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Qunoot Naazilah

DR.PASHA | March 24, 2020 | Section: Articles | 90 reads

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Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim!

Qunoot Naazilah


Yaa Dhal-Manni,

Wa Laa Yumannu Alaihi,

Yaa Dhal-Jalaali Wal-Ikraam,

Yaa Dhat-Tawuli Wal-In’aam,

Laa Ilaaha Illaa Anta,

Zahral Laajeen,

Wa Jaaral Mustajeereen,

Wa Amaanal Khaa-ifeen.



Innaa Nas-aluka,

Wa Nabtahiul, Wa Natadarra’u, Ilaika,

An Takshifa wa Tasrifa ‘Annaa,

Minal Balaa-i,

Wal Wabaa-i,

Wal Qahati,

Wal Maradi,

Wat-Taa’ooni ,

Wal Alami, (With Hamzah)

Maa Na’alam,

Wa Maa Laa Na’alam,

Wa Maa Anta Bihi A’alam,

Innaka Antal A’azzul Akram,

Wa Maa Laa Yakshifuhu, Wa Laa Yasrifuhu, Annaa, Ghayiruka,

Yaa Allah!


Yaa Shaafi,

wa Yaa Kaafi,

Wa Laa Shifaa-a Illaa Shifaa-uka,

Wa Laa Malja-a Minka Illaa Ilaika,

THREE TIMES: Fa-Sa-Yakfeeka-Humullah, Wa Huwas-Samee’ul Aleem.

Yaa Hafeezu, Yaa Hafeezu, Yaa Hafeeau!

Yaa Muqeetu, Yaa Muqeetu, Yaa Mueetu!

Yaa Allah, Yaa Allah, Yaa Allah!

Yaa Salaamu, Yaa Salaamu, Yaa Salaamu!


Wa Salli, Wa Sallim, Wa Baarik,

Ala Sayyidinaa Muhammadin,


Wal Mi’raaji,

Wal Buraaqi,

Wal ‘Alam. (With Ayin.)

Daafi’il Balaa’i,

Wal Wabaa-i,

Wal Qahati, (Twa)

Wal Maradi,

Wat Taa’ooni,  (Twa)

Wal Alam. (With Hamzah)


Wa Ala Aalihi,

wa Ashaabihi,

wa Azwaajihi,

wa Dhurriyatihi,

wa Ahli Bayitihi,



Bi-Rahmatika Yaa Arhamar Raahimeen!




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