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We cannot give up.

But, at the same time, obsessing with one chronically reluctant individual, or group, at the expense of others, is bound to be dysfunctional. It will defeat the purpose of building Islam as a movement on earth and moving it forward to bring others into the fold.

It will get in the way of our being able to take the Qur'an -- and its message -- to every home and heart that needs it around the world. 

That is why it is important that we train ourselves to read the signs carefully. 

And to interpret them smartly.


Who Is "Peddling" for Whom?

(Dr. Firdaus) 

In the English-speaking Caribbean we call them "Peddlers.

Those who work extra hard, and with notable dedication and diligence, for a cause, issue or individual, we call "Peddlers" for so and so. Or "Peddlers" for such and such a thing.

And that is fine. 

But what is truly amazing is that no one seems to ask who in this world is really NOT "Peddling" for something or someone. For, it seems in this world everyone is peddling something -- or for someone. 

So, the question really is not whether or not we are peddlers, but who is peddling for whom or for what. 

Keeping this whole thing a secret has to be one of the most cunning strategies of Shaitaan.


Be That Special Person

Many people respond initially to Allah's call to work for him. But, often, few stay to finish the work.

There are many reasons why this happens. Regardless, here is a simple message to all those Working for Allah

"Beware of the Devil! You are on his radar!"

The Devil -- Shaitan -- has many weapons in his arsenal with which to attack and neutralize those Working for Allah. Not the least, telling those Working for Allah how they are wasting their time and talent doing "this kind of work." 

And quietly whispering to them that talented, important people like them could do so many other things besides or along with Working for Allah

Many people fall a prey to these whisperings and before they realize it they are lost, often irredeemably. Sooner or later people like that fall by the wayside and end up being debris on the sands of time.

That is partly why my advice to all those Working for Allah was this: 

"No matter what, when or where, always try and be that one last person still left standing when all others have fallen by the wayside. 

That means even if you are the only person left in the world to continue the work, then keep on Working for Allah till the last breath of your life. And make sure you do so adhering to the method of your Jama'at and the guidance provided by your leadership. For, ultimately, your pact -- your Bai'at -- is with Allah and not just with other human beings like yourself.

Don't forget what Allah said in the Qur'an that when you made your Bai'at -- your pact with your leadership -- Allah's hand was above your hands.

How much more serious do you think this can get?"

I hope I will be blessed by Allah to remember my own words should such a time ever come in my own life. And there have been any number of occasions in my life when, rightly or wrongly, I could not help wondering if this time was that time.


Allah Is Sufficient for a Believer

(Hashim Mohammed)

Allah Is sufficient for a believer, just as the Qur'an says. 

And so Is Working for Allah, if we truly understand what we are doing.

Because if we all do what we are supposed to do for the Qur'an Campaign, we wouldn't have time to work with any other group, except to have a cordial relationship with them.


Islam Is All about Integrity in Speech and Conduct

Islam is based 1000 % on personal integrity. That means the credibility and believability of those who "Preach" Islam and "Practice" Islam. 

Where our personal integrity is compromised, everything else becomes irrelevant. 

In fact, Islam itself becomes a moot point. 

After that, it does not really matter what else we do or don't do in this world.

Now, go and try to figure out if all this has any relevance to the fact that Allah prepared Muhammad, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam, for years as As-Saadiq and as Al-Ameen before he sent him out in the world as Rasul and Nabiy.

Of course, As-Sadiq refers to integrity in speech, whereas Al-Ameen has to do with a person's integrity in conduct and character.


One Man a Nation

Prophet Abraham, Alaihis Salam, was a great fighter. Not for this or that petty cause or issue. But for God.

That means for Truth; for Justice; for the Universal Right of All Human Beings to love, honor, cherish, adore, worship and obey one God: The Almighty!

Call it a Fundamental Human Right if you will.

In fact, the commitment Prophet Abraham (Alaihis Salam) to his cause, and to his mission of Taking God’s Message to Every Home and Heart, was so great, and his fight for God above and for Humanity below was so focused, single-minded, sustained and unflagging, and often so lonely and solitary, that God declared him a nation entire of himself.

Imagine that! God Almighty changes the entire human equation to comfort and console someone who loved God unconditionally and whom God loved.

One single human being -- Abraham, Alaihis Salam -- was elevated to the level of an entire group, an entire nation, an entire society -- all by himself. All that based on the great suffering that Abraham, Alaihis Salam, endured and all the enormous sacrifices he made.

And based on all the love that he possessed for God.

That was, maybe, God's way of not just comforting and consoling Prophet Abraham, Alaihis Salam, but also of showing him what the true worth and value of his work was in the eyes of God.

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