Muslim Role in Allah’s World [Quote – 442]

Here is a simple fact about life: No matter where we are on this earth, Allah’s world is pretty much the same. No matter how different things may look or feel.

And our work as Muslims in Allah’s world, and our role or responsibility, is also pretty much the same, no matter where we are and no matter what our station in life is.

Rich or poor, Black or White, male or female, adult or child, educated or not, our role in Allah’s world as human beings is also pretty much the same.

And that work – and that role or responsibility – is to do everything in our power to build Islam in our own lives, and in the society and culture in which we live, and where Allah has placed us as his people and as his representatives.

In the final analysis, as they say, when it is time for us to leave that place, and to say goodbye to the people in whose midst Allah may have situated us, whether by death or by travel, and regardless of whether those people are Muslim or non-Muslim, we should leave that place, and the people and objects that surround us, in a better shape and condition than we found them.

That is our role and our responsibility in life. And it is also our role and responsibility – as we get ready to embrace Allah’s invitation of death and departure from his world.

It is all as simple as that.

And it is, if you ask me, Islam 101.

Elementary, my dear Watson, Sherlock Holmes would have said – if he had existed at all outside the very rich and creative imagination of that great Scottish Medicine Man, Sir Arthur Ignatius Conan Doyle.


(Dr. Pasha)