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To President Dr. Morsi of Egypt and His Family a Very Special Eid Greeting

DR.PASHA | August 08, 2013 | Section: Articles | 709 reads

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To President Dr. Morsi of Egypt and his family a very, very special, warm and wonderful Eid Greeting!

Today is Eid. So is tomorrow. It is Eidul Fitr.

Many Muslims celebrate Eidul Fitr 1434 today. Many others the world over will celebrate tomorrow.

For Muslims, Eid means Finery, Food, Family, Friends – and Faith.

But all President Dr. Morsi of Egypt, and his family, will have this Eidul Fitr is their Faith. And the Faith – and prayers – of hundreds of millions around the world that support him and pray for him.

A Criminal Egyptian Military Junta cut them off by brute force from each other – and from Family and Friends.

For, President Morsi was kidnapped by an armed gang of Egyptian military officers in a criminal coup d’état on July 3rd, 2013, and is being held in a secret location without being allowed to visit or communicate with his family.

This Criminal Egyptian Military Junta, headed by arch-criminal General Sisi, kidnapped the only democratically elected president in all of Egyptian history and whisked him away to a secret location.

The Junta overthrew Egypt’s only lawful and legitimate, democratically elected civilian government in all of Egypt’s history.

The Junta also suspended Egypt’s first and only truly National Constitution that the Egyptian People had ratified with a 65 percent approval rate.

And the Junta also abolished Egypt’s only truly and democratically elected Parliament.

All these acts are crimes in International Law.

By the same token, it is also a crime to aid, abet and support these criminal acts.

And to finance them, as the corrupt rulers of the Gulf countries did.

And to give them religious blessings as did the corrupt Azhar Shaikh and the Coptic Pope of Egypt.

And to rationalize, condone and cover them up, as did so many others in so many parts of the world.

These are all reprehensible acts of criminal culpability of varying levels and intensity. Laws and lessons coming out of the trials of Nazi war criminals at Nuremberg speak quite candidly and forcefully on this subject.

Thus, while the rest of the world celebrates Eidul Fitr today and tomorrow, with all kinds of Finery, Food, Family and Friends, President Dr. Morsi will spend his Eid in solitary confinement cut off from his Family and Friends.

And what is the crime or fault for which he is being punished this way?

For no other reason than being the kind of wonderful man he is – a man who cannot be bought, corrupted or intimidated by friend or foe, foreign or domestic.

The Criminal Military Junta and its foreign masters and domestic minions decided that a man such as that cannot be allowed to be the ruler of a critical and sensitive country like Egypt.

Same way, the wife of President Dr. Morsi also has not been allowed to communicate with her husband since the time the Egyptian Military Junta criminally kidnapped President Dr. Morsi.

So also the children of President Dr. Morsi will be forced to celebrate their Eid alone, all by themselves, kept by brutal military force from being able to visit their father.

To them all, I say:

A very, very special Eid Greeting to all of you from all those around the world who love Democracy and Freedom!





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