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Quote-Unquote – Book II (101-200)

DR.PASHA | June 26, 2011 | Section: Articles | 1309 reads

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I wish – and I propose –someone somewhere will take up this issue with the right Ecclesiastical Authorities, as they say – the Pope for example.

Or the Archbishop of Canterbury for that matter, who seems to be a fairly open and broad-minded man at the time of writing in 2010.

Or the Queen of England in her capacity as Head of the Church of England – the Anglican Church.

Or the Patriarchs of the Eastern and Greek Orthodox churches in Russia and other places.

And I wish – and I propose – the Pope and all these other leaders of the Christian Church themselves will take the initiative and issue an Encyclical or some other appropriate communiqué or equivalent document giving Islam and Muslims that credit and that recognition – even at this late hour.

And I wish – and I propose – someone somewhere will take up this issue, not just with the right Ecclesiastical Authorities, but also with the various Secular Authorities of the world.

And I wish – and I propose – the British Parliament will pass a formal resolution of praise and appreciation giving Islam and Muslims that credit and that recognition.

And I wish – and I propose – the American Congress will pass a similar formal resolution of praise and appreciation giving Islam and Muslims that credit and that recognition.

And I wish – and I propose – the United Nations will pass a similar formal resolution of praise and appreciation giving Islam and Muslims that credit and that recognition.

And I wish – and I propose – the UN will go beyond mere expression of appreciation or support of the great favour Islam and Muslims had done to Christians and Christianity, and set aside a special day called World Day of Muslim-Christian Unity and Understanding.

No, I am not oblivious to all the obstacles and challenges that may stand in the way of an idea like this being accepted and a resolution like this being passed by the United Nations or the British Parliament or the American Congress. But what we all need to think about is the incalculable service to the cause of peace around the world passing of such a resolution and celebration of such a day will do.

How much of a better world it would be if they all did that.

And how much closer to Islam and to the real world Muslims would be if they understood all this and laid claim to such credit from their Christian brothers and sisters.

And here is what the Muslims can do. Muslims can go about doing what they must do in several ways:

  1. Muslims can do that formally, by appealing to the Christian Church leaders and authorities.
  2. Muslims can do that informally by educating the Christian masses – and the media, such as they are, generally corporate-owned and often agenda-driven – about this most incredible loving and respectful relationship that Islam and Muslims have had with Jesus, God Bless Him, and his Virgin Mother, Mary, God Bless Her, for over 1400 years!
  3. Muslims can lobby the UN, the British Parliament and the US Congress.
  4. Muslims can lobby some of the Muslim governments such as those of Malaysia or Turkey to join forces with them in initiating such efforts.

Is that too much to ask – in these modern, enlightened and civilized times?

And what a worthwhile project it would be for Muslims to undertake.

Islamic Government Is Government of the People, by the People

Islamic Government is not a theocracy. For, there are no priests or clergymen in Islam.

It is not even a government by the pious and the virtuous. For, that is what led to the Salem Witch Burnings.

Simply put, Islamic Government is government of the people, by the people.

All governments are. They are all governments of the people, run by people of one kind or another, regardless of whether it is a democracy or dictatorship.

That means every government everywhere is, and always has been, run by people, whether those people are kings, commoners, priests, lords, barons or someone else.

The core element of Islamic Government is this: People Must Govern Themselves.

That means the following things:

  1. People — All People — must freely and fearlessly elect their own rulers.
  2. They must obey their rulers when they are right and help them run things smoothly and well.
  3. They must correct them when they are wrong.
  4. They must hold them accountable at all times.
  5. And they must remove and replace them as and when they see fit, using the same open and fair electoral process that put them in office the first time.

That is Islamic Government, no matter what anyone says.

Islamic Government, then, is basically government of the people; by the people.

Undertaken for the pleasure of God Almighty and not just in the raw pursuit of worldly gain by ambitious politicians.

It is a Government of Laws and Due Process.

Presided over by God’s Word, the Qur’an. And the sayings and doings of Prophet Muhammad, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam.

It is Utopia on earth in the best and most positive sense of that term.

And the will of a free people: The People.

By what name people call such government is up to them. There is no one right or wrong name for it.

Democracy is Greek for “People’s Rule.”

Theocracy is Greek for “God’s Rule.”

Plutocracy is Greek for “Government by the Rich.”

Kleptocracy is Greek for “Government by Thieves.”

In the real world, all rule is people’s rule. It is people – human beings – who exercise authority and manage power on earth.

Some people rule in their own name. Some rule in God’s name. But it is always people who rule.

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