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One Reason the World Is the Way It Is [Quote – 778]

Quote-Unquote: Dr. Pasha on Islam,
Muslims and the World

(Bringing Islam to the World One Concept at a Time!
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And which One Does Not?)


If you ask why is the world the way it is, one answer would be: 

Because the Muslims are the way they are!

For, in many ways, how the Muslims are, that is how the world will be. 

In other words, Muslims’ deeds and words, not to say their State of Goodness or Badness, and their level and type of Iman should we say, will have a direct correlation with the life, fate and destiny of the world.

And that means, if the Muslims are good, and if their Iman is strong and pure, and it is of a higher grade altogether, the world will be a good place to live for all of its inhabitants. 

But if, on the other hand, the Muslims are bad, and their Iman is flawed and weak, and their words and deeds are not good, the world will also turn out to be a bad place to live for all of its inhabitants.

And here is a shot across the bow for Muslims to pay attention to and it is directly from the Qur’an:

Wa-Maa Yu’minu Aktharuhum Billahi Illaa Wahum Mushrikoon!


“Most people’s Iman is flawed, tainted and mixed with Shirk!”

So, now you know one reason why there are all these sad and bad and mad goings on in the world all the time.

It has to do with the kind and type and level of Iman most of us possess and how it is liberally leavened with generous assortments of Shirk. 

Just for starters, we love everything and everyone else more than we love Allah. 

And we fear everything and everyone else more than Allah. 

And we work for everything and everyone else more than we work for Allah.

And we spend more time, effort, money and resources on everything and everyone than we spend in the path of Allah.

That is just for starters. You go figure out the rest.




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