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Peace and Love: Season’s Greetings from Dr. Pasha

DR.PASHA | September 29, 2008 | Section: Articles | 998 reads

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Peace and Love:
Season’s Greetings from Dr. Pasha

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11 Dhil Hijjah, 1428/December 21, 2007

In this season of Hajj, Eidul Adha, Hanuka, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Divali and every other human hankering and striving that has behind it either a tinge of divine mandate or an element of human good, our message is peace.

And our greeting to all is “Peace!” – to those we know and to those we don’t know.

The destiny and final outcome we seek for all in this world as well as in the next world is peace.

Peace on earth, and in the lives of all God’s slaves and children, is our most secret wish and our most ardent prayer.

And our method is love.

Our goal is the wellbeing of every human being on earth – and in the next world.

Our effort is service and usefulness to all human beings, animals and plant life on earth and in the ocean.

Our friend is God, and all the children of God, and we have no natural enemy other than the Devil and his evil progeny.

Our object is truth and our purpose in life is to do the right thing to the extent it is humanly possible for us to do so.

Our treasure and resource is the Qur’an.

Our strength is belief in God Almighty. And our light is the natural effulgence of his divine beauty that illumines heaven and earth.

Our path is the one blazoned by all the prophets and messengers of God everywhere, which now is safely in our hands in the form of the words (Hadith) and practical example – Sunnah – of Prophet Muhammad, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam.

We abhor violence in all forms, not because it may be expedient to do so, but because it is the very core of our being.

We shun hate and prejudice in all their manifestations, not because doing so may have become popular lately but because that is the very essence of our identity.

We seek no reward or compensation other than God Almighty’s pleasure and blessings. And we fear no sanction or punishment more than we fear God’s wrath and displeasure.

We believe every human being – Hindu, Muslim, Jew, Christian, other – to be our brother and sister, sharing with us the common drop of our ancestor Adam’s blood.

And we believe every animal of every kind to be part of a people, nation, society and community just like ourselves.

We hold every human life to be inviolate, except through due process. And we believe taking of a single human life illegally to be tantamount to the killing of all human beings from the beginning of time till the end of time, a phenomenon that we refer to as Humanicide.

Therefore, in this blessed and joyful season all around, and always, we raise our fervent and tearful voice, and our tremulous and hopeful hands, heavenwards to ask God Almighty to bathe his world in his choicest blessings and to flood his earth with his divine peace.

We humbly beg and beseech him:

  • to cure the sick, the infirm and the ailing;
  • to heal and comfort those who may be hurting and in pain;
  • to remove war and pestilence, famine and flood from our beloved earth;
  • to feed the hungry and quench the thirst of the thirsty;
  • to help those who may be in need;
  • to guide those who may be lost and misled;
  • to accept the Hajj of those who went to Hajj and to invite to future Hajj those who yearn for it;
  • to restrain those who may be out of control;
  • to stop those who may be bent on destroying life and habitation on earth and in the ocean;
  • And to make the way of his prophets and messengers prevail on earth for which purpose he sent them in his world, especially his last prophet and final messenger to humanity and the world, Prophet Muhammad, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam.

His kingdom come!

And may his will be done on earth as it is done in heaven.


Aameen yaa rabbal aalameen!


© 2007 Syed Husain Pasha

Dr. Pasha is an educator and scholar of exceptional 
talent, training and experience. He can be reached at DrSyedPasha [at] 
AOL [dot] com or




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