Muslims, Messengers of Peace!

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And so did God’s Messenger, Prophet Muhammad, Sallallahu Alaihis Salam.

If nothing else, said God, give this Gift of Salaam to yourself. He said in the Qur’an – his own spoken word in human hands today: 

Fa-Sallimoo Alaa Anfusikum,
Tahiyyatan min Indillahi,
Mubaarakatan Tayyibatan!


Give the Gift of Salaam – Peace – to yourself,
A most perfect and blessed Greeting,
From God Almighty himself!”

So, fill the world with God's blessings – Salaam – said God Almighty, and don't leave yourself out.

Just like the Prophet, Sallallahu Alaihis Salam, said: 

Go, Spread Salaam!

Afshus Salaam!

What a matchless, priceless gift from God! 

And from God's Prophet, Muhammad, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Salam!

And that is what the Muslims have been doing for 14 long, long, eventful centuries: Being Messengers of Peace in and to the World!

Such as the Muslims are – a mixture of both good and bad, just like everybody else in this world.

Messengers of Peace!

God Bless the Muslims!

God Bless His World!


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