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 Of Individuals, Nations and Societies

It is individuals who go on to spawn and become nations and societies.


 The Great Human and Muslim Puzzle

These are the days of the Internet. We live in a world without borders.

And we live in a world with limitless potential and possibilities.

In such a world, how is it possible for us as human beings just to stand around and watch all the wonderful things happening in the world and not burst out into spontaneous cheers and applause?

In the same way, how is it possible for us to watch all the terrible things happening right in front of our eyes on television or the worldwide web and not cry and condemn?

And how is it possible, for Muslims in particular, to have the limitless potential of the Internet at their disposal and yet make no all-out effort to reach every home and heart in our world with the most beautiful message of Islam?


Melding Our Will with Allah’s

Here is a very nice Du’a from a very nice Muslim:

“I should train myself to want the things that Allah wants for me, and to be able to recognize what He wants from and for me,” (Kern Ranjitsingh).

My comment:

“So should all of us!”


Education without End: Part of Muslim Job Description

Those of us who really love God, and care about his creation, we should all be always keenly aware of how to move all those we come in contact with from where we find them to a higher stage of sincerity and commitment to Allah, and to Allah’s work, and to love and service to Allah’s creation.

That is part of our Job Description as Muslims.

And it doesn’t matter who these people are we are talking about: whether they are Jews or Christians; whether they are Hindus or Muslims; whether they are believers or unbelievers; whether they are rich or poor; and whether they are from this or that race or nation or society.

That is a sacred trust we hold in our hands from God as Muslims. And on the Day of Judgment we shall be required to render account for it before God.

Wa kaana ‘ahdullahi mas-oolaa, says God Almighty in the Qur’an, which in paraphrase means: “And there shall be accountability before God concerning his covenant.”


Seeking the Wellbeing of Others: That Is Islam

So many people say so many foolish, wicked and baseless things about Islam and Muslims.

Poor Muslims, most of them have neither the sophistication to know what is going on.

Nor do they possess the skills to address what is going on in any meaningful way and respond to it effectively.

If truth be told, as it always must be, here is a key element that goes, as it should, into shaping what you might call the Islamic character: Every Muslim must perpetually seek the wellbeing of this world and all its occupants – from human to non-human; and from Muslim to non-Muslim.

How much clearer can anyone make it?

Listen to this Hadith of Sayyidina (our leader and our master) Muhammad, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam, and you will know:

Addeenu annaseehah, said the Prophet, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam.

And in paraphrase it means: Deen (this Islamic faith business, if you will) is to work tirelessly, and forever, to enhance the wellbeing of others.

Now is it fair to ask: Who’s got what to match or trump it?


Islam Means Getting the Word Out

The responsibility to take Allah’s word to every home and heart is not other people’s. It is ours.

And that means yours and mine.

And it is also work that must be done today and cannot be left till tomorrow.

That is why God Almighty created us and placed us in this world -- all of us.

And that is also what it means to be a Muslim.

If only every one of us realized that, what a beautiful world this would be.


Islam Is Simple, Islam Is for All, and Islam Is All Good

Islam is simple, clear, uncomplicated. People, both Muslims and non-Muslims, make it sound hard, confusing and complicated.

Islam is from God and Islam is all good.

What is more, Islam is for all, and not just for Muslims.

What Muslims owe the world, and what the world owes itself, and which is a clear directive from God, is introduce the world to Islam – to make the world interface with Islam.

At one time, that was the mission of the messengers and Prophets that God sent into the world.

Now, in our own time, and forever, that remains the purpose and central focus of the life of Muslims in this world.


It Is Your Heart You Know!

You must try to keep your heart as clean and polished as possible all the time. For, a rusted mirror does not reflect the light (Nur) that God shines on it.


Reader Reaction to the Book Islam: New Frontiers

Dear Dr. Pasha: Thank you so much for this book. What an inspiring reading….

The book gave me so much reasons why I’ve chosen to embrace Islam as a way of life.

As a new convert, this book is an epiphany for me; you’ve absolutely encapsulated everything I do read from the meaning of the Koran, and the book epitomises Islam with tremendous sincerity, and this is what I believe Islam is all about.

Thanks again for this valuable work and Allah bless you for this good work.


 Author’s Reaction to a Reader of the book Islam: New Frontiers

It was Allah’s blessing to write it. It is Allah’s blessing to have you read it. It is Allah’s blessing that we were all guided to the Qur’an in one way or another. May Allah make his blessings last on us forever.

And may Allah bless you for reading and reacting to it in such a wonderful manner.

And may Allah bless all those who in any form or fashion helped with the editing, printing, promoting and distribution of this book.

May Allah grant it acceptance and open the hearts and minds of people for it and to his Haqq -- Truth -- through it.

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