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Quote-Unquote – Book VI (601-700)

DR.PASHA | July 12, 2015 | Section: Articles | 1397 reads

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While the best of the best of them were still thinking of doing something wonderful and great -- for Allah and his Rasul, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam, and for Islam and for the Ummat of Muhammad, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam, Hazrat Abu Bakr, Radiyallahu Anhu, was already there: being there before everybody else and having finished doing what others were only thinking about doing.

Dhaalika Fadlullahi Yu’teehi Man Yashaa’.

But the rest of us should not lose heart. Because, for the rest of us, there is more where that came from -- plenty more. All we have to do is to turn to him And to run to him. And redouble our efforts.

Wallahu Dhul Fadlil ‘Azeem.


The Man and the Hour

The hour finds the man. Or is it Allah who does the finding? But does Allah have to go looking for the man?

And what about women? Does Allah find women too?

After all, didn’t Allah find Hazrat Maryam, Alaihas Salam?

And Hazrat Khadijah, Radiyallahu Anha?

And Hazrat Aayishah, Radiyallahu Anha?

And Hazrat Fatimah, Radiyallahu Anha?

And didn’t Allah find all our mothers too, may Allah bless those of them who live now as Muslims, or who died as Muslims and those of them who died believing in him?

And shouldn’t all of us be clamoring, and jumping up and down, to be recognized by Allah’s Scouts and to be “found” by Allah?

The fact is, Allah has already found everybody: men as well as women.

The fact is, Allah has created men and women with their fate and destiny stamped big and bright on their forehead. And their path in life clearly programmed into their genes.

And he did all that before he created them. And before he created time. In eternity.

And when these men and women are born, whenever and wherever they are, their DNA and their circumstances lead them to where Allah meant them to go from Day One.

Good ones go to good places -- and taste paradise right here on earth. They work to change the world for better. They toil to invite the world to Allah.

And those around them can feel the impact of their work. And they can feel the gentle breeze of paradise blowing on them and toward them -- and from them.

And bad ones go to damnation and perdition and descend to the pit of hell, and drag their world, and many of those around them, into that hell-pit, right here on earth. 

They become obstacles in the path of Allah. Or they become indifferent to their responsibility of inviting the world to Allah.

Thus, they become irrelevant in the larger scheme of God’s creation -- and in God’s administration of his universe. They float through life like pieces of straw on water: irrelevant, immaterial, weightless and worthless.

The Hadith Sharif calls people like that Guthaa’ Ka Guthaa-is Sayil: foam in floodwater.

Everyone -- and the world -- around them can feel the flames coming from their direction.

The good ones are focused, targeted, driven, sustained, guided -- and results driven: good and wonderful and positive results for all.

The bad ones are slothful, slow, devious, lost and full of excuses and explanations why they are not doing what they should be doing.

The whole world of Allah reads them like a book and laughs at them, except that they are not -- human beings in general are not -- able or equipped to hear it.

Life goes on. Death nears. Day of Judgement looms. Human fates are finally sealed and tossed away where they belong: an eternity of joy and bliss (Jannat) or a never-ending life of shame, guilt, remorse and pain (Jahannam).

But the point to learn in all this is that, while this worldly life lasts, we all have a chance to kick our bad habits and attitudes, and our slothfulness and our litany of excuses, and clamber on God’s Bandwagon that is hurtling along right before our eyes.

At least this time around. For, God’s Bandwagon has come many times before. And it will come again.

Maybe. If life lasts.


Islam Is a Movement

Yes, Islam is a movement.

And it is a lifelong commitment -- until death doth take us away from this world, while still chanting Allah’s name, and inviting all and sundry to Allah, and teaching the world everything good and nice we can.

And holding the banner of Islam high.

That is Islam. And it is a movement. With all the mechanisms of organizing and choreographing and training sent down by Allah from Heaven. 

From Namaz (Salaah) to Roza (Siyaam) to Hajj to Zakat to Amr Bil Ma’roof to Nahy Anil Munkar!

And continuing, non-stop Da’wah: Go to people and call them, invite them, take the message to them.

They all came from Allah -- in the Qur’an.

All we need to do is translate these divine concepts and practices in human terms to make them all happen on earth.


Just Do It!

Just Do It! 

Did Nike take it from us -- from the Qur’an and from Islam and from Muslims -- I do not know. But that is what Allah told people: a few hundred, thousand, eons, epochs before there was Nike. 

So who took what from whom, Allah only knows.

But people have a way of stealing from others. As do nations and societies and cultures.

And that is why the Bible came up with the edict: 

Thou Shalt Not Steal!

But, sadly, folks in the West, many of them have been conditioned -- Pavloved should I say? You know the experiments of the Russian scientist Pavlov to condition the dog to salivate, not when it smells or sees food, but when it hears the bell. It is called Conditioned Reflex or something like that, right? -- so, a lot of people in the Western World have been conditioned not to treat the rest of the world -- the non-Western world that is -- not quite as humans but as lesser human beings.

That philosophy, and that world view, more or less allows them, without feeling too much guilt or shame, to “borrow” -- or steal that is -- from other cultures, civilizations, traditions and heritages without acknowledging their sources and without giving them any credit.

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