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Our Goal: Best of Everything for Everyone

What do we want? Simple!

We want every human being to have the best of everything – in this world as well as in the next world.

And we want that for all human beings, everywhere and for all time: Muslim as well as non-Muslim; male as well as female; old as well as young; White, Black as well as all other.

As a result, we want every human being to be the best human being they can be. And we want every human being to have the opportunity to know Islam, try Islam and be able to give Islam a chance in their life.

That is because Islam is all good; and because Islam is from God Almighty; and because Islam is not a concoction of human contriving, sacred or secular.

At the same time, we also want every Muslim – those who are already Muslim as well as those who from now on will become Muslim – to be the best human beings and the best Muslims they can be.

That is our most fervent wish; our most ardent prayer; and our most sincere and dedicated effort.

How can anyone possibly go wrong with something like that?


God Raises Up People to Do His Work

In every time and place, and all times and places are his, when God Almighty wants his work done, he raises up the people to do it.

And he provides those people the tools and resources to do his work with.

Blessed indeed are the people whom God’s eye picks to do his work.

And how sad is the fate of those who try to get in the way of God and his work.

This is the point the life of Moses, may God bless him, illustrates.

And this is the detail about life, and about God’s plan for his world, that Pharaoh could not grasp.


Attacks on Islam & Presenting Islam to the World

I have devoted a lifetime to the study of attacks on Islam and Muslims.

And on the Qur’an and the Prophet, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam.

After years of careful analysis, I have come to the following conclusions:

(1) Many of the attacks on Islam and Muslims are egregious, ill-intentioned and malicious.

(2) These attacks proceed from a diverse set of motives ranging from religious and political to economic, financial and personal.

(3) And the best way to deal with these attacks is for Muslims to present Islam to the world in an organized, vigorous, comprehensive and proactive manner.

(4) This is something Muslims largely failed to do in the past. And this is what Muslims must start doing at least now -- without losing more time.

(5) Such a positive and purposeful presentation of Islam to the world will automatically address, and effectively answer, many of the issues that are raised by those who attack Islam.

(6) It will give the lie to many of the false charges laid against Islam by those who hate Islam and Muslims for their own religious and political and other reasons.

(7) While a small hard core of Islam-haters will remain unaffected by this attempt on the part of Muslims to present Islam to the world, a large preponderance of people around the world will react positively to it.

(8) And once Muslims have done a fair amount of baseline presentation work, Allah will open the hearts and minds of the world to the beauty, truth and glory of his Deen of Islam.


The Islamic Way

This is what you must do, whenever you do things, especially when you embark on a campaign of some kind: Make things easy, not hard; bring joy and comfort, not stress and unhappiness.

This in a sense means do things for effect, not for show.

Derived from Hadith Sharif which says: Yassiroo wa laa tu’assiroo; bashshiroo, wa laa tunaffiroo!


Who Is To Blame

When things go wrong – and they often do – people look for someone to blame. Often, they find it easier to blame others than to hold themselves accountable.

Scapegoating” is an old idea. It is in the Bible – the Old Testament. Blaming someone else for what you did.

The Qur’an wants us to look in the mirror and see whose face is staring back at us.

“Who is responsible?” the Qur’an seems to teach us to ask. “Whose face is it that is staring back at us from inside that mirror?”

“Ours, of course!” the Qur’an seems to suggest.

But this does not mean others are not out to get us. A lot of times, they are. And there is a whole host of them.

All kinds of others, using all kinds of pretexts and excuses – and proceeding from all kinds of motivations and backgrounds.

And you should beware of them all.

And at all times you should take appropriate steps to protect yourself from their evil designs and machinations.

But then, at the same time, what is most important is that you take a searching look at yourself and ask: “What am I doing wrong and how can I fix it?”

“And how can I do things different and better?”

That is the Islamic Way. At least that is part of it.

And once you fix what is wrong at your end, other things, the Qur’an seems to suggest, will fall in place.

In other words, the Qur’an seems to say, the world will fix itself, if only you will go ahead and fix yourself.

That is because God Almighty is a part of this equation. And a very important part at that.

In fact, God is all of that equation. And of every other equation.

In everything, he is the beginning; the end; and everything that is in between.

And he is on your side, if you decide to be on his side.

That is, if you are serious and sincere in what you say you are doing – for him; for his people; and for his creation.

So, you go, change yourself, to the extent you can, and Allah will change his world for you.

To the extent you can – that is all he asks of you.

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