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Quote-Unquote – Book V (401-500)

DR.PASHA | March 19, 2013 | Section: Articles | 2645 reads

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Believers Are Tested

When people say they are believers, they are tested.

By God!

This is God’s immutable law: God subjects believers to all kinds of tests in this world.

Sometimes, God tests believers by giving. And sometimes he tests them by not giving or by taking away from them what he may have already given them.

God says he does that to separate the wheat from the chaff.

And to differentiate between those who are Real and True Believers and those who are sham; those who are faking belief; and those who are making false and convenient claims.

And those who want to have it both ways.

Those who may want to play it “safe.”


Speaking Is the Least You Can Do

Islam has created the finest and most glorious Scale of Life for human beings to rise to a higher level of living.

That means to rise from a lowly and “Supine Animal Level of Living,” where most people prefer to reside, to a more active and “Sublime Human Level of Living,” where all of us must aspire and strive to be.

And, according to Hadith Sharif, here is how that Scale of Life operates:

No matter who you are, or what you do, always ask yourself how you can do better. How you can rise to a higher and more active and human level of living.

Start out by looking around you.

See what things may not appear quite “right.” What things may appear to need changing or improving.

And what “wrongs” may clamor and cry out for “righting” or “stopping.”

And what good “causes,” “issues” and “efforts” may need your shoulder to the wheel to make them happen and to bear full fruit.

Right around where you live, where you find yourself. And extending, in never-ending concentric circles, to Infinity.

And then, try and stop all the wrong and bad things from happening.

And work to make all the good and right things happen.

But if you find yourself unable or unwilling to actively stop bad things from happening or make good and right things happen, then at least SPEAK UP!

Use your mouth, your body language, use your pen, your computer and your camera. Mobilize all your powers and skills of communication.

And throw your weight and your influence, and your resources and your energies, in the direction of stopping “bad and wrong” things from happening and making “good and right” things happen.

Speak and write in support of those who are actively engaged in the struggle to make “good and right” things happen in this world and stop “wrong and bad” things from happening.

Don’t sit on the fence and watch.

Don’t sit like the proverbial fly on the wall.

For, in the struggle between “good and bad,” and between “right and wrong,” there are no walls that Islam allows on which you can sit like a fly and watch from what you think is a “safe and comfortable distance.”

What a beautiful Scale of Life this is that Islam creates.


Who Is Responsible for Islam?

Who is responsible for Islam?

To properly and correctly represent it to ourselves and to others?

Will we do to our children -- or to anyone else -- what we do to Islam?

Misspell their names? Give out wrong IDs for them? Enter their names wrong in school and college records?

But this is what we do to Islam. People who have no credentials or qualifications become authorities on the subject. And give out a picture of Islam that is often not true.

A picture that has only the most precarious basis in fact and reality.

Often just because there is name, fame and money in Islam.

Ulama used to say about people like that: Fa-Dalloo wa A-dalloo.

Meaning: They went wrong themselves. And they took everybody else with them.

It is like the Blind Leading the Blind!

Makes you want to cry. Why can’t some of us leave Islam alone? And go find another way of making money or name or fame for ourselves?

As the Sahabah Kiram used to do? They did not ride Islam for personal and professional purposes of their own.

They gave Islam their all. Often, including their lives.

Why can’t some of us leave Islam -- and Muslims -- alone and go find a job. And maybe have a life, as they say in America.


Marrying the Perfect to the Imperfect

Islam is from God. Therefore, it has to be perfect.

Muslims are people. Therefore, they have to be imperfect.

This world is a place where there is a marriage of the perfect with the imperfect -- of the Divine System of Islam with mortal and flawed human beings who answer to the name of Muslim.

You can imagine the rest of the story: a troubled roller-coaster relationship between the two.

That is why, as someone so wonderfully put it: While the Faith is perfect, many of the Faithful are not.

Yet, the fact remains, in any time or place, imperfect as they are, these Muslims are the people whom God has chosen to carry his flag -- and wear his uniform.

For, no one comes into Islam, either by birth or through conversion, except based on a direct invitation from him -- from God.


British Muslim Converts

First of all, the word is “converts,” not “reverts.”

Converts is simple English -- queen’s or every English speaker’s.

Reverts is mumbo-jumbo and part of new English-speaking Muslim contortionism.

American converts over the past four decades have done their bit, and I will leave it at that. Some of the damage some of them did is, well, irreversible.

But Allah does act in ways that to us mortals may appear mysterious and unfathomable. So, who knows how things will turn out.

For, I don’t see America being abandoned by God in a hurry. And that is despite some of the most egregious things America allows herself to do locally and internationally.

In some ways, the good clearly outweighs the bad. But who is to tell.

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