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Continuing the Story of Miracles in Islam II

DR.PASHA | March 20, 2007 | Section: Articles | 565 reads

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‘Abdur-Rahmaan – slave of the most merciful, loving and compassionate one – is as popular a Muslim name as you are going to find in any part of the world. It is like John or Bob in America.

Does anyone know anyone else with that name?

What an amazing and breathtaking miracle is this simple fact of Islam! And what an ordinary and yet widely prevailing fact it is in the everyday life and existence of Muslims around the world!

And how sadly ignorant our world is about this ever-living miracle of Islam and ordinary Muslim life! Thanks mainly to the indifference of the Muslims to the duty of taking the word of God Almighty to every home and heart that needs it.

And how ignorant are the Muslims themselves!

God in his heaven and in his creation, and in his eternal book, immortalized his glorious name: Ar-Rahmaan, which means the most loving and merciful and compassionate one. And the Muslim followers of the Prophet, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam, have kept that name alive and active all over the world, for all these 1400 years, by naming their sons Abdur-Rahmaan right here on earth.

Who cannot see this direct and most luminous connection that exists between heaven and earth? Between God in heaven and the Muslim followers of the Prophet, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam, right here on earth?

If God Almighty in heaven above is Ar-Rahmaan – the eternal fount of love, mercy and compassion – his slaves the Muslims personify in their name of Abdur-Rahmaan the continuing outflow of that divine love and mercy right here on earth. They are the conduit of that divine mercy to the world.

Wake up the Muslims and tell them this. And also don’t forget to tell the world this.

How simple and beautiful this miracle of Islam and Qur’an and Muslim life is. And how sad and tragic is the fact that the world knows nothing about it.

And how wrong, baseless, mischievous, perverse, evil and wicked it is that some in this world should try to associate the beautiful and glorious name of Islam with violence – and with all that is evil, terrible, cruel and inhuman in this world!

Just Like the Miracle of Assalaam

The miracle of Ar-Rahmaan is no different from the miracle of As-Salaam. It is just another colossal find that came out of the same diamond mine of Islam and the Qur’an.

As-Salaam is all that is good. Remember, we said “Something Good” earlier? Now upgrade it to “All That Is Good.” That is As-Salaam. And that is God Almighty, the maker and master of this world and all that exists in that world. The one and only creator and lord.

Laa Ilaha Illah Hu! No one deserves to be served, loved, adored, worshipped or obeyed so totally, completely and wholeheartedly – and in every single aspect and walk of our life – as he.

And that includes any good, noble, decent, lawful and “fun” thing that any human being needs or can think of, such as health, wealth, happiness, security, liberty, dignity, honor, opportunity, and the rest.

All good and beautiful and felicitous names and attributes belong to him. They are all his domain. As the Qur’an itself phrases it: Wa lahul asmaa-ul husnaa.

I am not saying he is the source and fount of all those good things. I am saying, he is those things. And in saying it, all I am doing is echoing the words of the Qur’an: Al-Malikul Quddoosus Salaam

And each one of those divine attributes and qualities then extends from infinity to infinity in overlapping and intertwining continua from ever to for ever.

What a miracle! And what a beautiful and blessed gift to the world from the maker and master of the world!

Now is it fair to ask if you know anyone who has a god with that name? I am not saying no one does. All I am saying is that I don’t know. And, mind you, I am not referring to some obscure name known only to an exclusive and elite set of specialists, but a name that is most common in society and that is practically on the lips of everyone.

Is that miracle enough for you? But wait, we are not done yet.

And the Miracle of ‘Abdus-Salaam

Just like Ar-Rahmaan and ‘Abdur-Rahmaan, Assalaaam is also the miraculous and bounteous name of God Almighty in heaven. And, just as in the case of ‘Abdur-Rahmaan, Muslims are God Almighty’s designated conduit of all that goodness to his creation on earth.

For, ‘Abdus-Salaam is also another most common and popular name among Muslims throughout the world.

What a miracle.

And how sadly unaware of their own true status and role in this world are the Muslims!

Who Else Is Doing That?

For example, how many big, fat books, with footnotes, do you need to read before realizing that – perhaps – there is no one else in this world running around wildly and uncontrollably blessing everyone and everything in sight?

I mean saying Assalamu Alaikum! to one and all.

To those you know. And to those you do not know. ‘Alaa Man ‘Arafta, wa ‘Alaa Man Lam Ta’arif – as Allah’s beloved Rasul, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam, told you to do.

Do you know anyone else who does that?

Greatest Tragedy of All:
Muslim Failure to Tell Non-Muslims about Islam – And About Themselves

Practically everywhere, and in practically every age, Muslims failed to make a concerted effort to tell non-Muslims about Islam. And about themselves.

That to me is the greatest tragedy ever to hit our world.

Yes, every little thing that afflicts humanity is sad and tragic. And it is the duty of every caring, compassionate and civilized human being – more so of the Muslims than of anyone else – to work to remove and prevent it.




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