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Quote-Unquote – Book VII (701-800)

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Random Thoughts on the Amazing Nature of Islam

Islam is all about caring and kindness. Regardless of who it is you care for: a human being or an animal.

And Islam is about family and social and personal responsibility. It is about doing all that needs to be done to help everyone everywhere.

And Islam is about scholarship and about excellence and hard work in one’s daily life. 

And Islam is all about being the best you can be in the field of your choice, whether it is science or education and whether it is carpentry, rocket science or manual labor.

And Islam is about keeping an open mind; and about continually seeking to improve one’s mind; and about inviting and helping others to do the same. 

And Islam is about getting to know other cultures; and it is about learning new languages, whether the language is Spanish or Arabic, German or Russian. 

Islam is about wanting to learn new things all the time.


A-Laa Lahul Khalqu Wal Amr!

Let us get this sorted out.

God made us, right? Well, if you are not an atheist, then that is your position, correct? God created us all?

So, if God did make us, then who do we belong to? Who owns us? Whose property are we? Who has patent rights on us?

No mumbo-jumbo, religious or otherwise. Just plain, simple, direct answers, please.

If our creator, or maker, is not our master, our owner that is, then who is?

OK, if he is our maker and master, then, who should tell us how to behave? Whose writ or mandate should run our lives?

I say God Almighty’s. What do you think?

And that is precisely what the following Aayat means -- the passage from the Qur’an that I started out with:

A-Laa Lahul Khalqu Wal Amr!


He made us. Created us, that is.
So, it is his right to run our lives.
And our world.”


Islam Is about Caring about Others

Human nature may be mostly about caring about oneself and about one’s own. It may be mostly about promoting self-interest.

Islam, however, is mostly about caring about others.

And that is largely because there is a perfect equation in Islam, given in a Hadith, that quotes Allah as saying -- in my broad paraphrase:

So long as an individual is engaged in helping other human beings, 
and promoting their wellbeing, God Almighty will be engaged 
in helping such individuals and promoting their wellbeing.


Saga of Human Life: From God and To God!

Humans have a predictable trajectory in life. Some a bit different than some others in some minor details no doubt. But the basic process -- and the basic beginning and end -- is all the same.

We are all born weak and vulnerable, just as the Qur’an says.

And then we grow to great strength and resourcefulness and accomplishments, many of us, again just as the Qur’an states.

And then the curve inflects, and we return to a new state of feebleness and dependence as life fades and as strength drains from our limbs and muscles and bones. 

We increasingly become a slave of time and tide, doing things only as we are able to do them, if do them at all. 

As always -- we should not forget this, as always -- suddenly the mind and body seem to have their own calculus by which they operate. And the Law of Diminishing Returns comes increasingly into play. 

That means it now takes more time and more effort and more resources to do what at one time seemed effortless and instantaneous.

The arrogance of personal self-sufficiency and omnipotence falls by the wayside as we turn to everything and everyone in sight for help and support and assistance.

The flame inside flickers for many for a while and then eventually dies.

Life returning to the life-giver!

There are minor variations to this theme in some of the details. But the fundamentals of the story have not changed over time. 

Nor are they ever likely to.

The Qur’an sums up the entire human saga -- a saga for which there are no exceptions -- in the following words:

Innaa Lillahi Wa Innaa Ilaihi Raaji’oon!

“God is the origin -- of all. 
Just as God also is the end -- of all.”

We -- see how personalized this is -- all come from God. And indeed we all shall return to him.

No truer words were ever spoken.

And no human being, in their right mind, can possibly miss being a live and active witness to this unfolding of the invariant saga of human life on earth, episode after episode after episode.


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talent, training and experience. He can be reached at DrSyedPasha [at] 
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