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Madness in Egypt: Next Round Torture

DR.PASHA | December 08, 2011 | Section: Articles | 872 reads

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Madness in Egypt: Next Round Torture

Dr. Pasha

(Bringing Islam to the World One Concept at a Time!
Taking the Qur’an to Every Home and Heart that Needs It --
And which One Does Not?)

Egypt’s military is at it again: finding new ways to crush the People of Egypt under its boots.

The military first stole power from the People of Egypt in 1952. It then set about methodically destroying Egypt, brick by brick, killing some of the best and brightest of its sons and torturing and disenfranchising others.

And by bringing a once-mighty-and-proud nation to the brink of social, military, political and economic ruin.

And then all of a sudden it was 2011. And Egyptians of all stripes came together to force Mubarak, an air force general, to relinquish power after a most brutal dictatorship of 30 long years.

This unexpected outcome was heralded as a revolution. And in many ways it was.

But the irony was that General Mubarak was replaced by General Tantawi – no, make it Field Marshal Tantawi – once again, as the absolute master of the destiny of the Egyptian people.

And who is this Tantawi who holds a military title, Field Marshal, that no other officer in the whole world does? He was Mubarak’s most loyal and devoted defense minister for 20 out of 30 years of Mubarak’s despotic, corrupt and brutal rule.

Field Marshal Tantawi and his cohort of Mubarak-era military cronies were now in charge of bringing democracy to Egypt and restoring liberty and dignity to the Egyptian people.

Go figure!

Is this a joke? Most sane and sensible people would think it is.

Is this absolute and unmitigated madness? Well, on the face of it, it would appear so.

But in reality it is neither a joke nor an act of insanity. It is simply reality as it exists and unfolds on a day-to-day basis in Egypt – and in the rest of the so-called Middle East.

Countless people lay dead and dying in Liberty Square, Cairo, fighting peacefully for freedom and justice for Egypt and its People.

No sooner had the blood of these martyrs to the cause of democracy dried than Egypt’s military began to show its true colors.

It began to systematically dismantle any illusions anyone may have had – and only fools would have had them to begin with – that the military in Egypt had changed its spots and was now on the side of the People.

And that it was no longer a paid puppet in the hands of its foreign Colonial paymasters.

The generals in the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF) began issuing one proclamation after another: each more treacherous, treasonous, seditious and ominous than the other.

First, they said they would take their time changing the old order of Mubarak. But when the Egyptian People stirred and protested in their mega-millions as never before, the generals relented and tinkered with the timetable and speeded it up a bit.

But they still left plenty of room for all kinds of delay, fraud and manipulation.

First round, second round, next round, presidential election and all else, …, the idea was to create delay and confusion and obfuscation in every conceivable way and obstruct transition to democracy as much as possible.

That is what the military’s foreign Colonial masters wanted and told them to do. And the Egyptian military dutifully carried out those directives and expectations.

Let there be parliamentary elections, said the military – and their foreign Colonial masters. And there were elections, no matter how convoluted.

And the first round elections tossed up Islam and Muslims as clear winners. The so-called Liberals and others were crushed if not wiped out.

The military and its foreign Colonial paymasters got what they wanted.

No one ever killed so many birds with one stone. That too Birds of Paradise – Islam and Muslims.

First, they smoked the elusive and hitherto-camera shy Muslims out.

Next, they got fairly valid and reliable measure of Muslims’ true strength and popularity among the People – way beyond the 20 percent so-called experts generally pegged them at.

Third, they got the so-called Liberals and their ilk all riled up. And they got them hating the Muslims and grudging them their success.

Fourth, they sowed some serious seeds of discord in the grand populist coalition that brought Mubarak’s corrupt rule down, but which miserably failed to remove the infrastructure of evil that Mubarak and his predecessors – and these same corrupt generals under their employ – had so meticulously constructed.

Fifth, they bought valuable time for themselves and their foreign Colonial paymasters to recover from the shock of initial setbacks and regroup and retool for a new round of imprisonment and torture for the Muslims and their ilk.

Whoever thought that a military establishment that was nursed on the mother’s milk of corruption over the past nearly 100 years would all of a sudden cry Mea Culpa, relinquish its yearly loot of one, two, three or more billion dollars a year in foreign aid and bribes and quietly march back to its barracks must have been totally mad.

Or they must have doped out on some of the choice dope that came with that foreign aid and bribe and blood money. After all, the British Colonialists twice went to war with China to force the Chinese to dope up.

Those wars came to be known as Opium Wars.

The idea that foreign Colonial masters who own Egypt and other parts of the so-called Middle East and Muslim world will gladly allow a prize plum like Egypt to fall into the hands of “Islamist fundamentalist fanatics” is what pipedreams are made of.

So, the crooked and corrupt generals and their foreign Colonial paymasters and puppeteers are now fully recovered. They are now flexing their muscles and unleashing the diabolical details of their master plan to keep Islam and Muslims from the so-called Middle East – and from the rest of the Muslim world.

Islam is the enemy. And so are the Muslims – real Muslims. Egypt’s corrupt and traitorous generals and their foreign Colonial paymasters know this only too well.

Not the steroidal, super-fanatic type of Islam and Muslims on stilts, but the more sensible, reality- and common-sense based Islam of the kind the Muslim Brotherhood seems to practice and espouse.

And has for any number of decades.

I am not going to use the word “moderate,” for, Islam is all moderate. Or it is not Islam at all.

No other system of thought, belief and behavior on earth presents itself as distanced from and opposed to extremism, fanaticism and irrationality of any kind or form than does Islam.

“Moderate Islam” is another Colonial slave-term foisted on Muslims by sheer brute terror tactics.

So, that Islam – and those Muslim types – must be kept out that has its roots in the Qur’an and Sunnah, but which also at the same time seems to have a strong pragmatic, common sense, practical and scientific foundation.

All of which, by the way, is just another name for true and real Islam, as distinct from all kinds of super-charged, steroidal, isolationist and rejectionist and exclusionary Islam.

And, if necessary, and most likely, the practitioners and advocates of that real Islam must be thrown back into the dungeons and strung along on the gallows which used to be their home for the past nearly 80 years.

So, now the Generals are openly playing games with Egypt’s destiny and its People.

Now they are saying that, election or no election, they will be the real rulers of Egypt for the indefinite future.

And they will appoint and dismiss puppet and pliable “governments” as they see fit – and as they are told to do by their foreign Colonial masters.

The Mubarak-era generals are now saying that they and not the People’s Parliament, duly and legitimately elected by the newly-free People of Egypt, will appoint the Constituent Assembly that will draft the new constitution.

Of the 100 members of that all-powerful constitution-drafting body, the generals say they will nominate 80.

And now they are saying, yeah all that is true about elections, and it is true it was all done by us, but there are deeper issues involved, which nobody should misunderstand: WE AND OUR FOREIGN COLONIAL MASTERS DID NOT GET THE RESULTS WE WANTED.

These elections were not fully and truly “representative” of Egypt and its People. They did not give us what we want.

And that is what really matters. And that is how we judge elections and their legitimacy: whether or not they give us what we and our foreign friends want.

So, they are saying, maybe we should do this thing over and keep doing it till we get it right.

And now, it is quite likely that the generals will have the so-called Liberals and others of their kind in their corner.

And the “Islamist fundamentalist fanatics” will be isolated and corralled in a fairly tight corner.

And it will be that much easier to throw them in jail and torture them or hoist them on a petard and get rid of them altogether.

We have done that before and we can do that again.

A new Egypt will then be free of the new “Islamist fundamentalist fanatic” threat for the next maybe 50-100 years.

That is the master plan of the generals and their foreign Colonial masters in and for Egypt post-Tahrir Square Revolution.

I don’t know if anybody remembers but about 30 years ago that is precisely what the Algerian military thugs did in Algeria.

After the Muslims won the first round of elections fair and square and were on the verge of sweeping the second round, the Algerian military thugs, with the blessings and under the instructions and supervision of their foreign Colonial masters, cancelled the second round of elections and turned the land of Algeria into hell on earth for man and beast.

It is such an outcome that the corrupt generals of Egypt and their foreign Colonial paymasters and puppeteers have in the works for Egypt and Egyptian People.

They are thinking Algeria and licking their chops.

Otherwise, why do you think the sky is not ringing with the moans and groans and screams of the “Usual Suspects” at the electoral sweep of the “Islamist fundamentalist fanatics” of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt?

Alas, Muslim “elite” are naïve and have their back to the wall; Muslim masses are ignorant and divorced from Islam; and Muslim blood is cheap.

The corrupt and crooked generals of Egypt can’t wait to get their fingers around Muslim necks.

One more time!


© 2011 Syed Husain Pasha

Dr. Pasha is an educator and scholar of exceptional 
talent, training and experience. He can be reached at DrSyedPasha [at] 
AOL [dot] com or




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