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More on Dr. Pasha’s Arabic Language and Cultural Immersion Sessions

DR.PASHA | August 03, 2020 | Section: Articles | 45 reads

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More on Dr. Pasha’s Arabic Language and Cultural Immersion Sessions

Dr. Pasha

(Bringing Islam to the World One Concept at a Time.
Trying to Take the Qur’an to Every Home and Heart that Needs It --
And Which One Does Not?)

Another set of instructions for Arabic -- whatever number. It is your job to keep track of numbers and all else.

All this is part of your Arabic syllabus. Every email is, every set of instructions is.

  1. Completely empty your mind of all previous ideas and notions and information.
  1. Start completely fresh. Do not import external ideas or information of any kind into my sessions, including vocabulary and expressions, unless I ask for any of it.
  1. Follow all instructions and suggestions to the letter. 
  1. Do not jump ahead of me. Or anticipate what I am going to say or do, based on any prior information.
  1. You are going to learn with your Soul, not just your body, brain or mind. So, do everything in your power to cleanse and purify your soul.
  1. In Islamic culture and tradition, teacher is everything. Learning is totally dependent on Seeker -- I did not say Student -- attitude and approach, once you have a teacher able and willing to impart knowledge.
  1. In Islam, Education is not Commerce. We do not follow that model. Fear and avoid it like the plague it is.
  1. Await and follow all other instructions and additions to the syllabus that inshallah will follow -- if these Sessions continue beyond the present  one.





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