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Quote-Unquote – Book V (401-500)

DR.PASHA | March 19, 2013 | Section: Articles | 2645 reads

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Things Happen When and as Allah Wants Them to Happen

Those working for Allah must put their heads down and persist in their efforts. Results will come when Allah wants.

All time is Allah’s time and the right time for everything is precisely when Allah decides it is time.


Allah’s Decisions in Our Lives

When Allah makes a decision pertaining to us human beings – when he does; as he does; which he does all the time – those blessed by Allah say “Alhamdulillah!” and move on, their sundry duties to perform.

On the other hand, those who have worked to take themselves out of the downpour of Allah’s mercy and blessings don’t know what to do or how to react.

So, instead of panicking and running to Allah, and throwing themselves on Allah’s mercy, they wail and gripe and try to run away from Allah and his mercy.

Thus, they only make their predicament worse.

Some of them even curse themselves and everything and everyone in sight. They scream in their foolish arrogance and rage and fear and panic: “Why? Why? Why Me?”

Compared to all this, Alhamdulillah is perfect language for all times – none better – and for all seasons, as some would say. It means – among all the wonderful things it means – things like “Thank You! We Accept!

That in slave language translates to: “Yes, Master! Thank You Master!

And it means: “Of Course, Master! Whatever You Say, Master!”

And it says: “We Submit! We Surrender!”

Of course many people don’t understand the fact that all time is Allah’s Decision Time. And Allah’s Decisions are ongoing, ever-present.

And the functioning of the Universe, to the extent we are able to see and grasp it, as per every micro-, nano- or picosecond, or in Planck Time, is nothing but a mirror of the unfolding of Allah’s Supreme Will.

The Qur’an attests to this, over and over, in its most glorious Aayaat:

Kulla Yawumin Huwa Fe Sha’n;

Kun Fa-Yakoon;

Fa’aalul Limaa Yureed;

Yaf’alu Maa Yureed;

Yaf’alullahu Maa Yashaa-u;

Khaaliqu Kulli Shai-I;

Al-Khallaaqul ‘Aleem.


Qur’an and Us

The Universe – entire creation of God in the form of all the countless worlds that exist and that are being continually created and recreated – is nothing if not an actualization of the Qur’an in real life. In interlocking space-time continua as it were.

Everything that is in the Universe is in the Qur’an first.

You can either explore the Universe in detail or you can read the Qur’an. They will both take you to the same place.

You will find them both – the Universe and the Qur’an – to be limitless manifestations of God Almighty’s infinite attributes, one in book form in our hands, the other in the form of endless layers of reality all around us.

No matter where you start, and no matter which one of the two you decide to read and decipher first, other things being equal, you will arrive at the same conclusion: They are both miracles – infinite number of them – that point to God in everyone of their minutest detail.


Working for Allah Is Strange Business

Working for Allah is strange business. To say the least, it is a one-way traffic.

Those who say they work for Allah give everything and receive nothing in return. Except, of course, from their God – provided their intentions are pure and their actions are good and right.

Time and again, In Ajriya Illa ‘Alallah, is how the Qur’an puts it.

“My reward will come from God, and from no one else,” is how we can paraphrase that Aayat.

And again the Qur’an says, repeatedly, in Surah Ash-Shu’araa’:

Wa Maa As-alukum ‘Alaihi Min Ajr.


“I ask you not for any reward or recompense.”

In other words, working for Allah, and inviting people to come to Allah, is hard work. Only the most privileged ones are chosen for it.

And their numbers are always very small.


Use Qur’an as Model

Writers and scholars – both Muslim and non-Muslim – must use Qur’an as model for their writing. The Qur’an has not one error in it.

Laa Rayiba Feehi!

But Qur’an is perfect not because someone proofread it carefully, but because it is from God.

In sending his own perfect speech to earth in the form of the Qur’an, God Almighty, as in everything else, set a standard for all of us humans – Muslim and non-Muslim – to emulate.

God Almighty made the Qur’an the beacon of perfection toward which all of us humans must strive to move.

Allah’s beloved Prophet, Sayyidina Muhammad, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam, said:

Takhallaqwoo Bi-Akhlaaqwillah.

Call me, Ma’adhallah, Kaafir if you will, but I am going to paraphrase it as:

“Be God-like in who you are and what you do! Cultivate in yourself the most beautiful attributes of God.”

And that in the present context means – in the writing context I mean:

“Write the way God writes and speaks in the Qur’an.”

And that means, Wallahu A’alam, two things, among all the infinite billions and trillions of things it means:

(a) Let your content be perfect in every way.

(b) Let your style be absolutely superb and impeccable.

How can anyone go wrong with “Guidance” (Hudan) like that illumining their path and directing their steps?

And don’t forget the river of Mercy that the Qur’an is laps at everyone’s door, both Muslim and non-Muslim!


A-Laisallahu bi-Kaafin ‘Abdahu?

Is not God Almighty enough for us? Why do we chase the mirage of Ma Siwallah, things other than Allah, when all we need is him: God Almighty?

To those of us who aspire for all things sublime and wonderful, not just in this world, but also in the next world, I suggest we try God Almighty.

Maybe, once you have him, you will have all and you will need nothing besides. And you will need to chase shadows and phantoms no more.

And I submit two words to your consideration that will help you find God:

1. Qur’an

2. Hadith.

Once you have those two, Qur’an and Hadith, and you decide to take them seriously, as seriously as they should be taken, or as seriously as you can take them, you will find God.

Those two -- Qur’an and Hadith -- will take you to God, provided you take them the way they should be taken and you handle them the way they should be handled.

Here now are a couple of hints with regard to them that will help you handle them right:

(a) Don’t forget, this is the same Qur’an that if God had placed on a mountain, the mountain would have gone to smithereens.

Lawu Anzalnaa Haadhal Qur’ana ‘Ala Jabalin, La-Ra-Aytahu Khwaashi-an Mutaswaddi-an Min Khashyatillah.

(b) And don’t forget that Hadith has to do with Allah’s most beloved creation, Muhammad, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam, for whom the gates of heaven were thrown open, right here in this world.

(c) And don’t forget that Prophet Muhammad, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam, is also a man whom not only God’s angels, but also God Almighty himself blesses and exalts and glorifies.

Innallaha Wa Malaa-ikatahu Yuswalloona ‘Alan Nabiyyi!

What more can anyone want, especially those who say they want Allah and they are working for him?

What more can anyone expect to get?

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