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Quote-Unquote – Book III (201-300)

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Ending Tyranny … from Moses to Husain

It was during the first few days of the month of Muharram that Moses (Alaihis Salam) set his followers free from the tyranny of the Pharaohs. He parted the sea with his staff and led his people to freedom in the Sinai desert. Also it was during the first few days of the month of Muharram, in the desert of Karbala in Iraq, that Husain, the beloved grandson of Prophet Muhammad, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam, was martyred by people with Muslim names when he sought to free the Muslims – and the world – from the tyranny of dynastic rule and hereditary monarchy.


And Now I Claim Christmas

I am a Muslim and I have a claim on Christmas. Nothing to do with the dubious pagan rituals and paraphernalia Christmas pageantry and ceremonies may be steeped or rooted in, but rather proceeding from an unshakable belief in the divine miracle of the pure virgin birth of Jesus as described so movingly – and so miraculously – in the Qur’an. Blessed forever be the name of Jesus and his Virgin Mother Mary. For, that is Islam: blessing the name of Jesus, the man God Almighty sent to guide and save his people. Blessed be thy name, Jesus, prophet and messenger of God. And blessed be thy name, Mary, virgin mother of Jesus.


Your Leadership Is a Reflection of You

There is a saying – and some say it could be a Hadith – that could be interpreted as meaning: Leadership is generally a reflection of the people, place, time and culture it purports to lead. Want to hear the original words? Here they are to the best of my recollection: Kaifamaa takoonoo yuwallaa ‘alaikum.


A Very Special Gift for the Holiday Season

This Holiday Season, and every holiday season thereafter, give those you love a very special gift. Give them the matchless and priceless Gift of Truth. Teach them the art and science of pursuing Truth with a passion in all things big and small. And then teach them how to embrace Truth when and where they find it. And then, to the extent you can, teach them the courage to speak Truth and stand up for it, whenever and wherever they can. And then finally teach them to be strong and steadfast in the face of any adversity that may be thrown at them for being champions of Truth. The Qur’an refers to Truth as Haqq and says those who advocate Truth are the saviors of this world.


A Niche for Niceness

There is a niche for niceness in every human heart! All we need to know is how to reach it!


God Wants Us to Say Something Nice

Here is my paraphrase of Al-Qur’an 17:53: “Tell my slaves to say something nice … to say that which is better and nicer!”)


Hitting the Nail on the Head: Dr Pasha on Islam

For those who really care to know what Islam is, here are some details:

  • Islam is moderation. In everything you do.

  • Islam is living in peace and amity with your neighbors. And with everyone else.

  • It is building bridges among faiths, races, nationalities, cultures and colors.

  • Islam is bringing all sorts of people together and saying something nice to and about everyone.

  • Islam is concern for the old and compassion for the young. And it is absolute and unconditional respect for women. And it is caring for the poor, the needy and the homeless.

  • And Islam is due regard for the rule of law; and for public order; and for public morality and accountability.

  • At the same time, Islam is also striving for liberty, justice, fairness and equality for all.

  • And Islam is speaking the truth, even when it may not be popular or convenient.

  • And Islam is encouraging good things and discouraging bad things.

  • And it is working to stop people from hurting or abusing other people.

  • And Islam is bringing joy, hope and comfort to those in despair.

  • And it is working to make life better for everyone in this world, friend or foe.

  • And Islam is about being the best that you can be to your own family – and to your friends.

  • And, more than anything else, Islam is loving and fearing God in heaven and loving and serving God’s creation right here on earth.

  • And for those of us living in the West, as much as for anyone else living anywhere else in the world, Islam is, and always ought to be, an equal and visible and vocal partner, if not a leader, in the democratic process in the West and throughout the world at all levels.


American Psyche

In spite of anything anyone can say about American history, American culture or about America’s role in the world, there is an undercurrent of compassion and decency that runs through American psyche that is almost, almost, without parallel in contemporary Western cultures. Or, maybe, just maybe, even beyond, throughout the world. But it takes a certain kind and level of sensitivity, personal experience, insight and embeddedness to see it and tap into it.


Partnering with God

Here is a peek at that most astonishing of all partnerships – the one between God and Man, as they used to say – that provides as spectacular a definition of Islam as anyone would wish to have:

  • Allah has created all kinds of food for humans to eat – but the actual eating part, humans will have to do that themselves.
  • Allah has created water and all kinds of beverages for humans to drink – but the actual drinking part, humans will have to do that themselves.
  • Allah has made the air for humans to breathe and equipped them with lungs to make that possible – but the actual breathing part, humans will have to do that themselves.
  • Allah has made the earth for humans to walk on and given them legs to do so – but the actual walking part, humans will have to do that themselves.
  • Allah has made night and day for humans to rest and work – but the actual resting and working parts, humans will have to do those themselves.
  • Allah has given humans bodies and fitted those bodies with brains and hands and feet and eyes and ears and tongue and mouth and lips – but the actual thinking and acting parts, humans will have to do those themselves.

What an absolutely marvelous and meticulously calibrated partnership this is – between Man, as they used to say, and God.

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