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Quote-Unquote – Book II (101-200)

DR.PASHA | June 26, 2011 | Section: Articles | 1294 reads

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Love God? Learn to Seek and Love Truth First!

I have a most respectful suggestion for those who make loud and ostentatious protestations of their love for God: Begin by learning to love Truth first – learn it; speak it; advocate it; stand by it; and defend it. You might be pleasantly surprised how soon you discover that God loves you.

In Islam, Love of Knowledge Is Love of God

To Muslims who really understand Islam, schools and colleges and universities are not in any way less than mosques. And the time they spend in these educational institutions in the pursuit of knowledge is not in any way less than the time they spend in mosques worshipping God.

As a Muslim, I Will Be the First to Defend My Family, Friends and
Neighbours, Regardless of Their Race or Religion

The place where you have your home, business and workplace; and the people in whose midst you live, work and play; and your family and the families of your colleagues and friends and the friends of your children live, work and play.

When it comes to defending and protecting them against enemies and perils of all kinds, both foreign and domestic, will you put your name down to be among the first in the list of volunteers to do so, or will you go hide in a hole and expect others to do it for you, while you cop a mock medical or other alibi of some kind?

And does it make a difference where you live, whether it is India, Arabia, America, Europe, Russia, Indonesia or Malaysia? And does it make the slightest difference what their race or religion is?

I know where a True Muslim’s name would be. I know where my name would be, even though I am centuries and eons and galaxies away from being a true Muslim.

And I know where my late father’s name would be, Allah bless him, who was as true a Muslim as any I may have ever seen. And I know where the names of my boys would be.

They would all be right up there at the top of that list. And they have always been.

All of us – me, my father and my boys – would be the first to defend our home, our neighbours and our friends and family, whether that is in America, India or somewhere else. For, that to us is what life is all about. And that to us is what Islam is all about.

In Islam, Female Education Completes the Faith

There are no ifs, and there are no buts. The bottom line is this. Till such time as Muslims provide their females the best education they can, theirs are but Half Societies. Not full or complete societies, but only 50-percent ones at best.

Now, if you want, you can go and check out that Hadith of Sayyidina Muhammad, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam, which in effect, and in my very broad paraphrase, says: Now go find yourself a wife and complete your Iman.

To the best of what I recall at this time, here are the original Arabic words of a part of that Hadith that touches on the topic of marriage: Faqadistakmalal Eemaan.

Female vs. Male Illiteracy and Education – in Afghanistan or Anywhere Else

Those who are so loud and aggressive about condemning Female Illiteracy in a place like Afghanistan, how loud and aggressive do you think they have ever been in condemning or fighting Male Illiteracy in that society?

Or in any other Muslim society anywhere else in the world?

The answer to that question would tell you how sincere and true they are in championing the cause of Female Education in Afghanistan or anywhere else in the Muslim world.

That would tell you whether they have the true wellbeing of these societies at heart or whether they are merely opportunists and propagandists.

A Crusade to Give Liberty and Education to Muslim Men Everywhere

I am not against those folks – university professors, highly educated professionals, sundry intellectuals, media busybodies and all the others – who seek to enhance their careers by championing the cause of female liberation and education in Afghanistan.

In fact, if I had any voice or influence, and if I had any resources of my own at all, I would have been right up there in the forefront of this battle, fighting this noble fight, side by side with these high-minded people, only harder and even more passionately than them, because while to many of them it may be a smart career gambit, to me it is a personal passion and what President Bush would have called a “crusade,” even though I am only a Muslim and not a Christian.

But how I wish – and how dearly I hope – all these worthies, as they used to say at one time, would add to their career enhancement strategy a new or additional plank, namely, that of liberating and educating not only the women but also the men – and not just in Afghanistan, but also in Egypt and in Pakistan and in practically every other Muslim society in the world.

Now that would be a real crusade, I should think. And what a day and what a crusade that would be: to liberate and educate Muslim men all over the world!

Four Different Voices, but One Eternal and
Immutable Message: No God but God

Ever heard the expression “Connecting the Dots”? Here are four among the most magnificent dots in all of human history. Let us see if you can connect them.

All right then. This is what everyone knows or should know about the world:

  1. Abraham was a great monotheist, which means he believed in and preached the message of: No God but God.
  2. The First Law of Moses – the First Commandment – was also the same: No God but God.
  3. According to Jesus, the most important Commandment was the First CommandmentNo God but God.
  4. The core of Muhammad’s message to the world also was: No God but God.

May Allah Almighty bless these and all other Prophets and Messengers that he sent to warn, teach and guide humanity!

It seems all these four great leaders of humanity taught and preached the same message: No God but God.

If you were successful in connecting these four dots, you would know they all must have come from the same place – Almighty God – and taught the same eternal and immutable truth: No God but God!

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