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Quote-Unquote – Book II (101-200)

DR.PASHA | June 26, 2011 | Section: Articles | 1309 reads

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Working for Allah Is the Ultimate Formula for Success

One hears a great deal nowadays about Muslims wanting to work for Allah, which is just great. The more, the merrier.

What everyone needs to understand, however, is that a critical component of working for Allah is working for people. Essentially, it is working to make this world of Allah a better place for all of Allah’s creation.

And doing so using the Qur’an as the manual and guide, and the life of Prophet Muhammad, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam, as the practical model and example.

And, at the same time, working for Allah is using any word of wisdom and authentic scientific knowledge, truth and rationality that one can find anywhere.

With a winning combination like that, how can anyone fail to unlock the secrets of success and happiness both in this world and in the next world?

Islam Gave People the Right to Say “No!” – Even to God Himself

Prior to the advent of Islam in this world, in the middle of the Seventh Century let us say, often Dissent Meant Death – often a very painful one – whether that dissent was against the King or the Church.

Islam came to give people – all people – the Right to Say “No!” without being punished for saying it. And doing so even to God Almighty himself.

Want Next World to Be Good for You?
Work to Make This World Better for All!

While the Next World should be the most important thing in our life, we should not forget that the only path that leads to that Next World is This World. Therefore, if we really want that Next World to be a good place for us to live, then we need to work to make This World a better place to live – not just for us but for all of God’s creation.

What Christians and Christianity Owe Islam and Muslims –
And What Everyone Should Do about It!

Let me share with you something most Christians don’t know about and most Muslims don’t care about. But our world would have been so much a better place if both these groups had known and cared about what I am about to say.

From 001 AD to 600 AD, Christians had a huge problem on their hands: An unwed young woman of noble birth and great beauty disappears from public view and then shows up later with a baby in her arms.

The words of the Jewish Elders of the day sum up the situation as perhaps nothing else could.

“Mary, dear child, what abomination have you done?” They all say with one voice.

The young woman says in response that when she was out in the wilderness an angel came to her in human shape and gave her the baby as a gift from God.

A likely story, anyone would say.

You can imagine how the story went for the next 500 years or more and how most of the world reacted to it.

Then, over 600 years later, there comes this man out of a mountain cave in Arabia, claiming to be God’s last messenger and final prophet on earth: Muhammad, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam.

And he brings with him a book, called the Qur’an, that claims to be God’s word on earth.

And the Qur’an proclaims: This young woman, Mary, whose purity and morality her tribe’s elders had questioned so pointedly was indeed a Virgin.

And she was indeed pure and untouched by any man, just as she claimed she was.

And that her son, Jesus, was a special gift to humanity from God Almighty.

May God bless Mary and her son Jesus both!

Islam and Muslims – and Prophet Muhammad, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam, and the Noble Qur’an – thus totally and unconditionally absolved Mary, the Blessed Virgin Mother of Jesus, may God bless them both, from the false charge of immorality.

And Islam and Muslims – and Prophet Muhammad, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam, and the Noble Qur’an – validated, verified and confirmed Mary’s version of events at a time when her own Tribal Elders had refused to believe her story and when much of the world for the next several hundred years will have trouble believing it.

May God bless Mary and her son Jesus both!

But the Muslims never went to the Christians to claim any credit for what they did.

Nor did the Christians offer Muslims and the world of Islam any token of gratitude or appreciation.

Not even a word of thanks or appreciation did the Muslims demand or receive from the Christians.

But it is not too late for Christians to give Muslims and the World of Islam that credit.

Nor is it too late for Muslims to claim that credit even now – after the passage of 1400 years to the event – for all their continued and unwavering support to Jesus and his Blessed Virgin Mother, Mary, may God bless them both, for over nearly a millennium and a half, without the break of even a nanosecond.

What could be a greater miracle than the fact that nearly a billion and a half Muslims (1,500,000,000) around the world offer this support and this love and respect to Jesus and his Blessed Virgin Mother, Mary, may God bless them both – without the Christians ever having lifted a finger to make it happen.

Nor has there been a greater Public Relations feat in the history of humanity, on such a global and epochal scale, without a single professional source doing a single thing about it.

The only people who don’t seem to know anything about this ongoing Public Relations marvel and ever-living miracle seem to be the Christians – and of course the Muslims.

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