Muslims, Democrats, Republican Establishment!
And the Media!
Give Donald Trump a Break?

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Some fellow called Iqbal at one time said maybe Muslims should re-learn the lessons of Sadaaqat (Truth-Telling) and Adaalat (Commitment to Justice and Fairness)

And the courage of their conscience and convictions: Shajaa-at. To be able to stand up for what you believe; act on it; and convey it to the rest of the world in the best and nicest possible way.

For, that is what Muslims – and all others – would need to navigate the turbulence of times to come, said this fellow Iqbal.

Times that would lack direction, leadership and purpose.

And if Muslims really don’t like Trump, they must start getting organized for the next election cycle. That is how this game of electoral politics is played in America, the post-Islamic home of Democracy and Elections – and Islam.

Unlike so many of the Bantustans and slave plantations known as the Muslim World.

To the Democrats I say: Get Real. Life is not all words, often empty, and frequently deceptive. 

Your candidate – what do I call her? Your girl, your woman, whatever? Hillary Clinton – ran a losing campaign from the start.

No theme, no message, no consistency, no voice, no brand, no ability to fire up people’s imagination and no capacity to defend or fight back when attacked.

Her $2 billion war chest could do no better than produce a third-rate campaign slogan: “Stronger Together!” 

What on earth was that supposed to mean? 

Translated in simple English it meant one elementary thing: “Not Trump!” 

It proclaimed this campaign was against Trump whatever it is that the Trump Campaign stood for.

All it tried to convey was we are all Anti-Trump. We are all Counter-Trump.

That is not how you win campaigns. Especially the ones that rage with the ferocity of billion-alarm forest fires.

Clinton’s loss was a foregone conclusion. Only question was how and by how much.

And the only people who did not see this coming were the people who crafted this misguided and losing campaign from the beginning.

There was something else. Hillary and her people should have known that in this campaign there was room for only one Clinton. And the campaign needed to make up its mind which one of the two Clintons it was going to be.

The albatross of Bill Clinton and his serial sexual escapades and predations were too much for anyone to haul over the rugged peaks of this wild-wild campaign.

So, the Democrats should have backed off a long time ago. They were no match for the Trump Campaign’s firepower.

As for the Republican Establishment, it has been in the pocket of big money interests from before when anyone could remember. And all its efforts to go after Trump and destroy him have backfired.

Trump’s penchant for dragon slaying has been legendary thus far. He gobbled up all 16 of his primary rivals one by one.

And within the blinking of an eye the man laid to rest that great big lie that “George Bush Kept Us Safe.”

Has anyone heard that lie being repeated ever again?

So, the Republican Establishment will have to come around – for their own survival’s sake, if not for the sake of the country and the party.

As for the Media, now that is a very different ball game. Trump ran against the media from Day One. And the Media fought him tooth and nail every step of the way.

And it is rather foolish and naive to think that the media will back off now.

The media have too many axes to grind, and far too, too much to lose, to give Trump a free ride at the Presidency – or allow him even a reasonable honeymoon period – before they all pile on him and try in concert to take him out.

But still, Pope Francis said it the best. And perhaps it is a very Christian thing to say if you ask me – and a very fair and proper thing too.

And quite possibly, I would venture to add, also a very Islamic thing to say:

Give Donald Trump a Break!

Give the Man a Chance to Act in Office Before Judging Him!

And that means, maybe, give Trump a month, or two or three months, or more or less, before everybody decides to judge and condemn and pile on him.


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