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Quote-Unquote – Book VII (701-800)

DR.PASHA | August 11, 2016 | Section: Articles | 485 reads

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One Reason the World Is the Way It Is

If you ask why is the world the way it is, one answer would be: 

Because the Muslims are the way they are!

For, in many ways, how the Muslims are, that is how the world will be. 

In other words, Muslims’ deeds and words, not to say their State of Goodness or Badness, and their level and type of Iman should we say, will have a direct correlation with the life, fate and destiny of the world.

And that means, if the Muslims are good, and if their Iman is strong and pure, and it is of a higher grade altogether, the world will be a good place to live for all of its inhabitants. 

But if, on the other hand, the Muslims are bad, and their Iman is flawed and weak, and their words and deeds are not good, the world will also turn out to be a bad place to live for all of its inhabitants.

And here is a shot across the bow for Muslims to pay attention to and it is directly from the Qur’an:

Wa-Maa Yu’minu Aktharuhum Billahi Illaa Wahum Mushrikoon!


“Most people’s Iman is flawed, tainted and mixed with Shirk!”

So, now you know one reason why there are all these sad and bad and mad goings on in the world all the time.

It has to do with the kind and type and level of Iman most of us possess and how it is liberally leavened with generous assortments of Shirk. 

Just for starters, we love everything and everyone else more than we love Allah. 

And we fear everything and everyone else more than Allah. 

And we work for everything and everyone else more than we work for Allah.

And we spend more time, effort, money and resources on everything and everyone than we spend in the path of Allah.

That is just for starters. You go figure out the rest.


Islam “and” Something Else Is Simply “Something Else”

Islam is from God. It is complete. And it is pure.

Alyawuma Akmaltu Lakum Deenakum!

Even though in human practice it may come out laden with all kinds of seeming imperfections and problems.

So, mixing Islam with all kinds of other things, whatever those things may be, simply does not cut it. It neither makes sense, nor does it work out in practice.

For example:

Islam “and” Feminism do not mix. One is Islam, the other Jaahiliyyat

It is “Something Else.”

So also, Islam “and” Fascism do not mix.

Or Islam “and” Nationalism.

Or Islam “and” Communism.

Or Islam “and” Capitalism.

Or Islam “and” Extremism.

Or Islam “and” Fanaticism.

Or Islam and Racism.

Or Islam and” Sexism.

Or Islam “and” Jingoism and Chauvinism of any kind or category.

One is water, each one of these things, and the other is oil or fire. 

And the two do not coexist in the same bosom, in the same human heart, in harmony.

They simply do not mix!

The Qur’an makes it abundantly clear:

Wa Man Yabtaghi Ghayiral Islami Deenan Fa-Lan Yuqbala Minhu.


“Whoever is looking to replace the Deen of Islam in their life 
with Something Else, 
it shall not be accepted from them.”


Islam Is From God Almighty!

Islam is a set of ideas, beliefs and practices.

All from heaven -- to earth and beyond.

And Islam is a most complete, comprehensive, solid, sound and unassailable system, as it has to be if it is from God Almighty himself, the maker and master of the universe.

And Islam is not a hotchpotch of all kinds of good, bad, indifferent and hit-and-miss stuff, as it would be if it were the product of human mind and experience shaping it over centuries and across cultures.

Says the Qur’an:

Innaddeena Indallahil Islam!


Islam is the only system of life with the seal of approval from God.

Now, it is up to human beings, in every age and place, to examine Islam carefully and figure out if what I am saying here seems to make sense or not.


A Wird for Traffic Jams? I Don’t Know!

Living and driving in the United States, or UK or Europe, or Little Trinidad, or Big Messy New Delhi or Bombay or Marhum Cairo, who does not get stuck in a traffic jam?

How scary the situation could be depends on the individual, most likely -- and a lot of other things. 

But does the Qur’an come to the rescue? Who could tell.

The Qur’an is supposed to. There is not a human ailment or malady -- difficulty? -- for which the Qur’an is not a cure. So declares the Qur’an.

And we are not talking all of the Qur’an. Or even entire Aayaat (plural for Aayat) of the Qur’an. 

Or even full words. 

But each and every single letter of the Qur’an, such as Alif, and Laam, and Meem

That is right. When it comes to the Qur’an, each letter counts.

And that is a direct paraphrase from a Hadith Sharif

So, when stuck in a hopeless bumper-to-bumper traffic jam -- a daunting and seemingly insurmountable obstacle -- should you do what Hazrat Musa, alaihis salam, did?

He declared: 

“Absolutely not. 
This is not going to stop me. 
For, my God is with me,
And he will open the way for me.” 

The Qur’an:

Kallaa Inna Ma’iya Rabbee,

See the meaning of the expression “Hidaayat” -- “opening the way”? 

And in this case, parting the sea, nothing less.

The rest, as they say, is Qur’an. You know: the Qur’an tells you what transpired thereafter.

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