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Quote-Unquote – Book II (101-200)

DR.PASHA | June 26, 2011 | Section: Articles | 1294 reads

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Thomas Jefferson, the Qur’an and the Bible

Thomas Jefferson did something not too many people seem to have done: He took the Gospels and took from them what Jesus (May Allah Bless Him!) had said and done and pretty much left everything else. The result in part was something like a latter-day Qur’an in the English language.

Shouldn’t that tell us something about the interrelationship between these two divine books and about the real life and mission of Jesus Christ on earth?

If you want to check it out for yourself, and I suggest you do, the Jefferson’s book is called The Jefferson Bible or the Life and Morals of Jesus of Nazareth.

Serve God at Least as Well as You Serve Yourself

For those of you who claim to be good Muslims, and working for Allah as it were, here is a test of your moorings and your bearings: I mean where you come from and where you are going.

You need to make sure that the time, effort, energy, resources, as well as the care and concern, you spend on what you say you do for Allah – in worshipping God and in serving humanity and the rest of God’s creation – are all as good or better than what you may be spending on what you think are your own personal affairs, such as your family, job, entertainment or business.

Can Muslims, Christians and Jews Unite on the Basis of “No God but God”?

If, Jesus, Moses, Muhammad and Abraham – May God Almighty Bless Them! – all taught the world the same message, “No God but God,” as the Bible and the Qur’an tell us, then why are their followers still quibbling over that message and quarrelling over who was right and who was wrong?

Shouldn’t they all forget their differences and unite in the worship of that one God that Jesus, Moses, Muhammad and Abraham (God Bless Them!) and the Bible and the Qur’an all talked about?

God’s Law: the More You Thank Him, the More He Gives You

Allah’s law is, the more work you do, and the more productive you are, and the more thankful you are to God Almighty, the more he gives you: time, energy, resources, everything. That is called Barakat.

On the other hand, the more you slack off or complain, and the more excuses you make, the more he throws you at the mercy of your own excuses. Your complaints and excuses then assume a life of their own and turn into a self-fulfilling prophesy. I have seen that happen over and over.

Stop Blaming God for Your Own Shortcomings

There are those who say, “Time, time, time … If we had more time, we would have done this; we would have done that; and we would have done something else,” they say. “If we had time,” they say, “We would have taken care of a lot of things that we didn’t have time to take care of.”

I say to them, your problem is not time, for, you had all the time you were supposed to have in the Divine Calculus. Your problem is that you wasted all the time God gave you, however much it was.

And now you are doing the same with whatever time you have been allocated right now: squandering and wasting it. And on top of that, you are spending part or all of that time doing something worse: second-guessing and blaming God Almighty.

So, I would say to them: “Ladies & Gentlemen: Your problem is sense, as in common sense – and not time. So get on with your life and do the best you can and stop blaming God.”

What a Visual Miracle It Is: Muslims Worshipping God in Kaaba

Here is what I say to the tourists of the world. To those with wanderlust in their hearts. And to all those in search of the wonders and thrills of this world – this is what I have to say to all of them: Ladies & Gentlemen, You have not lived if you have not seen a video or at least a photograph of one of these two things:

  1. Muslims doing their Ramadan Friday Prayers at the Kaaba in Makkah.
  2. And Muslims going round and round the Kaaba during Hajj – doing what they call Tawaaf.

There is nothing you will ever see in this world that can even come close to matching either one of those two sights. They are not just two of the greatest wonders of the world, they are actually two of the greatest living miracles, each one of them – right before your eyes, right in your hands – that anyone can see with their own naked eye.

On This Happy Eid, I Cry for Humanity

It is Eid today. Muslims around the world are celebrating, as they should. Happy Eid Everyone!

But I am in tears today, which I am trying to hide from my family – and from my extended family of man, as they say.

Because I cry for the victims of earthquakes – in Haiti and elsewhere.

And for the victims of tsunamis and Katrina, who, after all this time, are yet to be made whole.

And I cry for the victims of floods in Pakistan. All 21 million of them according to the United Nations.

And I cry for the nameless, countless victims of the endless “wars” in Iraq and Afghanistan. All the wounded, the dead and the dying. All the widows and the orphans.

Their screams, groans, moans and sobs fill my ears and burn my brain. Are they not people, I ask myself. Are those little ones not children, I ask.

In response, my tears gush in bigger torrents.

And I cry with shame for a humanity that would not cry for them. Or would scale its tears to their names and identities; their race and religion; their ethnicity and nationality; and to the fine technicalities of their own geopolitics and so-called national interests..

But it is Eid. Everybody is happy. As they should be.

Merry Eid Everybody!

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