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Quote-Unquote – Book VII (701-800)

DR.PASHA | August 11, 2016 | Section: Articles | 485 reads

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Muslims Don’t Sit and Wait.
Muslims Make Things Happen!

A poet once said, they also serve who only stand and wait. Or something to that effect.

Maybe they do. But not in Islam. Not in the ordinary meaning of those words.

Sitting and waiting for things to happen is not Islam. It is a treasonous way to throw away the greatest and the most precious gift Allah conferred upon you: the Gift of Life

Muslims are people who get up, dust off and get busy doing things: Making Things Happen.

For, that is Islam: Making Things Happen.

All good and nice and sweet and wonderful and beautiful and useful things. For, Islam Is All Good!

For yourself; for your family; for your Muslim and non-Muslim neighbors; for the people at your work and business; for members of your society regardless of their race or religion; and for utter strangers.

Just call them Ibnus Sabeel!

That is what the Qur’an came to teach the world. The whole world. And not just Muslims.

And that is what Prophet Muhammad, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam, spent his entire life doing!


Islam Is Hard Work

While Super-Muslims are busy measuring and massaging such exotic things as Aqeedah, they forget some of the simplest and most elementary things like Hard Work in Your Everyday Life.

Doing well whatever it is that you do. Excelling at it. Trying to be the best that you can be.

Actually, I am a little bit behind times on this. The Aqeedah Cult I mean. 

The Super-Ms abandoned the Aqeedah Project sometime ago, and they have marched on to some other fun stuff. I don’t know what.

Not because the world’s 1.7 billion Muslims -- not my figures -- have got their Aqeedah right, but because the rich and powerful and often Royal handlers and minders of the Super-Ms lost interest in the project and the money dried up.

The patronage died!

And they are most likely now, the Supers, hiding in their holes, no doubt, wondering, at least from time to time, how to deal with the way the world is beating up on Islam and Muslims everywhere. 

Makes them look kind of bad, in a way!

Of course, they will never own up that the world got to where it did at least in part due to their mercenary tricks. 

Nor will anyone tell them that. The Donation Crowd in America and UK certainly will not. Their money will dry up in a hurry if they did, maybe.

What is lost in all this diversionary madness and all this bonanza of distractions is the simple fact that Islam is about Hard Work

Getting up for Fajr is hard. Making Wudu so many times a day is hard. Not to look at semi-naked females everywhere is hard.

Not to engage in endless, perpetual and purposeless gossip is hard.

That is why we were taught to put in an application for help from above -- from Allah. All the time. At least as many times as we can.

Because without Allah’s help, life itself is frightfully hard. Scary and almost impossible, at least on paper. 

Just remember all them bacteria and all them viruses that you can’t even see. And that are milling about all the time, trying to get you.

Allahumma Laa Sahla Illaa Maa Ja-‘altahoo Sahlaa!

That is a Hadith Sharif

And a most beautiful and amazing Du’a it is.

Like all Hadith and like all the Du’as -- from the Qur’an as well as from the Hadith.

So, Muslims have become a nation of Super Corner Cutters.

And where is the surprise if Allah treats them the same way they treat Allah and Allah’s creation. As Corner Cutters!

Without any pride in their identity, or their work, or their products, physical as well as intellectual.

But Allah is not only Rahmaan, he is also most generous and giving. Allah is Kareem!

Muslims turn in Third-Rate work, but Allah and Allah’s Creation still provide them Deluxe Accommodation on earth and treat them like VIPs.

With First-Rate Amenities and Services at every step of their life.

What ungrateful wretches, we human beings in general!

Qaleelun Min Ibaa-diyash-Shakoor.

That is how the Qur’an puts it!

Precisely the way Shaitan had declared to God Almighty a long time ago: 

“Mark my words!
They will have no appreciation for what you do for them!
At least not most of them!”

As the Qur’an quotes him:

Wa Laa Tajidu Aktharahum Shaakireen!


Blaming Allah and Putting It All on Allah

I love the way Muslims -- the good ones I mean -- put it all on Allah. 

First, they engage in all kinds of questionable practices and blame it all on Allah.

And then, they wait for Allah to come and help them out of whatever bad things they are doing.

Some even turn it into prayer: 

May Allah help me wake up for Fajr!

May Allah stop me from being lazy!

May Allah make me read Qur’an more!

May Allah help me to reach out to my non-Muslim neighbors more!

And so on …

Are they good people? Of course they are. 

And are they all headed to Jannat? Sure they are, if Allah’s promises are true, and whose promise could possibly be truer than Allah’s?

Wa Man Asdaqu Minallahi Qeelaa?


Innallaha Laa Yukhliful Mee’aad!

I am not saying any of it is wrong. Or that Allah is not totally and one hundred percent in control of his creation. Or that Allah is not the only doer and actor in the world.

All I am saying is, the way Allah made us and appointed us his Khaleefah on earth, and the way he designed this business of Islam to help us navigate our earthly life, and created a fair and just Reward-Punishment Calculus in this world, is:

“Look Here Fellows, Take Responsibility for Your Actions!”

“Get Up, and Try, and Do Your Very, Very Best at Every Stage, 
with Regard to Everything and Then See What Happens!”

Now go and read the Hadith that says that Believers should haul themselves to Jum’ah even if their feet are dragging behind them and even if they have to be supported by a couple of people on either side.

I think there is a Hadith Sharif like that. May Allah forgive me for being so tentative about it. Please correct me if I did not get the gist of that Hadith right.

And here is a bit of the right etiquette right from the pages of the Qur’an. Truly sublime.

I think it is Hazrat Ibrahim, Alaihis Salaam. Takes upon himself the responsibility for falling ill. 

“When I get sick,” he says.

Sure! All them bacteria and all them viruses, all the millions upon millions of them, they are all in your control, right? You can’t even see them, leave alone stop them from getting at you.

But that is Ibrahim, Alaihis Salaam, for you. He not only had a lifetime of “Doing” all the right things, but he also had a lifetime of “Saying” all the right things. He could not bring himself to say: 

And every time “He” makes me fall ill, 
“He” “also” helps me get better.

So, when it comes to getting well, finding Shifaa, he has no hesitation in giving credit to Allah. 

Hear him say it:

Wa Idhaa Maridtu, Fa-huwa Yashfeeni.


“And when ‘I’ get sick, ‘he’ cures me.”

Subhanallah! What a miracle this Aayat Karimah is! And how much more beautiful its words and melody than all the jazz, calypso, country and all other music in the world:

Wa Idhaa Maridtu, Fa-huwa Yashfeeni.

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