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Quote-Unquote – Book V (401-500)

DR.PASHA | March 19, 2013 | Section: Articles | 2645 reads

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I am a Muslim and America to me is home. And that is where it stops. So, the options are: pray for America and hope.

And work ceaselessly and tirelessly to help wherever and however one can.

Hope that the good will rise up and shine and inflict crushing defeat after crushing defeat on the bad.

And the damage at least some new Muslim converts did in and to America, and to Islam and Muslims and the world, they did it with full complicity and patronage from the “native” or “heritage” type Muslims, most of them from Indo-Pak region or the Middle East, many of them with an ingrained colonial mindset and inferiority complex.

The UK converts seem to be a lot smarter. Mostly white, with some black faces bringing up relief. Many of them female.

For one, many of them seem to be after Islam, and not Muslims. And many of them seem to come from some kind of a university background.

And many of them seem to have a life outside Islam. A seemingly normal, functioning, productive life that does not seem dependent on sucking up energy, sustenance and resources from Muslims and in the name of Islam.

And many of them seem to have figured out how to navigate the troubled and turbulent waters of British “native” or “heritage” type Muslims.

There was a time I used to worry about them: what Muslims would do to them. Now it seems no one needs to worry. For, the British converts to Islam seem perfectly capable of taking care of themselves.

And also of making an impact on society around them.

Is this a breath of fresh air? It certainly appears to be so.

Does this augur well for Islam, Muslims and the world? Who can tell.

I don’t know if Muslims are in the business of keeping their fingers crossed. Or if they are allowed to do that. If you ask me, they certainly must try and err on the side of hope and optimism.

I for one am going to allow myself the luxury of saying:

Thank you brothers and sisters of the UK Muslim community who have made a conscious and rational decision to embrace Islam!

Welcome home and God bless you!

I am going to talk myself into waiting for good and great things to come from where you are.


Ease of Use Is What It Is All About

We live in an age of technology. The daily progress in that field is truly head-spinning. It is fair to think that very few people can truly keep up with what comes down the pipe on a daily basis. In the midst of all this, one thing for Muslims to keep in mind is to ensure ease of use at all levels. That means whenever Muslims use technology, they must make it easy for those with the most primitive means to be able to access and use it. If that goal is not met, it is all pomp and show -- and quite probably very little Islam.


Islam and Democracy: Real vs. Unreal

I have spent a lifetime learning, reading, analyzing, researching and thinking through Islam on the one hand and Democracy on the other hand.

And here is some of what I found.

In any society, where there is no democracy, there can be no true Islam, no matter how much people in that society practice some of the essentials of Islam such as pray and fast and do Hajj and affect what they may claim is “Islamic” garb.

Conversely, also, where there is no Islam, in such a society true Democracy will remain a dream, ever distant, and fading, and constantly in search of fulfillment – often reducing the boasts of the people of that society about some of the essentials of Democracy such as Human Rights and Freedom of the Press to ironic, tired and empty clichés.


No Democracy, no True Islam!

And No Islam, no True Democracy!


What about This World Muslims?

I know Muslims are worried about their Palaces in Paradise. As they should.

And I don’t blame them for doing that.

But my concern is -- and always was -- this earthly abode on which God placed me. And told me to go and take care of it. And to make it a better place for all.

My paradise is not my concern. Never was.

My paradise is in the hands of the one who made it and manages it.

And who dispenses it as he pleases. To whomsoever he pleases.

He gave me too much sense to worry about what he does -- what is basically his business.

I have my hands full worrying about what I am supposed to do -- right here on earth.


Playing Golf and Learning to Paint

Some of the “better” Muslims I know are playing golf. Allah bless them.

Yes, there is such a thing, I suspect, as “better” and, possibly, “worse” Muslims. I will be vastly surprised if there isn’t.

And that is good. I mean playing golf.

Some other “better” Muslims are taking painting lessons from some of the most prestigious universities in the world.

And that is good too. I mean taking painting classes from good and great universities in the world.

If you ask me, for Muslims -- or for anyone -- just to breathe the air on a good university campus is a good thing in and of itself.

And so is clocking a few hours, being out in the open and walking the lush lawns of a nicely manicured golf course.

Knowledge is from God in heaven. And universities are temples erected in the pursuit of knowledge on earth.

If you wish, call them Sawaami’u wa Biya-un Yudhkaru Feehasmullah, and you may not be too far off the mark.

Islam says seek knowledge, for, it is your duty to do so.

Universities say come to us, we will give you knowledge. We will teach you how to go looking for knowledge.

So universities are good. And looking into the courses they offer is good.

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