend themselves.


Devil Is a Smart Investor [Quote – 801]

The Devil is a smart investor. He likes maximum returns on his investment of time and effort. So, often, he chooses his targets very carefully. Bad people are already in the bag for him and he knows that.

So why should he waste his time with them, right? They will be only too happy to do his bidding. All he has to do is snap his fingers and they will come running to him like hungry, lovesick poodles. It is the good guys the Devil worries about most.

His biggest challenge is how to put them on a slippery slope: lower them a notch or two from where they are and send them to their downfall and to eventual perdition.



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